We have come across several mentions of Biznet.pw on the interwebs but found very little information on the site when we did basic Google searches. For that reason, we decided to look up the site and do a Biznet review for our and your sake. Come to think of it, this is not a review but an expose of this website.

Basically, Biznet.pw is a site that primarily develops trading applications for forex and cryptocurrency trading purposes. Clients can buy one or more of the applications and use it to spice up their forex trading experience while boosting their earnings. The site was established in February 2017 and operates under the Biznet Group LLP, an investment company which has its main offices in Cardiff, Wales. In 17th May 2017, a few months after it was established, Biznet.pw became an official partner of the renown forex broker, InstaForex. Consequently, the site was allowed to advertise, open customer accounts and deposit or withdraw funds on behalf of InstaForex. This increased the reach of Biznet.pw and established it as a force to reckon with in the online forex industry. It however, did not add anything to the non-existent credibility of the website as you will see in the below sections.

Biznet.pw Services

As already stated, Biznet.pw is mainly involved in the design and development of applications and platforms for forex and cryptocurrency trading. The site also runs a private hedge fund for both forex and crypto investors. For ordinary investments, the hedge fund gives 10-30% ROI per month for a standard 12 months with the option of reinvesting. The monthly returns are dependent on the method of trading. Manual trading carries returns of between 10 and 15% per month while Robot trading gives 20-30% per month. In all honesty, this is nothing but a ploy get people to subscribe to the fake Biznet Robots hoping to earn more profits while the only thing they will get is continuous losses and no replies from support.

biznet data

Biznet.pw is also advertised as a neural network that brings together a number online entrepreneurs who work both together and individually for the benefit of the entire network. Presumably, the neural network is involved in the development of the Biznet applications and coming up with investment ideas. Notably, the network and all related discussions on the site are in Russian language, which makes it somewhat difficult for non-Russians to understand the gist of the discussions, even if translated.

Still on the Russian connection, we found it ironic that the company is registered and allegedly located in the United Kingdom, yet its main business is carried out in Russian. As a matter of fact, the company’s top management is mostly Russian. Project co-founders, Alexander Chebotarev and Grigory Shemet are indisputably Russian and so is the customer service manager, Katya Strutskaya.

It is important to note that most of the products offered by Biznet.pw are restricted and only those using affiliate links from the site’s official partners can sign up for them. The screengrab below shows the response we got as we were trying to get access to the Biznet hedge fund.

As you can see, we couldn’t get access since we didn’t have an affiliate link and didn’t have time to waste looking for one. Most importantly, we understood the idea behind this. See, Biznet.pw is like a pyramid scheme (forget the “hedge fund” nonsense) where people already in the system aka affiliates, send links to their friends to join. Since the site doesn’t have any actual investments – if there was it would not be kept under wraps, trust us – existing investors are paid using the deposits from the new traders they invite and so on, until it reaches the top. This is exactly the reason the site requires new users to register through affiliate links.

The truth about Biznet.pw

While going through the glossy Biznet.pw website, we couldn’t help thinking that it looked and felt too good to be true. Thus, we were inclined to go on a hunt for the truth and everything else there is to this site to either prove or dispute our suppositions.

We were quite surprised to find out that Biznet.pw is quite a popular site globally with a very impressive Alexa ranking. This site apprently is highly popular especially in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Spain and India. Almost 50% of its traffic is referral traffic, meaning that it’s generated by ads. And about 99% of these ads can be found on adbtc.top, a Bitcoin advertising site.

Below is an image showing the ranking of Biznet.pw on Alexa.com at the time of writing this review.

Normally, sites like these have very poor rankings mainly due to bad user reviews and spam links but as they say, there are always exceptions to everything. Nonetheless, as the above graph shows, Biznet.pw has experienced consistent increase in traffic over the last several months.

Another thing, Biznet.pw do not have a functional bank account and only transact using Perfect Money and AdvCash e-wallets and Bitcoin wallets. As you would know, opening and running a bank account would have made it hard for the site to disappear with investors’ money without being traced unlike e-wallets, which don’t require much details and even then, don’t have a way to verify the details given.

InstaForex is an unregulated broker!

As mentioned earlier, Biznet.pw have an official working relationship with InstaForex. We found out that the broker is unregulated, which is a very big red flag. Worse still, the broker has been blacklisted in several jurisdictions on suspicion of being a scam. Notably, the Ontario Securities Commission issued a warning to InstaForex in 2014 after receiving complaints from investors about their shady dealings. The broker was also blacklisted by the French AMF in 2015 for operating without approval.

That Biznet.pw is working with an unregulated broker whose track record is very unimpressive is in itself enough reason to keep off.

Biznet Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Biznet.pw is a ponzi that fools people using sweetly worded promos and a professionally done website. However, it still remains a scam, not any different from the shady and corny ones you see every day. For that, stay safe and stay away from this ponzi.

Sigma Pro from fastmillion.co is a binary options scam that should be avoided! As you will learn throughout the brief duration of our unbiased scam review, nothing about the Fast Million auto trader is authentic nor can be trusted! Following the classic acquisition model of a binary options broker deposit scheme, Fast Million is the fastest way to lose your required broker deposit. Learn the facts behind this resurfaced binary option software scam and what measures you can take if you have been scammed or cheated out of your hard-earn money!

