Penny Stock Prophet Review – Can The Information That Is Provided Help You Generate Massive Profits From Penny Stock Trading As Promised? Or Is It Just A Total Rip-Off? Find Out Here…

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Brief Description Of What Penny Stock Prophet Is All About

Whether or not you are new to investing in penny stocks, or you want to have the capability to generate massive profits from it, Penny Stock Prophet is one that is created for everyone who wants to generate profits from it.

In essence, with the Penny Stock Prophet, you will receive newsletters (via emails) every single day where you will find information such as their most recent penny stock picks, along with their results.


On top of that, within the newsletter (with which you will receive as a member of Penny Stock Prophet) itself, you will also find information such as the prediction of the best penny stocks for the day, as well as some really useful pointers you need to take note of when it comes to buying and selling penny stocks – This is great especially if you are new to penny stock trading. As all the hard work (of researching the best penny stocks to invest in) is being done for you. All you need to do is to just follow their advice.

Video Proof That Penny Stock Prophet Does Indeed Generate You Profits

Click on the “Play” button below to check out a video proof where you will find that Penny Stock Prophet does indeed generate you profits from penny stock trading:

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Pros & Cons About The Penny Stock Prophet

Every program have their pros, as well as cons – The same goes for Penny Stock Prophet. We shall be taking a look at some of the pros and cons about this membership site in this section.

First, let us talk about the pros – One thing we find very desirable about this site is that, unlike many other penny stock membership sites where you have to service monthly payments in order to continue as a member, the investment here is only one time (of $97 at this time of writing) and you’ll get lifetime access to the members’ area.

In terms of the content you are getting in the members’ area of Penny Stock Prophet, we must say that the content is very comprehensive – Where you will get penny stock picks and recommendations directly from the owner, James, himself who has lots of experience in penny stocks trading.

Most importantly, most of the recommendations that you will find in the members’ area are indeed winning picks and as such, they will be able to generate you profits.

However, with that being said, you will need to equip yourself with some basic knowledge about penny stock trading prior to joining the membership site in order for you to be able to reap maximum benefits from it.

Customers’ Feedback About The Penny Stock Prophet

In general, a majority of the customers, after they have signed up as a member of Penny Stock Prophet, are happy with their decision.

When it comes to the kind of results that they have managed to generate by following the advises in the members’ area, they were able to generate profit margins from between 35% to about 90% (results not typical here, and it varies from one individual to another).

Also, many have complimented that the emails in which they receive as a member is straight to the point, and it takes only a few minutes to go through them. They also like it that the information is very comprehensive and allow them to make good trading decisions.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, we find that the Penny Stock Prophet is especially good for you if you want valuable information to help you make profitable trading decisions without needing to do all the research.

Everything is done for you (by James Connelly, the creator of this membership program) and all you need to do is to just follow closely in order to make profits from your investment.

Also, as you can see in the previous section, many customers who have signed up for the membership site have managed to generate profits. And this is why we have given the Penny Stock Prophet our thumbs up and highest level of recommendation.

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We have promised to write a review of Algobit, which is an automated system of signals from OptionBit binary options’ broker, for a long time already, but we had no time to do this. However, the end of a calendar month has come, so we tested the system and can draw conclusions. We will discuss this in our overview.

Algobit: overview of system

We have to give a proper respect to OptionBit because they were first to implement a robot in the binary options’ trading. Algobit looks really impressive because, in fact, it turns out to be a fully featured trading platform that has two modes: customary binary options’ trading and trading according signals.

As for the customary trading, no functional changes have taken place here, because, in fact, the Algobit platform replaced the custom Optiobit platform. This mode is called manual in the system. The benefits of a division into the modes are obvious: a trader can change trading methods without leaving the system. Scalpers and those who like the short-term deals will manage to save time thanks to such functionality. Therefore, they get more opportunities to conclude successful deals.

Algobit’s trading according to signals is much more interesting. Based on a working algorithm, a robot generates signals of the asset’s volatility increase and the new trend’s formation. Of course, calculation formulas are patented and not divulged, but this is not important because they work. We will discuss this in the next part of the article, whilst returning to the overview.

Trading Algobit

The robot generates signals for two types of deals: short-term and long-term. The short-term deal is a purchase of the binary options with the expiration time of 1-3-5 minutes. The long-term deal has 15-30 minutes expiration time. No matter what you are told on the different advertizing websites, in this case, as well as in the customary binary options’ trading, you have to remember one unalterable rule. You don’t have to be the trading genius to understand that the longer a term of a deal is, the more reliable signal the Algobit system sends.

The trading process according to the Algobit signals is not automatic. In other words, a trader himself makes a decision regarding a trading. Technically, this matter doesn’t is not very different to the standard platform. The system sets signal characteristics (asset and term of deal) by itself, and a trader sets the amount, as well as makes the decision (clicks buttons) regarding a deal. Signals are not compulsory. In other words, if a trader doesn’t agree with the system or wants to trade against a trend, he can change the initial characteristics easily without using the manual mode.

After the confirmation of a deal, a trader has to wait until an expiration time of an option comes. The back office of the Algobit signal system is equipped with the same tools as the custom Optionbit platform. An interactive tracking of the bought options occurs on the central panel (see picture). A trader can visually determine the option’s status at any time: green – in money (profit), red – out money (loss). An availability of the built-in online chat with the company’s analysts pleases in particular. A cashier is also available, and a trader can deposit an account or withdraw money without leaving the system.

The Algobit system provides another interesting tool, which is the sensitivity of a signal. The developers don’t divulge its operational principle too, but we understand its main point intuitively. The higher the system’s sensitivity is, the more signals it generates. The converse is also true. If sensitivity is high, the system will detect even the weakest trading signals, and it is dubiously well. We will discuss this matter in more detail further in the article

In conclusion of the overview, we would like to say that Optionbit has managed to develop the reasonably good tool which will fully replace the custom broker’s platform soon.

Algobit: reviews from professionals  

The qualitative and the modern trading system – this is the review we want to leave after testing the Algobit. To be more detailed, it is necessary to consider the system in three perspectives:

Algobit: review of platform

This platform is functional and meets all of the trader’s requirements, as well as the opportunities which exist in the market currently. As already mentioned in the overview, the Algobit can replace the old Optionbit’s platform fully, and it is most likely to happen in the nearest future.


Algobit: review of design and interface

Of course, tastes differ, but we think that the new platform is vastly superior by its appearance to all of the currently existing platforms from the binary options’ brokers. A modern gaming design, dynamism, and an interactivity of the Algobit system deserve all possible praises. We think that all brokers’ platforms will look and operate the same way soon.