Debunking Fast Million Trading Software

Fortunately for us, the creators behind this mediocre trading scam were quite lazy when developing this scam. False claims such as being endorsed by popular media channels along with incorrectly photoshopped images made exposing the illegitimate characteristics of this scam a walk in the park. As you can see in the image above, Fast Million incorporates a misleading marketing technique that is quite common among auto trading scams. Allowing viewers to believe that Fast Million has been featured on USA Today, CNN, BBC, Russian Today (RT) and Forbes is a misleading element exhibited by the Sigma Pro auto trader.

As most of you have been able to piece together, Fast Million is actually not featured on any of those popular media outlets. In fact, no search results on any of those websites yielded any credible findings, which means that the Fast Million software has never been reviewed on any of those sites before. This is an obvious ploy to earn potential traders trust by making their software appear more legitimate when in reality it is nothing but lies and deceit.

The Fast Million trading software relies on a revolutionary algorithm that “has no equal” to generate highly inaccurate trading signals. Claiming that the software analyzes more than two thousand political and financial factors before determining whether an investment signal is likely to win is just as ridiculous as it sounds. The creators behind this scam should have just said that the software creates miracle signals by using pixie dust because that would have been much more believable than their vague and unsatisfactory explanation. To be honest, the Sigma Pro software is nothing more than another auto trader that has been rigged to slowly lose your deposit over time.


Disturbing Sigma Pro Findings

One of the most discouraging components about the Fast Million software would be how it operates solely with unregulated brokers. As some of you know by personal experience, investing with a binary options broker that is not regulated is not only dangerous but extremely frowned upon. Especially after many governing authorities and federal entities have made the practice of investing binary options with unregulated brokers a punishable offense. A piece of advice that we can share with you would be NEVER to sign up with any auto trader that is requiring you to deposit with unregulated brokers! It is a clear sign that the software in question cannot be trusted and should be avoided!

Another discovery that we unraveled would be how the incorporation of photoshopped images are used to gain your trust. However, it is quite obvious that the scammers behind this system have little to no knowledge with how binary option contracts work. Using incorrectly edited photoshopped images just goes to show how moronic the creators behind this scam truly are and just gives you another reason to avoid this money losing auto trader.

Fast Million Review – Scam or Authentic?

The measures taken from the creators behind the Fast Million software weren’t enough to pass this auto trader off as an authentic trading solution. We sincerely believe it goes without question that the lazy efforts exerted by these scammers were half-assed but at least we didn’t have to suffer through any ridiculous pitch videos that relied on pathetic and awful paid actors. Claiming that if investors sign up and deposit with their systems that they will become millionaires is one of the oldest tricks in the books employed by scammers. One guideline to abide by when searching for a profitable and reliable trading software would be that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Fast Million Verdict – Binary Options Scam Exposed

Unregulated brokers, misleading claims and a lack of factual trading results have doomed any hopes that the Fast Million software had as appearing as a legitimate trading system. Never deposit with a binary options broker that is unregulated and make sure you conduct thorough research before committing with any online trading software.

For those of you who are looking for legitimate trading opportunities, feel free to check out our recommended trading apps and services.

Forex Regulator claims to be the best financial fraud investigations and asset recovery firm that can recover your loss funds, effortlessly. Providing a 95% guarantee this offer with minimum upfront surcharges seems to be a legitimate opportunity at first site. Claiming to have successfully won a total of 1,121 cases to date, one would imagine that there would be at least a shred of positive endorsement somewhere on the net. Instead we are left with the contrary and a lingering suspicion that this recovery firm is possibly nothing more than another 419 Advance Fee scam.

Who is Behind Forex Regulator?

No pertinent information regarding the owners, creators or executives behind this operation can be found on the site. The About Us section on the site is essentially useless and only provides information regarding Forex Regulator’s mission and vision. In fact, the only area we were able to find any identifying features would be the Terms and Conditions where it appears that London Wolt is the corporate entity behind this operation.

A search with Endole Suite will reveal that London Wolt LP is an active company that was incorporated on December 6th, 2016. Under the company number SL029454 this corporate entity’s address is the same location provided for Forex Regulator’s address which would be Suite 1 44 Main Street, Douglas, Lanarkshire, ML11 0QW. On the Contacts page, the forms of contacting this recovery firm can be accomplished through live chat, their email address which is [email protected] along with the phone number +44 203 695 5004.


How does Forex Regulator Work?

Forex Regulator operates in a similar manner to that of an advance fee scam. The first process that one must undergo would be to pay an upfront and non-refundable legal office charge with your application. Hint, the advanced fee scam element that we were illuminating to you earlier on. Now, depending on the size of your set claim, you can choose between 3 separate packages that all vary in price and received support.

The Legal Assistant package is recommended to investors who are looking to file a claim for an amount up to $1,000. There will be a $50 upfront service charge that in non-refundable with this claims package and essentially you will go through the ordinary measures pursued by an asset recovery firm. Which would be reviewing your case, submitting all relevant evidence of your plea, and figuring out a recovery strategy. When pursuing the Legal Assistant package, you will be provided with 1 legal assistant to pursue your claim process with.

The Legal Coverage claim package is recommended for individuals who are looking to recover an amount between $1,000 to $100,000. In addition to receiving all of the incentives offered in the Legal Assistant package, you will also receive legal opinion from “best suited attorneys” and instead of submitting your complaint to one legal assistant your complaint will be directed to 1 legal office supervisor. The upfront service charge for this package is $200 and if by some chance they do recover your loss funds you will need to pay an additional 20% success fee.

Full scale legal intervention is the last claims package available and is recommended to individuals who have complaints regarding lost funds over $100,000. In addition to receiving all the support provided in the Legal Coverage package, you will also consult with regulator and processor entities while receiving an additional legal office supervisor. An upfront and non-refundable application fee of $500 will be required along with a 20% success fee if your lost funds become recovered.

Warning Signs

Before you commit with Forex Regulator, we believe it is imperative that you consider a few questionable factors. The first factor being how on the About Us section on the site they claim to have been working since 2016 yet when we conducted a WHOIS domain search it reveals that the site was created on February 1st, 2017. Another red flag that should be considered would be how they claim to have won a total of 1,121 cases to date that involved 86 separate brokers.

As we harped upon earlier, we feel that if such an asset recovery firm was this successful then there should at least be some positive feedback regarding users experiences with this firm. Instead we are left with virtually no reviews or feedback about this recovery operation, making it difficult to genuinely trust this site. In addition, reports of investors who have lost money through malicious brokerage operations such as 72Options, Aryex, PaxForex and Trade24 all seem to have been contacted by Forex Regulator in an attempt to solicit business with those who have already fallen victim to those scams.

No filed claims were made by these users which brings up the question of how exactly does Forex Regulator have access to these traders personal and financial information? Are they in operation with blacklisted brokerages such as the ones we just listed? It is difficult to know for certain which is why we believe it is valuable if you understand how 419 advance fee scams are operated. For instance, the most common characteristic exhibited by advanced fee scams would be how relentlessly they attempt to solicit money away from their clients.

Meaning that if you do decide to give Forex Regulator a shot then be extra cautious about any additional fees they ask you to pay. Oftentimes sites that operate with the illicit advance fee business model will ask for additional fees for “services rendered, tax fees, and escrow account fees.”

Even more common would be how if you are unwilling to pay these extra fees that they claim you will not be able to retrieve your funds that are allegedly set up via escrow account. Which brings up another question of why couldn’t they just take out the desired fees from the secured escrow account funds? If you notice Forex Regulator conducting any of these unethical business practices we implore you to stop all communication with this site and ask you share your experience below.


As of December 2017, forexregulator.com is a relatively unpopular site that has a global rank of 9,865,228, according to SimilarWeb.com. Possessing a rank of 2,589,264 in the United States, one could deduce that most of the traffic originates from viewers residing in the US. Further demographic breakdown is unachievable due to the relative poor global ranking of this site.

Forex Regulator Review Conclusion

Unfortunately, there is just not enough verifiable information about Forex Regulator to rule this asset recovery firm as a legitimate or trustworthy operation. The lack of feedback regarding this recovery firm is questionable while the procurement of victimized traders personal and financial information is even more troublesome. Due to these reasons alone we are asking investors to avoid Forex Regulator for the time being until more evidence can be presented to verify that this operation is indeed not a scam.

Review Conclusion – ForexRegulator cannot be trusted!

If you have any experience or knowledge to share about Forex Regulatory, please leave your feedback below!

One does not have to be a trading expert to feel that something just does not add up about FXMasterBot, immediately after accessing the site. The pitch that we’re given is an all-too-familiar one and no matter how long and hard we look, we will not find anything to alleviate those suspicions. In fact, the deeper we read into the offer, the more certain it becomes that this is nothing more than a clumsy scam indeed.

What exactly does FXMasterBot.com peddle?

The auto-trading angle has been done and re-done countless times in this vertical, and we are sorry to say that FXMasterBot brings nothing new to the table in this regard. Indeed, some 99% of all auto-trading solutions offered turn out to be scams, nothing more than sneaky ways for affiliate marketers to get people to sign up with their partner brokers. The 1% that make up the exception, stand out through a couple of easily identifiable traits: first of all, they’re sold for money, and most of the time, they’re not what one would call cheap. Secondly, they are fully transparent in regards to the algorithms they use to generate their trading signals, meaning that they actually show their users their source code, the technical indicators they use and they allow their users to tinker with a massive range of settings. Legitimate auto-traders NEVER promise profits, or that their users will “master” the markets. They are sold as tools meant to take the grind out of the equation for their users. The success rate of such tools depends entirely on the settings used. Usually, around such auto-traders, there are vibrant forum/discussion board-based communities, which dissect settings and strategies, and share setups.

fxmaster bot

Needless to say, FXMasterBot ticks none of those traits. Though pretentious, the homepage copy does not really say anything in the way of background information on the algorithms used by the signal generator. The system is made up of a signal generating module, which is a sort of “magic box,” in the sense that the user never really gets to know how and why it works. It just does, and we’re all expected to swallow that fact. Users of the trading bot are allowed to apply the trading signals manually, or to let the system trade these signals automatically.

There are three account-tiers offered, the first of which relies on binary option signals, and requires a minimum deposit of just $250. The second one, the Expert account, costs $500, and it generates FX signals as well, on no fewer than 9 currency pairs. Through this account, users stand a better chance to rank high in the leader-board race run by FXMasterBot, because of the 2x multiplier applied to their Leaderboard points.

The top account is the $1,000 Master one, which features 17 currency pairs and a 3x Leaderboard multiplier. As one progresses through the accounts, the software will allegedly make more and more settings available, thus “teaching” users how to trade, and turning them into masters of the FX markets in the end.

There’s a Demo account available too, which is a tricky little addition, and which is supposed to give would-be users a risk-free taste of how the system really works.

Should I Trust Fxmasterbot?

No you should not, and we’ll give you plenty of arguments in this sense below.