Algobit: review of signal system

We have to give a proper respect because it is the first trading adviser in the binary options’ field. For this reason, not all is so unambiguously here, as the different so-called partners like to mention on their websites. We have been testing the system for a month, and, unfortunately, statistics didn’t show the excess profits, which had been pledged to us. However, there was a rise, and it was fairly measurable in the professional trading terms. The positive (profitable) deals increased by 11 percent. Given the fact that we had to test even weak signals in the beginning, the practicable growth of profitableness equals to about 15-17 percent. This is not bad at all for the first trading adviser in the industry. However, in order to reach such results, a trader has to memorize several rules:

Firstly, the shorter a term of an option is, the weaker a signal is. The system simply fails to filter out all possible market noise. The 60-second trading won’t bring a profit even on the Algobit.

Secondly, it is the adjustment of a signal’s sensitivity. We have described this function earlier in our article. The signal’s sensitivity has to me minimal. The system has to determine strong signals only and not a market noise.

Thirdly, stay focused. A generation of signals occurs for all assets. Don’t start trading everything just because you have received a signal. We have repeatedly mentioned that the professional traders work with 1-3 assets.

Fourthly, the Algobit won’t supersede a trader. If you work with familiar assets, analyze the market primarily. It will help you to avoid false signals and increase a profit. Don’t neglect the classic analysis.

Reviews of Algobit from our team:

I heard about the system for the first time four months ago from developers, and I have been waiting for the Algobit’s appearance since then. The tool didn’t disappoint me because it is nicely, properly, and qualitatively designed. A trader regulates trading signals, and it is very convenient. I approve it.

Steve Gallagher, the consultant of

I oppose robots by definition. A machine can’t replace the analytical abilities of a human. The Algobit is a robot by a half, but I oppose it anyway. You can use it as an auxiliary too, but no more than that

Michael Stevenson, the expert in the technical analysis.

As far as I’m concerned, the developers have addressed several brokers with an offer to integrate the Algobit system into their platforms. The team of Optionbit was the first to respond, and this is their strategic victory. The future of the binary trading belongs to the Algobit and similar systems.

I agree with Oliver Williams. I’m not a clairvoyant, but I can confidently predict that all leading brokers will develop a similar product throughout the nearest year. However, I think that Michael dissembles because he was the one who had tested and stayed very pleased with the system.

247OptionsTrade is a rather new investment broker that offers forex, binary options, contracts-for-difference and cryptocurrency investing options. The domain was created on July 14th, 2017. Due to this brokerage being relatively new, no credible information can be found anywhere on the net. Claiming to be CySec regulated, we will provide you with all the facts needed in our comprehensive review to determine whether this brokerage is all they claim to be or if they are just another scam operation.

Who is Behind 247OptionsTrade?

Not much information is provided in regards to the corporate entity behind this online brokerage. According to ICANN, was registered with a privacy package so finding information regarding the creators behind this site exceeds our ability. Upon further investigation we discovered through the alleged CySec License Number:  215/13 that the company registered with this regulation is different, not 247OptionsTrade, and is known as A-Conversio Capital LTD. This discovery directly contradicts and therefore greatly undermines the legitimacy factor of this brokerage.

As you can infer from the image above, the only approved domain associated with CySec License Number:  215/13 would be What this discovery informs us of would be that is not a regulated investment broker and that they are deceptively providing a taken regulation license and pretending that it is their own.


According to the site, the address provided for 247OptionsTrade is 22/121 Apple Street, New York, NY 10012, USA. A Google search of said address will indicate that the physical address provided belongs to a company known as AAH Consultants, LLC. The phone number provided for the address indicated above is (301) 429-1750, not (501) 379-7129 as mentioned at A simple search query will confirm that the telephone number is a landline based out of Oakland, California.

The only seemingly legitimate contact information provided on the site would be their email address which is Since the only correct contact information provided is their email address, this allows 247OptionsTrade to remain an anonymous brokerage, which is the worst characteristic you can come across with online brokerages.

247OptionsTrade Popularity

Due to the young age of this brokerage, its ranking reflects a rather poor status. According to SimilarWeb, this site possesses a global rank of 5,980,363 with a U.S. rank of 3,763,004. Approximately 60.37% of the traffic that visits the site comes from individuals who reside within the United States while the other 39.63% of the traffic originates from those who reside within Nigeria, Ghana and Ukraine.

What does 247OptionsTrade Offer?

247OptionsTrade is a white labeled broker that is powered by SpotOption technology. This classifies this brokerage as a SpotOption brand which allows the investment of binary options, Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFD options.

There are 4 separate account packages available through 247OptionsTrade:

The Bronze Package requires a minimum deposit of $500, offers a return rate up to 200% and lasts for a duration of up to 30 days.

The Silver Package requires an initial deposit of $1,000, offers returns rates up to 400% and last for a duration between 14 to 30 days.

The Gold Package calls for a $5,000 minimum deposit, comes with deposit and withdrawals bonuses, “fast payouts,” and lasts between 14 to 30 days.

The Platinum Package demands a $10,000 initial deposit and comes with deposit and withdrawal bonuses. The fastest execution of withdrawals occur (no information on how quickly is provided) and this package comes with 24/7 account updates. Free webinars and email notifications are also included with this membership while this package lasts anywhere between 7 to 30 days.

Other sections on the site such as FAQ, Asset Index, Support, Privacy & Policy Statement along with Terms & Conditions are not available on the site.

247OptionsTrade Fabricated Elements

Deceptive and fabricated elements are found all throughout the site. As we have already disclosed, the regulation license number has nothing to do with 247OptionsTrade and the only contact information that didn’t turn out to be phony would be their email address. Unfortunately, the lies and deceit don’t stop there with this shady investment brokerage.

As you can gather from the image above, all of the testimonials provided on the site are fake. It appears that these images are purchased stock images from some online image bank, most likely but we are uncertain. What we are certain about is that this site cannot be trusted with the amount of fabricated testimonials and falsified elements dispersed throughout the site.

247OptionsTrade Conclusion

Due to the dishonesty and fabrication of numerous elements found at 247OptionsTrade we have no other choice then to conclude that this brokerage may be a SCAM! If you ever come across an online brokerage for any investment field that isn’t open about their identity from the get-go then it should indicate to you that this is a broker that cannot be trusted. Misleading investors to believe that they are regulated by CySec is downright pitiful and not tolerable to any degree.