Red Flags and Question Marks

Where to begin? The above mentioned Demo account is a good starting point. With great difficulty (on most browsers, the option just wouldn’t work), we managed to create an account and to log into it, only to realize that the trades that were done through this account were faked, to hype up the abilities of the auto-trader. Having run a search on the matter, we then realized we weren’t even the first to notice this “insignificant hiccup.” Once Fxmasterbot paints this unrealistically flattering picture of its capabilities, it shoves the real money account option into users’ faces. The broker one will be registered with is KayaFX, an unregulated brokerage, which fits the scam mold to a T.

Another red flag is that the trading bot is free. Indeed, the perpetrators of this scheme get paid for their “efforts” through the affiliate commissions they pick up from their partner brokers (like KayaFX), with whom the clueless victims make their deposits.

Yet another red flag is raised by the fact that FXMasterBot sees no need to reveal to its users how its algorithms work.

The fine print at the bottom of the page states that FXMasterBot does not provide investment services or investment advice…this is puzzling the say the least, because that’s exactly what it peddles. Giving a user a trading signal, and sometimes even executing a trade in his name based on this signal, is the very definition of investment advice.

Last, but not least: the fact that this is indeed an auto-trader is a major red flag in and of itself. No automated trader is capable of generating consistent profits for its users without outside intervention, and those selling legitimate auto-trading solutions will be the first to admit this.


As said above, there are a handful of reviews and posts out there, exposing FXMasterBot for what it really is. What’s surprising is the high number of positive reviews though. When reading into these reviews, you will quickly find however that they all come “adorned” with a big, fat affiliate link here and there, and that does indeed explain a lot.

FXMasterBot Review Conclusion

FXMasterBot is nothing more than the repackaging of the age-old auto-trading scam, the goal of which is to get gullible users to deposit real money with unregulated brokerages. The perpetrator of the scam gets paid through the commissions.

Free robots won’t make you money. Just stop and think about it for a bit: doesn’t this pitch sound a little too good to be true?

Did you try FXMasterBot? Share any feedback in a comment below this review.

Don’t send any money to Global Trader Insurance unless you want your money stolen! It appears that a new string of investment scams have surfaced in the form of insurance claim companies that promise you that they can retrieve your previously loss investment funds. These fraudulent insurance operations are known as “Advance-Fee Scams” where those of have been contacted must send a substantial sum of money before their previously lost funds can be retrieved via an escrow account. To learn more about Global Trader Insurance, make sure to keep reading our unbiased review!

Global Trader Insurance claims to be an asset recovery firm specialized in binary options. They are not a court-delegated claims administrator or class counsel but rather an asset recovery management company that is partnered with the overseeing authorities of the binary options industry. Basically meaning that they have no legal authority over of the claims they suggest they can refund back to you.  Hosted at GlobalTraderInsurance.com, this site claims to be operated under a business known as Global Trader Insurance, Inc.

There in lies our first red flag associated with this fraudulent claims company. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and UK Business Registrar site, no business known as “Global Trader Insurance, Inc.” exists. To add to the confusion the address found on the site is Carlton Court, Grainger Road, Southend-on-sea, Essex, SS2 5BZ, which is actually associated with an antique site.

insurance signup

Although we hate to admit it, the scumbags behind this scam were cunning and carefully thought out each step to their misleading claim company. It seems that for every requirement that investors had to fulfill with this fraudulent site that there was always a seemingly legitimate reason behind it. For those who are inexperienced to just how dangerous the online investment industry can truly be these steps appeared genuine when in reality they were raising all sorts of warnings and red flags.

Take for example the amount of approved claims and the recovered fund values that be found further down the site. To date Global Trader Insurance claims to have 15,616 files claimed with 9,002 of them being approved. What is perhaps even more impressive would be how they claim to have recovered $16,854,801 in loss funds. Combine this fabricated value with the fact that the site was only created on March 9th, 2017 and you have a truly unbelievable figure at hand. If any of these alleged values were authentic and genuine, you would think that GTI would be famous and positively endorsed all throughout the web.

According to an investor who shared his experience at binaryoptions.net, you must first open an account through Global Trader Insurance (GTI) where you will then be asked to fulfill a service fee for the services rendered. Among the deposit methods available would be Western Union, Moneygram or Perfect Money. Herein lies another red flag as to why you must deposit through these anonymous payment services. Secondly, GTI will ask that you provide your tax information and pay an additional “tax” fee before you can retrieve your funds via escrow account.

Essentially what is happening with advance fee scams like Global Trader Insurance would be that they are fraudulently trying to induce you to send money. Once you do they will make up elaborate excuses with each increasing request for more money until you refuse.  It isn’t until you refuse to send any more money that these scam companies then severe all communication ties and disappear. This is the classic example of how a classic 419 advance fee scam operates and it is textbook to the operation practiced by the GTI scam.

When it comes to dealing with suspicious insurance claims company who claim to have retrieved your lost funds, you should ask yourself a series of 3 questions. First, why can’t this service just deduct the required payment fee from the retrieved funds? Secondly, does the site provide any information pertaining to the owners or company operating the service? Lastly, through research does the information provided on the site appear to be legitimate and factual?

For those of you whose research yields unsatisfactory results, always make sure to reach out to a reliable source for guidance and acquire a second opinion before you commit. If you come across any seemingly legitimate claim companies that you are unsure about, always feel free to contact us. Chances are that more likely than not they are just another investment related scheme that fits the bill as an advance fee scam.

Global Trader Insurance is a deceptive advance fee scam that should be avoided at all costs. If you have been contacted by this deceitful organization we are urging you to not to send any money, stop all forms of communication and reach out to  local authorities. Embodying the persona of an insurance claim company that can allegedly retrieve previously loss investment funds is what makes this scam so dangerous. As we predicted in our Secured Trade Investment review, more fraudulent insurance claim companies are materializing into existence so exercise caution and only invest with proven investment services!

Review Verdict:  Global Trader Insurance is a SCAM!

Like many of its peers, HQBroker  sells itself as a global, trusted online trading brand, which has racked up hundreds of thousands of clients and which boasts a spotless reputation. While the reputation of the operation does indeed appear to be better than that of several of its direct competitors at first glance, the construct simply does not hold up to close scrutiny. The problems in this regard begin with the corporate background of the brokerage, which is a little murky, to say the least.

According to the official site of the brokerage, the company behind the HQBroker brand is Hokkaido Investments Sp. z o.o. (Registration No. 699793). The phone number provided is 852-5808-4980.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us take a closer look at what the site offers.


HQBroker Trading Conditions

The trading conditions are advertised as great at the brokerage. The spreads used are apparently dependent on the account type one registers for. On a regular account for instance, the EUR/USD spread is 1.2 pips, which is everything but generous. On the same pair, but with a Silver account, the spread is 1 pip, while with a Gold account, it is a much more reasonable 0.8 pips. On more exotic currency pairs, the spread can be as high as 5.5 pips.

The maximum leverage also depends on the size of one’s deposit. For deposits falling into the $100-$10,000 range, the maximum leverage is 1:400. Those who deposit more than $10,000, will be able to use leverage up to 1:1,000.

HQBroker Product Selection

HQBroker offers three main trading product categories: Forex, Metals and CFDs. The brokerage supports the trading of no fewer than 50 currency pairs through the MT4 platform.

As far as the metals category is concerned, spot Gold and Silver can be traded.

Featuring ECN execution, the CFD category includes stocks, commodities and equity shares.

Account Types

Account types are extremely important at HQBroker: as said above, they have a major impact on the trading conditions users will enjoy at the site.

The Demo account is unlimited: it offers access to real time streaming data and real time execution, as well as to the full product selection of the brokerage. Traders who choose this risk-free option, will have $100,000 in virtual funds at their disposal to put the various platforms offered by the brokerage to the test. Signing up for an HQBroker Demo account is as easy as filling out a simple registration form.

The real money account selection is a tad more intricate. There are no fewer than 5 options, mostly determined by the deposit amount required.

The most basic account type is the Starter, which requires just $250. It comes with floating spreads, an account manager and mobile trading options.

The Silver account requires a minimum deposit of $5,000. This one features floating spreads as well, in addition to the exact same features mentioned in regards to the Starter account above.

The Gold account throws a free bank wire option into the mix. In exchange for that though, it requires a minimum deposit of $20,000.

The Platinum account takes things one step further. For a $50,000 deposit, it gives traders fixed spreads, as well as access to daily analysis.

The Investor account is at the top of the account-type pops. Requiring a deposit of $100,000, it too features fixed spreads, account managers, 24h support, and access to a free VPS service.

HQBroker Platforms

HQBroker’s platform selection is squarely focused on MT4 – which is indeed a good thing. MT4 can be downloaded directly from the website for free, and it comes with its usual package of – rather impressive – features. It supports superb charting options, an outstanding selection of pre-installed technical indicators, as well as EA capabilities, which work well with the above mentioned VPS service.

In addition to MT4 and its myriad of features and capabilities, HQBroker offer mobile trading platforms for Android and iOS-based mobile systems, as well as a Web Trader. The Web Trader is surprisingly capable and complex. It too is based on MT4.

Should I Trust HQBroker?

Considering the evidence and facts presented above, we have to say that things do not look good in this regard for the brokerage. The operation does not seem to be regulated and its murky corporate background (which also includes a Warsaw, Poland-based firm, called Hokkaido Investments SP. z.o.o.) does not inspire the tiniest bit of trust.

Question Marks and Red Flags

Besides the trust issues linked to the corporate entity behind the operation and the reputation issues stemming from abysmal user feedback, there’s another unsettling thing about HQBroker: the website copy uses broken English. That may not mean a whole lot from a strictly technical perspective, but it does pose the question: what kind of a brokerage is this, that it cannot afford to hire a proper copywriter?


Though user complaints are not yet numerous – most likely on account of the tender age of the operation – the ones that are out there are of the no-nonsense kind, and they bring up rather serious issues. Aggressive marketing and sales tactics are apparently part and parcel of the HQBroker trading experience. Users are subjected to persistent phone calls peddling various deals, and they are promised all sorts of knick-knacks in exchange for their deposits.

Users have also complained about having had all their funds lost by the broker’s “experts,” who traded in their names with great relish and incompetence.

HQBroker Review Conclusion

Though it features a good trading platform and offers a decent selection of trading products, HQBroker just cannot be taken seriously. It is unregulated, its website is written in broken English, its corporate background is a mess and its users are displeased.

Feel free to post a comment below this review if you can share any feedback regarding HQBroker.

Hurriya Trading is an unregulated brokerage designed to fulfill the needs of a multitude of investors. Created just under 3 months ago on September 20th, 2017 this brokerage is currently in its infancy stage which means finding any feedback or complaints about this brokerage is almost impossible. Claiming to be operated by a company known as Financial Freedom, we will unravel all the misconceptions hidden at Hurriya Trading through our absolute and unwavering review.

Who is Behind Hurriya Trading?

In order to find any information regarding the ownership behind this company, we had to jump a few hurdles. Coincidentally enough the About Us page found at hurriyatrading does not appear to work, nor does their Terms and Conditions page. Since no information pertaining to the owners behind this brokerage can be found on two significant pages, we had to resort to the sole authenticating characteristic we could find on the site, which would be that this company is allegedly operating under the registration number 10914612.