One simple measure you can enact to better understand whether an online brokerage is reliable or not would be to simply Google search the provided address, telephone and alleged regulation license numbers provided on the site. These simple measures, if pursued, can save you from financial losses and hardships further down the road.

Our conclusion – Avoid 247OptionsTrade!


Ashford Investments is a binary options brokerage that was founded in 2015. Relaunched as of July 31st, 2017, this brokerage has wasted little time accruing a reputation as a brokerage that doesn’t exactly operate by-the-book. Seeming that this brokerage is unregulated and unethically managing their clients funds, it is little wonder as to why this broker has acquired such a notorious reputation. Virtually no valuable information regarding Ashford Investments is found on the About Us section on the site leaving investors with no real knowledge of who is operating this questionable investment operation.

Who is Behind Ashford Investments?

The only identifying information we are provided with on the site would be how Teres Media BG Limited is the corporate entity behind this site. After some digging, we found that the corporate address of Teres Media BG Limited can be located at R-N Vladislav Varnenchik Distr., Sgrada 8 Biznes Park Varna, 9009, Bulgaria. In any case, it is evident to us that this operation is not conducted in a professional manner which makes this brokerage difficult for one to sincerely endorse as trustworthy.

Courtesy of the Contact Us page we learned that there are 4 ways of establishing communication with this brokerage. Live chat along with their email address of [email protected] are two of the most convenient methods that can be utilized. Otherwise investors can call their phone number at +442038689102 or visit their brokerage address which is found at Bulv. Gen. Totleben 52-55, Sofia 1606, Bulgaria.

In an attempt to discover more identifying characteristics regarding this brokerage we ran a WHOIS domain search but to no avail. It appears that the creators behind this site employed a privacy package allowing their registrar details to remain anonymous.

Investments Review

Trading Platform

Ashford Investments trading platform is powered by SpotOption technology classifying this brokerage as a white-labeled investment firm. Due to incorporating the SpotOption trading platform into their brokerage investors are provided with a medley of investment styles. Among the 8 trading methods provided are FX/CFD, Binary, Turbo options, Long-term options, Ladder options, One touch options, pair options and ASH Follow (social) trading.

Asset selection through this brokerage is plentiful allowing traders to invest between currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies. Payouts are a bit on the competitive side averaging near 80% which is a considerable amount more than what most other brokerages offer. Now, although it appears that Ashford Investments has quite a bit to offer one must bear in mind that their platform is unregulated, meaning that no regulatory bodies are overseeing the operation conducted at this brokerage.

Trading Account Packages

This brokerage offers 5 account packages, which vary in regards to deposit size and incentive quality. While committing with a bigger initial deposit may unlock more perks with your trading account, you should always exercise caution when considering depositing with unregulated brokers.

The Bronze package, the lowest tier account type, requires an initial deposit of $250 with up to a 82% return on investment. Traders are given access to standard platform features such as social trading, their mobile and web platform, and withdrawal processing speed is estimated at 7 days.

The Silver package offers all of the standard features of the Bronze package but comes with a few more incentives. Among these incentives would be a welcome bonus up to 50%, an exclusive eBook series, access to their e-Video library and a few personal broker meetings. The initial deposit required is $2,000 and return rates can reach as high as 82%.

The Gold package offers all the features provided in the Silver package but with a few additional features. Access to Ashford Investments webinars, newsroom and alerts, a 1 week subscription for daily trading signals along with signals integrated in their platform are provided. Returns as high as 82% are offered while the starting deposit required is $10,000.

The Platinum package is next up on the tier and naturally offers all of the features of the previous 3 packages combined. While the welcome bonus provided is 100% other additional perks would be SMS signals, the Ashford education trading course, weekly sessions with a senior analyst along with an exclusive gift from their loyalty store. The starting initial deposit required is $25,000 while return rates move upward to as much as 87%.

The Diamond package is the most prestigious account package available and offers all the features of the Platinum package but with a couple more perks. Access to a premium trading platform along with higher priority on contract purchasing queue are devoted toward investors. Withdrawal speed is the same as the Platinum package and are withdrawals are typically processed within a 2 day period. The initial deposit required is $50,000 with return on investments reaching as high as 87%.

**Never accept a broker deposit bonus unless you are an experienced investor. Oftentimes these deposit bonuses come with conditions that require traders to generate a set volume of trades (anywhere between 15 to 40 times the accepted bonus amount) until they are able to successfully execute a withdrawal.**

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

Deposit methods are quite limited with Ashford Investments in a sense that they only accept Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards along with wire transfers. Withdrawal methods provide more variety and can be executed through Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro U.K., Maestro, Delta and MasterCard. Other forms of accepted withdrawal payments can be done through wire transfer, Neteller, Union Pay, and CashU. Please note that you will need to provide your full name, AshfordInvestments account number, and the amount of your requested withdrawal when you file for withdrawal.

AshfordInvestments Popularity

As of December 2017, possesses a global rank of 584,715 according to Furthermore, almost 16% of the traffic that visits the site come from users who reside within New Zealand, which comes as no surprise that the site has a rank of 55,201 in NZ. Other demographics that constitute a considerable portion of the sites visitors come from visitors who reside within Australia, United Kingdom, Russia and Switzerland..

Ashford Investments Feedback

Investor feedback has been increasingly negative regarding the practices employed by the Ashford Investments brokerage. Among the chief complaints would be refusal to acknowledge withdrawals, enacting deposit bonuses without authorization and harassing investors to deposit more and more more money without proper grounds to do so.

I invested $250 with them. Battling to get my deposit back. Never waste your money on them. The customer service is also very bad…

Lol same its been 2 weeks still havent got my money back they say account manager will call but nobody calls for shit.

Ashford Investments is a scam and an unlicensed binary broker that open in 2017.

have been trying for a month to get my money they just bullshit to me they are a scam.

I’ve also dep. $250 2months back and still trying to get my deposit back every time support tell me they will ask a trained broker to call me back from thereon no one gets back to me they just ignore me i’de like to know what to do to get my money back from this scammers there must be a way to nail these people who steals from poor inocent people who use their savings to try and make a extra income to support them self.

AshfordInvestments Review Conclusion

Although Ashford Investments offers a wide number of investment options, this brokerage has failed to prove itself as a trustworthy trading destination. Fundamentally, we will never advice traders to invest with such a trading destination, especially with a brokerage that is unregulated like Ashford Investments.

The community chatter is downright alarming and should serve as evidence enough that this broker is not one to be trifled with. Essentially stealing deposits from their clients while employing aggressive up-sell tactics has caused great tension between this brokerage and its investors. The worst element of this all would be how zero traders have yet been successful at receiving a filed withdrawal.

Our conclusion – Do not trust nor invest with Ashford Investments! 

If you have an experience to share about Ashford Investments we encourage you to make your feedback known by leaving a comment below!

Learn why we advise against binary options trading, even with regulated brokers.

AVATrade is among the oldest Forex/CFD brokerages and as such, it is also one of the more controversial online trading destinations. Over the years, regulatory issues have piled up for the operator, as have trader complaints, of which there is no shortage when it comes to AVATrade. Let us take this one step at a time though, and take a closer peek first at the background of the operation, as well as its regulatory status.

Founded in 2006 (which was indeed ages ago, in online trading industry terms) AVATrade is based in Dublin, Ireland. Besides its main headquarters though, the operator maintains offices worldwide, in various major cities, such as Paris, Sydney, Beijing, Tokyo, Santiago, Madrid and Johannesburg, among others. This is by no means a two-bit operation and given that it’s been at it since 2006, it is hardly surprising that it is such a globally dominant force. AVATrade currently boasts more than 200,000 traders worldwide, who execute more than 2 million trades every month.

While the corporate strength of the operation and the trading volumes it handles are obvious indicators of trust too, perhaps more relevant in this regard is the regulatory status of the brokerage.


AVATrade’s Regulatory Profile

We never recommend that any of our readers should trade with unregistered and unregulated online brokerages, in any shape or form. The problem is though, that a solid regulatory profile cannot guarantee trader satisfaction either these days. In This regard, AVATrade’s affairs are indeed in top shape.

The operation is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland – the home base of the company. The CBI license number of the operation is C53877. Furthermore, AVATrade Ltd is regulated by the BVI (British Virgin Islands) Financial Services Commission as well.

As most other such global brokerages, AVATrade operates through a number of subsidiaries, each of which handles issues linked to regulation in the specific ways called for by its home market.

The Australian branch of the operation, AVA Capital Markets Pty Ltd, is regulated by ASIC, under license No. 406684. The South African subsidiary is also called AVA Capital Markets Pty, and it is licensed by the FSB, under license No. 45984.

AVATrade Japan KK works under the guidelines set forth by the local FFA, and it possesses license No. 1574.

The AVATrade website offers full disclosure of risks associated with the activity it engages in. Would-be traders are advised to read into this risk disclosure document.

AVATrade Products

As said above, AVATrade offer Forex and CFD products. The Forex section offers a description of how Forex markets work, and it boasts Vanilla Options (which work a lot like binary options, but are nonetheless different in that they allow for unlimited profits and expose traders to potentially unlimited losses) and cryptocurrencies.

The CFD section on the other hand is much more generous. Through these contracts for difference, AVATrade clients can trade Indices, Stocks, Bonds, ETFs as well as commodities.

AVATrade Trading Conditions

Matured contracts are automatically turned over by the AVATrade system. The brokerage features full transparency in this regard: the rollover dates on every tradable asset are publicly available.

Information on how the rollovers are calculated is also available – there’s not much point in going into details on that here.

The FX spreads are rather substantial and this goes for the fixed as well as the floating versions. On major currency pairs, they go as low as 0.7 pips on the EUR/USD (floating) and 1.9 pips fixed. On exotics, there are spreads featured in excess of 100 pips. The maximum leverage on FX products is 400:1, on MetaTrader. The leverage is lower on the other platforms. The required margins also differ, from 0.25% on Metatrader, to 0.5% on AvaTrade. The overnight interest rates are minute, yet they can be significant over the long run, so it is best to check those too, before beginning to trade a given product.

On Cryptos, the spreads are obviously much bigger, the maximum leverage is as low as 2:1 and the margin requirements are much higher. The same goes for most of the other products. The spreads are notoriously large on options, too.

AVATrade Platforms

One of AVATrade’s unique draws stems from the autotrading features tossed into the package for free, by the brokerage. Auto-trading happens on a separate platform, which has been designed to support several copy trading solutions, such as ZuluTrade, DupliTrade and Mirror Trader – among others.

The brokerage features two MT4 platforms: one for floating spreads and another for fixed spreads.

The AVATradeAct platform is a proprietary solution, together with AVA Options. There are separate platforms for Mac Trading, Web Trading and Mobile Trading too. MT4 and AVATradeAct platforms are both available for mobile users, and they can be downloaded as separate apps.

Should I trust AVATrade?

This one is difficult to tell. The background and history of the operation should be trust-inspiring, though they too contain bits and pieces which are dubious, to say the least. Despite its superb regulatory status, the relationship of the operation with regulators was not always frictionless. The general public sentiment regarding the services offered by the brokerage is rather dismal as well.

Red Flags and Question Marks

Back in 2013, AVATrade had a problem with the FPA, regarding the provision of certain bits of essential information concerning the handling of arbitrage and off-market fill. The biggest red flag is raised by the community feedback though, which is really not favorable for the operator.


Most of the complaints concerning AVATrade’s services are focused on the “terrible” customer service. People don’t like the fact that support isn’t too keen on helping them with their withdrawals. Some have even complained about the broker making it impossible for them to withdraw funds. AVATrade reps have made a visible effort to address most of these complaints, though some of them do sound rather scary and desperate. There are even voices out there calling the brokerage a “scam.”

AVATrade Review Conclusion

AVATrade look like a serious, solid and well-established operation, though some of their users will certainly disagree with that. Their trading conditions are decent as is their platform selection, and some love their copy trading features. It does appear however that their support staff might be a tad incompetent here and there. Some of their spreads are also quite ridiculously large.
What are your thoughts on AVATrade? Feel free to share them with us by leaving a comment below this review.

Throughout this irrefutable review, we will expose the truth behind the Binary Robo-X auto-trading software. Binary Robo-X, which is operated at binaryrobox, is a vile and misleading binary options robot that claims to generate highly profitable trading signals. While some sites have taken the battle against this fraudulent auto trading operation, oblivious investors are still funneling into the site and falling victim to this scam.

Since this auto traders inception in March of 2016, the site has shed multiple website interfaces while hiring several elementary paid actors to pursue the role as scapegoat. It appears that each time this site endures some measure of animosity that it will revamp their webpage to make their site appear authentic and not associated with the its predecessor when in reality it is the same scam operation.