A CompaniesHouse search will reveal that this registration number belongs to a company known as Financial Freedom Trading Ltd. According to the report, this corporate entity is indeed an active company that has a registered office address of 15 Blackbird Hill, London, United Kingdom, NW9 8RR. Which happens to contradict the address provided on the site, which is 2A Powis Street, London, England, United Kingdom SE18 6LF.


Now, in most instances, the corporate address will match the investment firms provided address. However, this isn’t always the case, which is why we’ll take a look at the incorporation date. According to the CompaniesHouse report, Financial Freedom Trading Ltd was incorporated on August 14th, 2017, while a WHOIS domain search will reveal that hurriyatrading.com wasn’t created until September 20th, 2017.

Again, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Hurriya Trading is lying about their corporate entity, but it does raise suspicion as to why both of the characteristics don’t match up when most of the time they do.

Hurriya Trading Offer

Unlike traditional investment brokerages, Hurriya Trading doesn’t enable their investors to possess control over their deposited funds. Instead Hurriya Trading team of financial experts and “professional” traders will invest your funds for you. This investment practice severely limits cliental control over their own funds, which in turn prohibits the investors ability to conduct withdrawals when they wish too.

Instead, Hurriya Trading offers a fixed principle return that is dependent upon your initial deposit. Expectedly, the more you deposit through this trading platform, the more you are allegedly able to accrue in long-term profits.

Hurriya Trading Accounts

Hurriyatrading.com offers 5 separate investment packages that each come with lifetime profits. While the most minor account package will yield an annual profit of atleast 247%, it is difficult for novice investors not to get caught up and fall victim to such beliefs. Listed below are the 5 account packages available:


Weekly Return: 4.75%

Minimum Deposit: $50.00

Maximum Deposit: $499

Expected Annual Return: 247%


Weekly Return: 5.25%

Minimum Deposit: $500

Maximum Deposit: $999

Expected Annual Return: 273%


Weekly Return: 5.75%

Minimum Deposit: $1,000

Maximum Deposit: $4,999

Expected Annual Return: 299%


Weekly Return: 6.25%

Minimum Deposit: $5,000

Maximum Deposit: $9,999

Expected Annual Return: 325%


Weekly Return: 6.75%

Minimum Deposit: $10,000

Maximum Deposit: No Limit

Expected Annual Return: 351%

Hurriya Trading Support

Hurriya Trading can be visited at the physical location of 2A POWIS STREET, London, England, United Kingdom W1J 8DJ. The only problem is that if you try to visit that location, your GPS won’t be able to accurately deliver you to your destination. As you will come to understand, the provided address of “Hurriya Trading Limited” does not actually exist.

That wasn’t the only red flag that we came across either, if you enter their provided telephone number +44 (20) 3514 3669 into a search engine you will notice how it is also the same number provided for a different brokerage known as BitProKnight. As you can see in the image below, BitProKnight shares a remarkable resemblance to Hurriya Trading and if you look close enough at both addresses you will notice how they changed it from “2A POWIS STREET, London, England, United Kingdom W1J 8DJ” to “1 Berkeley Street, London, England, United Kingdom W1J 8DJ”

Hurriya Trading Red Flags

It is evident that the creators behind Hurriya Trading have been quite busy. Apart from being responsible for the creation of a second brokerage known as BitProKnight we have also found two other investment firms that are connected with Hurriya Trading. Forex606, found at forex606.net, along with TrioCoin (triocoin.biz) are both brokerages created by the same scammers behind Hurriya Trading.

As you can notice from the images above, each of these sites share the same exact layout while each brokerage tries to pass off random investment company’s license number as their own. It is obvious that none of these sites are legitimate or trustworthy investment brokerages, which is why we are urging all investors to steer clear from these fraudulent brokerages!


As of December 2017, hurriyatrading.com had a global rank of 17,892,502 according to a SimiliarWeb report, indicating the site barely gets any traffic at all. The little traffic it does get seems to come from India.

Hurriya Trading Review Conclusion

Hurriya Trading is just one among many fraudulent brokerages created by a desperate network of scammers whose sole interests is to line their pockets by stealing your hard-earned money. The evidence provided in this review could not make this truth more clear which is why we are urging all investors to avoid Hurriya Trading and any brokerage connected with this illicit investment operation.

Hurriya Trading is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Sites: hurriyatrading.com, bitproknight.com, forex606.net & triocoin.biz

Have you been scammed by Hurriya Trading or any related entity? Speak up and share your experience by providing your feedback below!

Options Trade Insurance is a leading exchange and insurance firm that offers binary options and spreads. Brought into existence in mid June 2017, this so-called leading insurance firm is allegedly regulated by the CFTC, FCA and CySec. Although no mention of regulation license numbers or a corporate entity is ever presented to us it seems fair to deduce that these alleged regulations may not be factual. In fact, the operational model of Options Trade Insurance fits the bill as another shady insurance operation that is nothing more than another Advance Fee Scam. The site, OptionTradeIns.com, was registered with a privacy package making finding information pertaining to the creators and operators behind this site out of our reach. This in turn enables this questionable insurance operation to remain an anonymous service and since we aren’t provided with any license numbers, corporate entities or ownership details it is evident that the creators behind this site don’t wish to be identified.

So What Exactly IS Options Trade Insurance?

Options Trade Insurance claims to be a regulated insurance and exchange platform that can insure your funds while you invest through their platform. They also serve under the capacity as an asset recovery operation where they claim to successfully retrieve funds for investors from brokerages such as IQOption, Cherry Option, CT Option and TMOption. Whether there is any truth to these alleged operations, one cannot be sure. What we do know would be how similar of an operation this site is to that of a 419 advance fee scam. Ever since the intense scrutiny the binary options industry has undergone, many sites have arose into existence that claim to be genuine insurance and asset recovery firms. Regrettably enough, most of these operations are scams that have been created to target those who have already suffered losses to brokerage scams. It is a rather sickening and vicious cycle, which is why we we will only advice investors to sign up with proven and fully identifiable operations, such as MyChargeBack. business-insurance As most of you can undoubtedly put together, advance fee scams like Options Trade Insurance requires investors to first pay a fee before being provided any services. Usually these fees come as flat rates or require broker deposits if they are exchange ready platforms, such as this investment firm. Typically illicit operations that fit this criteria will keep requesting that their clients send payments to cover fees that may arise. Fees for escrow services, funding a trading account, “tax” fees, service fees and recovery fees for allocated funds are among a few of the most common reported by those who have been scammed by advance fee scams.

Can I Trust Options Trade Insurance?

No trust has been earned through Options Trade Insurance which is why we are urging all investors to avoid this phony insurance operation. It appears that this company is obtaining previous clients personal, financial and investment history from notorious brokerages that have previously scammed those same clients. The sudden acquirement of these confidential files should inflame your suspicions and make you question how this site has obtained your information without you personally filing for assistance. We’ve seen this same tactic before among other fraudulent insurance operations that claim to be the best asset recovery and insurance agencies. After touching base with you they will convey with you a practical plan to retrieve your previously loss funds that take no more than a couple weeks duration of time. During this alleged retrieval interval they will initiate contact with you claiming that they have recovered your funds and have it held in one of their segregated or escrow accounts. Before you are able to “retrieve” those recovered funds you will be required to fulfill a series of fee payments. It isn’t until you finally catch on after several fee payments that you begin to question the operation and why this service couldn’t just deduct those pointless fees from your recovered funds. Well, the answer to that is simple, which is that they never recovered your loss funds to begin with. As with most 419 advance fee scams, as soon as you stop sending them money they will stop all forms of communication with you and leave you out to dry.

Promises and Features

Although we weren’t able to find any explicit guarantees on the site, we did notice the strong assertions they make in the ability to recover loss funds along with the assurance of how if you join their service that 90% of your losses are insured. Whether or not you will actually be compensated for those losing investments, we see no sensical business model where this insurance would be optimal and accepted by an investment brokerage.

Options Trade Insurance Complaints

Due to the relative young age of Options Trade Insurance there are virtually no complaints that can be found on the web. Within the upcoming months though we are expecting to see a drastic increase in the amount of negative feedback regarding the unethical business practices pursued by this fraudulent insurance firm.


As of December 2017 (the time we posted this review) the site, optiontradeins.com, did not reflect a global ranking or demographic audience breakdown due to the severe lack of traffic that the site receives.

Options Trade Insurance Review Conclusion

It is evident through the measures taken by Options Trade Insurance that this suspicious insurance and exchange firm cannot be trusted. Do yourself a favor by avoiding investment related sites that do all in their power to hide their true identity, it more likely than not is a scam! As for the case of optiontradeins.com, we believe this site to be a bona-fide advance fee scam posing as a deceptive insurance and asset recovery firm.

Orbex, previously known as AFB FX, is a regulated forex and contracts-for-difference broker known to have received ‘distinguished’ rewards through the years in the forex arena. Having been in operation since 2011, Orbex has acquired a reputation as a trusted and reliable investment broker. Headquartered out of Cyprus, orbex.com is regulated by not only local but also other European regulatory entities. Known for their educational program and trading platform, Orbex is referred to as a broker that should be considered by all investors searching for a regulated brokerage.

Who is Behind Orbex?

The About Us page offers a good amount of information regarding the features provided on the site but not much information in regards to the identity behind this brokerage. By tracing down their regulatory license numbers we narrowed down that the company associated with Orbex is ORBEX Ltd. This brokerage is fully licensed and regulated by a multitude of different regulatory entities like CySec under License Number 124/10.

Found on the Contact Us page on the site, the head office for Orbex is located at Office 3501, 5th floor, Maximos Plaza Tower 3, Maximos Michaelidi Street, Limassol 3106, Cyprus. The telephone number provided for their main office is +357 25588855. Furthermore, Orbex support can be reached through live chat or through email at support@orbex.com.

The domain, orbex.com, was registered on August 8th, 1995. Leading us to deduce that this domain was likely a separate launch more during the midst of the vanilla options and early foreign exchange era. As of 2017 though, Orbex is widely considered to be a leading forex and contracts-for-difference brokerage.


Orbex’s Offer

Orbex enables investors the ability to day-trade both forex and contracts-for-difference options. This means that investors are able to invest currency pairs, commodities, and indices. Due to the simplicity of Orbex’s platform structure investors aren’t provided with a wide array of trading styles besides the usual Call/Put contracts that can vary between short term and long term expirations. Return rates are competitive with Orbex when compared to other forex and CFD related brokerages.

Orbex Account Types

There are four separate accounts types available at Orbex. The most remedial and starter membership package would be Classic account. Classic account requires a minimum initial deposit of $500 and offers a spread of 1.9. A leverage of 1:500 is offered while the Stop Out is offered at 20%. Free Expert Advisors (EAs) and VPS (virtual private server) hosting is allowed with this account type and all the following ones to come.