What is Binary Robo-X?

Binary Robo-X is an automated binary options robot that generates investment signals based upon investors’ chosen parameters. Allegedly created by the best app developers and leading financial experts, Binary Robo-X is an artificial intelligence (AI) designed software whose main function would be to amass maximum returns on their investments. Originally, this software was nothing more than a funnel to BinBotPro. Now-a-days though it was pursued the active role as an investment robot that is tailored toward binary option and forex investors.


Who is Behind Binary Robo-X?

According to the promotional video found at binaryrobox, the entity behind this operation goes by the alias of Paul Richards. Claiming to be a professional financial investor for the past 17 years, there is no record of Paul Richards as a certified or licensed investor anywhere on the web. Which leads us to deduce that Paul Richards is most likely a paid actor from some cheap online marketplace like since this operation has previously relied upon paid actors like “Paul Richards.”

How does Binary Robo-X work?

We are informed early on that the Binary Robo-X was developed with artificial intelligence where the software will then autonomously make “smart” decisions regarding the future direction of the financial markets. These “smart” decisions combined with the application of chosen technical indicators, trading methods and select currency pairs allows this software to generate their chosen investment signals. According to the site, this software will generate profitable trading signals up to 85% success, although no documentation of such feats are provided on the site.

The layout of the Binary Robo-X is very similar to that of OptionRobot; all the trading parameters that can be manipulated by investors are the same featured at OptionRobot. These trading parameters vary between alleged trading methods, technical indicators, simultaneous trade volume and select currency pairs. Among the three methods of investing traders can dictate the software to utilize would be Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci.

Each of the technical indicators that can be incorporated into the signal process derives off a momentum or trend following functionality. The applicable indicators that an investor can choose to have partake in the signal creation process would be Trend, RSI (Relative Strength Index), CCI (Commodity Channel Index), Stochastic, Williams %R and the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence). A fluctuation between 1 to 8 trades can be placed during any one time with the Binary Robo-X software.

Supported Forex Pairs

Aud/Usd, Eur/Gbp, Eur/Jpy, Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Usd/Cad, Usd/Chf and Usd/Jpy.

Binary Robo-X Feedback

The bottom line is that Binary Robot X software is a totally bogus ripoff meant to take your money.

Avoid any dealings with the Binary Robo X Scam.

…Binary Robo X is a Scam, and does not deserve your time and it is clearly with intention to loot your hard earn money!


During the time of posting this review, had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 3,351,161. According to the domain report, almost 70% of the traffic originates from fake YouTube reviews for the meager amount of visitors who still visit the site.

Manipulation of Demo Account

Reports of a fixed Binary Robo-X demo account has come to our attention. To verify this misleading practice all you have to do is access their demo account while having a separate charting solution operating on a different tab. As you will undoubtedly witness, Binary Robo-X is manipulating their demo account to make it appear much more accurate than it truly is!

Binary Robo-X Review Conclusion

Targeted toward both binary option and forex investors, it is evident that Binary Robo-X is a manipulative software scam! Relying upon artificial intelligence to autonomously generate investment signals is the biggest crock of shit and only reinforces the fact that this copycat software does not operate upon legitimate trading components. If you remain unconvinced that Binary Robo-X is not a scam then we encourage you to search “Binary Robo-X scam” in any search engine and see for yourself. Our advice: Do NOT trust or commit with Binary Robo-X!

Searching for legitimate investment alternatives? Browse our Approved Forex Services Guide to learn about reputable and trustworthy services.

Have you been deceived by Binary Robo-X? Please share any experience or knowledge – positive or negative – that you may possess about this software by commenting below!

Does eToro Work?

So what is it which differentiates the most popular of forex trading platforms from the ‘has beens’? The question is intriguing and certainly worth investigating.

In terms of popularity eToro is king and has remained so for quite some time. It doesn’t take much more than a quick look around the site to see why.

A new, revolutionary platform in trading is finally here. With all things online trending towards socially shared knowledge and information, with sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or Friendster, investment trading has recently joined the pack, allowing people to trade and invest while following other successful traders.

eToro has provided an exemplary network for budding retail investors and entrepreneurs that, like yourself, are looking to trade and follow the trades of fellow investors and interact socially through a platform designed to share information of the most important factor investors have in common – successful trading and market trends.

eToro boasts the largest social trading network, OpenBook which finds itself home to more than 1.5 million members. With formats that include both at home and on the go, there are many ways to stay in touch with your community of investors and stay competitive in the field of investment trading.

No other format or network on the market today can allow you such open access to your investments. How else could you give and receive feedback from other investment community members from across the globe instantly? Exclusively offered through eToro, you have unparalleled access to the investment community and the network is as easily integrated into your social networking as checking your email. With ease of use, OpenBook through eToro is able to keep you trading efficiently and seamlessly.

With eToro, you are never trading or investing alone. Being able to contact fellow investors allows you to trade with confidence, knowing that there is always someone available to answer your investing questions, or someone to whom you can look for advice in trading. With so many investors connected to OpenBook, you are effortlessly able to see in real time the trades being made by fellow investors and with a single click, you are able to trade along side them.

Should you have any questions, hop onto one of the live chats through eToro. Chat in real time about concerns you may have, trends of the market, or just kick back and listen to the chatter, and have some of your questions or concerns asked and answered by fellow members of this vast online investing community.

But if you have a few questions to ask that haven’t been covered by the live chats, you can always turn to the fast paced discussion boards where dozens of investors from across the globe will be sure to give you some helpful advice, tips, and tricks of the trade. With this amount of community support, there is always sure to be someone able to give you a hand. After all, if other investors can answer your questions and help you to trade and invest profitably, they can follow the trades you make.

This cycle of receiving help and advice and being the one able to provide the assistance to the newest members of the community is the reason a platform like eToro was created. For investors to guide, teach, and learn from their fellow investors. If you just need some quick advice, try the Guardian Angel feature.

The Guardian Angel feature is an innovative tool, offering real time recommendations and useful advice to support the customer’s trading style and preferences. If this sounds overwhelming, and at this point, I’m sure it does, there is hope in sight.

You can have your trial and error on a free practice account that is set-up for you. Each customer is allowed to set up a free practice account to learn the ropes. What does your practice account include?

Each practice account is credited with $10,000 for you practice trading. You are also offered a regular series of trading challenges where traders can test their investment strategies side-by-side against other traders and earn real rewards for their skill.

With so many options, so much support, and even a free practice account to test your mettle before getting started in trading, I am blown away by the level of support offered for eToro and the amazing community of traders you’ll be among. So many ways to interact, there truly is something here for everyone’s comfort level and investment strategy. Come, join the world’s largest community of investors – there is sure to be someone here that has the answers to your questions.

Does it work? The answer would have to be yes.

Is eToro A Scam?

Too many products on the market today promise stellar results with forex trading, allowing you to simply relax, while the software does all the thinking, trading, and investing for you. What do so many programs, courses, and robots currently being sold fail to offer you? Being able to receive real advice, in real time, from real people like you.

Here is where the real difference comes in. eToro is backed by an online community of 1.5 million people, comprised of investors of different levels of expertise, different strategies, and different perspectives – all combining to give you access, in real time, to the best information currently being circulated on the market. No other product or course offers the level of customer support you can find through eToro.

Any other system can only offer you customer support, which oftentimes isn’t what you actually need. You need the advice that can only come from another member of your unique community. You don’t need a one-on-one phone call with the investor that created the software you’re using, because you can talk to real people.

You can tune in to the live chats and hear from fellow retail investors like yourself asking what the current questions and issues are, and get answers now to the questions you haven’t even thought to ask yet. Nowhere else can you get that level of support. Working as part of an immense network, you will be able to get the help you need as you need it.

This level of support comes from the dedicated online community, bolstering one another’s confidence, knowledge, and skill through collective information sharing. You can rest assured that you are received the best information, because other investors want you to succeed too.

As your skill builds, other investors will soon be turning to you for advice in trading, asking for your tips and tricks for making a good, solid profit, and will even be following the trades you make – to boost their own profits. With so many investors helping each, your level of community support and the incredible networking capabilities will only increase your own skill level.

But, if that wasn’t enough, there is a Guardian Angel feature that allows you, in real time, to access real time advice and recommendations tailored to your investment style and unique strategies. The most important thing to most beginning retail investors is finding the right trades at the right times and being able to seek and get the advice of more established traders to help guide them through the complex maze that trading has become.

Though, with practice comes skill. And eToro allows you the opportunity, without investing a dime of your money, to establish a level of confidence and skill in trading, before you start to invest your own money. Being able to test the system before your money is involved will allow you to make mistakes and learn from them before your hard-earned dollars are on the line. I cannot stress how helpful I’ve found that. Like many others, I’ve been able to learn and grow in this field at my own pace, without risking the nest egg I’ve worked so hard to build and keep.

No other system allows you the amount of learning that eToro is offering. I’m amazed with the number of features and the sheer amount of information that you have access to. You can even access eToro from home or when you are on the go. So many positive features and attributes, it’s hard to stress one above another, but for me – the ease of access and the simplicity of use really ranks at the top.

I can access information and people when I need to, to keep my trading successful. I can follow other traders and trade alongside the ones making the higher profits, and I can ask all the questions I need to understand and follow the market trough its ups and downs. I’ve enjoyed using eToro and contacting my mentors and fellow retail investors for advice, knowing that by helping me – one day, they too will be reaping the results of their well-skilled advice that they were kind enough to share. I look forward to the days when I can be the one sharing advice and guiding the next generation of investors to realize their potential.

eToro Review

I love how eToro works for me. So simple to use, yet it offers me comprehensive and current information right at my fingertips whether I’m at home or on the go. The sheer amount of information available is astounding, as is the support I receive in real time from other investors like me.

I have reviewed dozens of products and courses on the market and I have yet to find one as thorough and expansive as eToro. The vast network of investors is at 1.5 million and growing, the level of support I receive is phenomenal, and the advice and help I am able to benefit from is, up until this point, unheard of to me.

Here’s as short of a synopsis as I can give: this is network based, versus a static software, a mathematically programmed robot, or a series of courses by someone that cannot be on-call 24/7 to answer any questions that may come up.

With an impressive, skilled network of traders and retail investors across the globe, I am able to ask and get answers to my questions regarding the trends of the market in real time, as I have inquiries, I can ask them and get advice from people just like me, and that have been in the same situations I’m in, and are able to offer practical advice and useful tips to allow my to navigate my way through the daunting arena of inside trading.

If I’m not able to get an answer via live chat or through one of the many discussion boards available to me, I can use the Guardian Angel – a remarkable tool that advises me based on my trading style and personality and can give trading advice and recommendations that are tailored to suit my strategies. I cannot think of any other way to make trading in the markets today any easier.

It’s like having the Facebook equivalent of investing right at my fingertips. I can follow the investing of other successful investors, I can get and give advice, and I can trade from home or while I travel. No longer am I a slave to the computer that has my trading software on it.

Now, I can travel with ease, knowing that my network of trading colleagues are only a few clicks away. The confidence I have in trading and building my own net worth has jumped by leaps and bounds, and I truly enjoy the innovative format that eToro employs.

I love that eToro can function easily on its own – no charts to read, no new software to learn and understand, and no endless series of courses that teach you a few basics, but leave out the information that you really came for. Here, you can ask any range of questions, knowing that the goal of this community is to aid everyone in it, and help each member become more successful in their personal trading strategies.

After all, if you are able to view and benefit from one another, you have every reason to help one another achieve your goals. By being able to follow and copy the trades of another trader within the community – you can choose to follow only the best traders and quickly make the most of your investment. Other investors will be more than eager to help you, because by helping you, they are (in the long-term) helping themselves.

I appreciate the community element and the human aspect being returned to the trading process. After all, the most successful traders in the industry aren’t robots or software, they are people able to adapt and recognize quantitative changes in the market and shift their investment strategies to best profit off the ever-changing movements of the market and take into account global events that affect the overall state of the global markets and economies.

Being part of the eToro community has brought me back to the core of investing. Recognizing and allowing for one-on-one interacting in a safe online format has been long overdue, and seeing the social aspect returned to trading has truly given retail investors, like myself, the drive and the courage to enter the often mysterious labyrinth of trading, knowing that when we need to turn to someone for advice, one of the 1.5 million investors will be right there, able and eager to share some advice.

Finally may we wish you the best of luck with your trading. We hope our eToro review will help you make an informed decision.

The Betterment app is a great resource for investors who want to take control of their finances from anywhere. The mobile platform has all the tools and capabilities of its web version, with easy access to your portfolio performance and management options at any time. This investing platform also offers low-cost stocks and ETFs that are suitable for new or seasoned investors alike. Whether you’re looking for automated deposits so you don’t have to make transactions manually or personalized financial advice, this investment tool will help you reach your goals in no time! Here are some of the reasons we love Betterment and think you will too.

What to Like About Betterment:

Automated Deposits – This feature makes investing easy for anyone, no matter how much or how little time they have to invest. The app takes it a step further by making this process simple and intuitive. Just select the portfolio that’s best for your needs, decide on a frequency for deposits (daily, weekly, monthly), input the amount you’d like to deposit each time, and confirm your account information. And voila! You’ve just set up automated deposits with no need to log in every day or make a transaction yourself. Account holders can also designate certain amounts to be automatically transferred from their PayPal accounts if they prefer.

Personalized Advice – According to Betterment, their process of “robo-advising” is “the smartest way to invest on your own.” To begin with, you take a free, in-depth assessment of your financial position and goals through the app. This step helps create a thoughtful Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that satisfies your goals and protects against market fluctuations. After that, the automated system makes recommendations based on your investment profile are tailored specifically for your needs. The advice includes specific ETFs from their lineup based on risk level and tax efficiency, along with any other services betterment offers such as estate planning or basic portfolio audits.

Betterment Review

Diversification – Smart portfolio management means choosing the right investments that are meaningful and will last over time. If you’re interested in a wider range of stocks, Betterment makes this possible by offering low-cost diversified ETFs from reputable companies, such as Vanguard and iShares. These financial instruments track certain indexes and can provide even more benefits than individual stocks such as tax efficiency and cost savings.

Personalized Portfolios – One of the greatest strengths of Betterment is their ability to personalize portfolios in response to your current goals and needs. Your investment strategy will be tailored specifically for you when you create an account, including how much risk you want to take on the stock market at any given time. Whatever your comfort level is, Betterment has a portfolio to match.

Low Cost – According to the Betterment website, their fees for ETF and Vanguard index funds are $0.35 per month, which is comparable to many robo-advisors. But they also have additional services, including estate planning and portfolio reviews, that come at an additional cost. If you’re looking just for investment advice, their fee structure is simple and effective at 0.25% of assets under management annually. And while these fees may seem small on paper, taking advantage of their automated features can save investors as much as 2% in transaction costs each year (this number takes into account commissions from online brokers). This amount may sound trivial but can really make a difference when it comes to saving for retirement.

Final Thoughts on Betterment

Betterment is a great tool for anyone who wants to invest but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to do so. It offers diversified portfolios, personalized advice, and low fees that make investing simple and easy. Betterment can also be used by those with little experience in investing as well as seasoned investors looking for more personalization.

When it comes to making financial and investment decisions, most people prefer to tread carefully before putting their money into something. Some may turn to a broker to guide them through the process but it may not be an arrangement that suits everyone. This is when investment tools like M1 Finance come into the picture. Such platforms are convenient ways to navigate through the investment market and browse options for investment plans. But there are so many such tools in the market. Does M1 Finance hold up in comparison? Let’s find out.

What Is M1 Finance?

M1 Finance is a Chicago-based company and is an emerging investment management platform. While it has not been in the business for as long as its competitors like Robinhood and Wealthfront have been, it has made a mark for itself in the market through a few unique features. It acts as a traditional online brokerage firm but also manages to incorporate more new-age robo investor tools.

The service is fairly straightforward to use and customers can get started with their account after answering a few questions that assess their risk tolerance and the goals they have with regards to their investment plans.

M1 Finance App

With an M1 Finance account, customers can invest, borrow and soon even spend! Customers can invest automatically and for free in any custom stock and ETF portfolio. Once that is done, they can also borrow by accessing a low-cost credit line. The payback can be on a schedule that they set for themselves.

The platform is also in the process of rolling out a spending option where customers will be able to access digital banking options that can be integrated with the investments they have made on the platform.

How Does It Work?

The process of getting started with M1 Finance is not too complicated. When you sign up for an account, you will be asked some preliminary questions. Based on the answers you provide and the information the platform is able to collect, M1 Finance will recommend a portfolio specifically designed for you. This portfolio will include a range of investments that you can choose to explore though the final decision lies completely in your hands. The recommendations are based on the criteria exchange-traded funds (ETFs) set. Typically, after the platform carries out an assessment of your risk behavior, those who have a lower risk tolerance will be encouraged to invest in more bonds, while those who are less risk averse will be encouraged to invest in more stocks.

What sets the tool apart from some of the other services in the market is the concept of pie investing. The pie is the way for the investor to navigate the tool and keep track of their investments, and how their assets and holdings have been distributed. The entire investment portfolio is dictated by the pie, which has investments in various categories. Once you have signed up for an account, the investment portfolio will be offered to you in the form of a pie. In the pie, you can get a clear and concise view of the potential of an investment plan, price history, expense ratio, etc.

M1 Finance Portfolio

The next step after creating your pie, you will need to decide the kind of investment account you are looking for. The only criteria for selecting one from the variety of IRAs and brokerage accounts is that you should be a US citizen with current domicile in the country.

The final step after you have selected the type of investment account you want is to provide personal details like your date of birth and Social Security Number. You can then fund your M1 Finance account by linking it with your bank account.

How Much Does It Cost?

What is great about this investment tool is that you can avail a variety of features at absolutely no cost! These include a variety of different types of investment accounts, custom portfolios, expert portfolios, investing schedules, checking accounts, etc. This is a completely accessible portal that allows you to invest your money where you see fit without charging a bomb for its services.

As an alternative, you can also opt for an M1 Plus account which will cost you $100 per year and will allow you to avail some extra features. You will be able to access two trading windows, a checking APY of 1.50% APY and 1% cashback. This account also comes with a checking balance and you will be provided with tungsten metal debit card once you sign up for it.

Pros and Cons

There are a few pros and cons that the service has. The following is a brief glimpse into what the service succeeds in doing and where it shows room for improvement:


  • The service demands no trade fees. You can use it completely free while also availing the investment advice it offers.
  • At $100, it has a considerably low barrier to entry.
  • It does not charge you an annual fee (unless you have signed up for the M1 Plus account).
  • It offers more liquidity and has several different risk profiles to pick from.
  • The automatic rebalancing and automated investing features make the process all the more convenient.


  • This is a US-only platform so you are limited in terms of geography.
  • It does not allow any outside holdings like employer 401(K) or any other brokerages. You are limited to the portfolio and pie that is created within the investment tool.
  • It does not offer any tax-loss harvesting.

Final Thoughts

From the brief description of the investment tool above and the pros and cons that have been meticulously listed, one can see that the service does have a great deal to offer. Sure, it has some drawbacks but it makes up for them by providing the service for free, creating a dynamic portfolio for each member and giving them the freedom to invest, borrow and spend! In the sea of investment tools and services, M1 Finance is definitely one that stands out.

CFImarkets is a regulated CFD and Forex brokerage, which offers deep liquidity, coupled with outstanding asset selection and fair execution. Although it was launched quite a while ago (back in 2012 to be precise) CFImarkets has thus far garnered little community feedback. Fortunately, that goes for the “heat” too, so it is safe to assume that a brokerage which has been around for this long, without triggering choruses of “scam” screams, is in fact a serious, wholesome operation indeed.

Based in Cyprus, CFImarkets’ offer extends beyond the retail trader, straight into the realm of institutional operators.

The company behind CFImarkets is CFI Markets Ltd, and – as said above – it is based in Cyprus. The exact address is Gregori Afxentiou 10 Avenue, Livadiotis Court 5, PO Box 6023, Larnaca, Cyprus.  CFI Markets Ltd is registered with the Cypriot authorities under number HE 303814.

The operating license of the brokerage has been issued by CySEC. The license number is 179/12. CySEC regulation is not exactly impressive prestige-wise, but CFImarkets is indeed fully MiFID compliant, as it is registered with the UK’s FCA (#602588) and France’s BaFin (1338881) too.

In addition to the above detailed regulatory compliance, CFImarkets is also a member of the ACIIF investor compensation scheme.

What exactly does CFImarkets bring to the table and why should you consider trading with these guys? The attractive margins and commissions sound somewhat hollow, given how every operator out there uses this exact phrase to describe its offering. CFImarkets do have something extra up their sleeves though: they have a unique account type called Hybrid, at which we will take a closer look shortly, and they feature customizable leverage levels, covering a scale from 1:1 all the way to 1:500. Yes, there are brokerages which offer still more in this regard, but overall, CFImarkets’ offer is more than decent.

Over the years, the Forex brokerage has racked up a rather impressive number of awards. Most of these awards were handed out through various industry events in Asia and the Middle East. The Best Forex Broker in Asia award for instance, which the operator pocketed in 2016, was handed over in Moscow, Russia. Other awards include the Best Client Funds Protection Broker award, the Best Execution award and the Best New Middle East STP Broker.

Despite their near-spotless reputation, CFImarkets representatives have been caught red-handed trying to hype their brokerage through fake reviews at least once. At one of the forex broker review sites, three positive reviews were posted in the user feedback section, all originating from the same area in Lebanon where CFImarkets representatives had been contacted before.


CFImarkets Products

Interestingly, CFImarkets are rather tight-lipped in this regard. All their homepage states is that they offer multiple Forex and CFD products. There’s no word about the asset selection and the overall market coverage. What’s more, it looks like the brokerage uses the same trading platform for Forex and CFDs, which is bit peculiar.

In addition to what it offers to retail traders, the brokerage has a little something up its sleeves for high-volume and institutional investors too. The Business Partner scheme is essentially a glorified affiliate setup, which features revenue-sharing plans, dedicated support and direct contact options for those interested.

For money managers, MAM/PAMM tools are provided, together with customizable commission and spread plans, and dedicated support. Those interested in the MAM/PAMM options are encouraged to contact the operator directly too.

The White Label program offers other online brokerages the chance to introduce CFD/Forex trading to their trader bases quickly and at virtually no cost. A fully branded, customizable platform is also part of the offer, together with dedicated support and custom revenue sharing plans.


CFImarkets offers two platforms: the CFIM trader platform and the CFIM mobile one. The good news is that the platforms are essentially MT4, which means that all the functionality and charting capability one would expect from a legit broker is indeed available for CFDs as well as for Forex.

The MT4 platform can be downloaded directly from the CFImarkets website, together with installation guides for Windows and Mac. The MT4 platform comes with its usual collection of technical indicators, one click trading, customizable trading terminals, live news and desktop/mobile trading capabilities.

Fast and fair order execution is assured by the STP connectivity. Leverage – as said above – is customizable and the available order-types are diverse.

MT4 wouldn’t really be MT4 without its EAs and the editor which makes the creation of these Expert Advisers possible. The proper use of EAs requires the existence of a VPS service, and indeed, CFImarkets do offer such a service, for a fee of $30/month.

For that price, they deliver 50 GB of storage space, limitless traffic, no reboots and top-notch European datacenters. Speeds corresponding to 2GB of RAM on the VPS are also provided.

The mobile platform takes advantage of MT4’s mobile trading capabilities. The app is available for Android- and well as iOS-based devices, straight from the website.

Account Types

This is where some of the strengths of CFImarkets come into play.  The Hybrid account is without a doubt the most interesting feature offered by this broker. This account marries off the STP model with the fixed spreads one. The resulting setup sees the spreads stay fixed most of the time, moving about only when extreme market conditions set in, or when the liquidity drops. Even at such times, the spread-swings are very brief, and they return to normal quickly.

Other perks offered by the Hybrid account are the possibility to hedge at liquidation, technical analysis and private trading sessions. The maximum leverage possible on this account is 1:200.

The Institutional/High Net Worth Investor account is the best choice for tight spreads. This is a sort of VIP option, which obviously requires massive deposits.

The Demo account is meant to give traders a chance to sample the offering in a risk-free manner. Registering for a demo account only takes a few seconds.

Opening a square real money account is almost as simple. Certain required documents will have to be uploaded though. Fortunately, the uploading process is simple and it can be done directly via the broker’s website.

The minimum required deposit is apparently only $100.


Support-wise, CFImarkets offer a live chat feature, a call-back option as well as live phone support. The support phone number is + 357 24 400270, and there’s a Fax number available as well: + 357 24 400271. The trading desk can be called separately at + 357 24 400274. The email addresses are [email protected] and [email protected].

Call-backs can be requested through a handy form available on the Contact page.

Besides English, CFImarkets support Russian, Arabic and Chinese too.

CFImarkets Review Conclusion

CFImarkets is a legitimate, licensed CFD and Forex trading provider, backed by a solid platform, a decent market coverage and some rather outstanding account options. Besides retail traders, the brokerage services institutional and high net worth investors too. They offer MAM/PAMM services and turnkey White Label solutions for other brokerages. The operation is indeed a total and complete CFD/Forex package, enjoying the trust of partners such as the FIA WRC.

As an EU-licensed financial service provider, CFImarkets does not accept US traders.