Secondly, we have the Standard account, which is essentially the same as the Classic account besides a couple variations. Again, the initial deposit required is $500 while the spread offered is as low as 1.5. Scalping is available through this account type along with a leverage of 1:500 and a reported Stop Out of 20%. Expert Advisors and VPS hosting are offered free of charge through this package which leads us to advise investors to consider opening a Standard account instead of the Classic account.

Further up the ladder we have the Premium account. Spreads are offered as low as 1.2 with the same leverage of 1:500. The minimum deposit required is $5,000 and essentially all the same trading perks are offered through this membership package as both the Classic and Standard account. Investors who start with this package will receive more advantages in regards to the educational aspect provided along with an account manager who is supposed to assist you with the well-being of your account.

Last but not least we have the VIP account which comes with a price tag of $25,000.  The spreads offered are as low as 0.8 with the same leverage of 1:500.  All the same perks are available through this account type except with more emphasis on the educational aspects and the efforts exerted by your account manager.  All-in-all you aren’t provided with many more advantages when compared to the Premium account so ideally we don’t advise investors to get started with anything more than the Premium account.

It should be noted that return rates along with bonuses are increased the more premium you make your membership.

Orbex Trading Features

Due to orbex.com being both a forex and contracts-for-difference broker the trading features offered through this platform are plentiful.  Although the spreads and leverage offered are competitive at best other trading features like Copy Trading (social trading) are enabled.  Perhaps the most appealing characteristic about the trading platform would be how it is MetaTrader4 based.  Meaning that investors who possess the charting solution MetaTrader4 (MT4) are able to execute their investments through their charting solution rather than having to navigate between separate windows.

Other unique advantages of Orbex would be how they publish Weekly FX reports, offer free tutorials and educational resources along with investment calculators.  The investment calculators offered allow investors the ability to calculate risk, pivot points, pip and margins, and currency exchange rates.  While all these perks may be beneficial and common among other brokerages the most sought out perk provided would be the free demo account.


Orbex is a relatively popular site with a SimilarWeb global ranking of 312,358 at the time of posting this review.  Almost 30% of the visitors viewing the site reside within Turkey, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States and Jordan.

In addition, Orbex receives the majority of their traffic from reviews that originate from Google search queries. Other considerable sources of traffic can be contributed to YouTube channels reviewing this site along with Facebook.  It appears that this brokerage reflects a strong social media presence and is considered trustworthy on a wide number of review sites.

Orbex Review Conclusion

Orbex appears to be a rather competitive forex and contracts-for-difference brokerage. They are regulated not only by CySec but numerous other regulatory agencies. If you do decide to pursue an account with Orbex, we recommend getting started with their demo account first that way you can acquire a better understanding of how the trading platform works before shelling out your money.

Please share any experience or knowledge you may possess about Orbex – positive or negative – by commenting below.

PrimeCFDs  was launched in April 2017, so it is definitely a new player on the online trading scene. Despite the short span of its existence, it has managed to draw the ire of the community, as the operation is apparently not exactly regulated, nor particularly fair when it comes to handling the funds of its clients. The About Us section of the site contains very little useful information about the operation. There’s some rather empty ranting about the vision of the brokerage and its various features, but nothing about who is indeed behind it all…

Who is Behind PrimeCFDs?

The corporate entity behind PrimeCFDs is a company called Orion Solutions SRL, based in Romania, at 29 Erou Iancu Nicolae Str. Voluntari. When the company was founded, this same corporate entity was apparently located and registered in Bulgaria. At any rate, it does not look like some sort of prestigious operation one would whole-heartedly recommend as trustworthy.

According to the Contact page of the operator, the brokerage maintains offices in scores of other countries, such as Nigeria, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, South Africa and Australia among others. While phone numbers are available for all these locations, whether or not actual, physical offices are indeed maintained in all these places, is a different question.

Interestingly, the primecfds.com web domain features public registration information, according to which, its registrant is Nikos Aristeidou, who represents PrimeCFDs Ltd, based at 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ. The fact that this information is indeed publicly available is definitely a major mark in the + column for the operator, who has made it clear this way that it’s not afraid of actually putting a name on its brokerage.


Contact Information

Consistently with the information delivered in the whois data of the website, the contact phone number given in the Contact Us section is a UK-based one: +44-2033559997. There’s a contact form available as well as an email address: support@primecfds.com. For every one of the above mentioned international offices, a phone number is given too. Thus, we have +61-863777278 for Australia, +47-21954536 for Norway, +27-213009275 for South Africa, and +380-612282615 for Ukraine, among others.

PrimeCFDs Popularity

The global Alexa rank of the PrimeCFDs website was 54,028 at the day of posting this review (September 1, 2017), which means that it is quite a popular online destination. Given the tender age of the operation, this is surprising. Most of the traffic of the website comes from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, Malaysia and Sweden.

Much of their traffic is sent to them by affiliate websites, such as binaryoptionsthatsuck.com, million-dollar-months.com and profitmaximizer.pro. Some of these websites are scams.

Available Account Types

The brokerage offers 5 account-types, which require progressively bigger deposits, while offering progressively more – and more generous – perks.

The Mini Account, the most basic one, features payouts up to 82%. While it gives access to professional charting services and 24/7 support, it also comes with monthly withdrawal fees.

The Silver account offers many of the same features, though it throws in trading alerts, access to the basic version of the site’s Trading Central, and a personal account manager. Account managers/personal coaches need to be treated with caution, as their interests seldom coincide with that of the trader. Indeed, in PrimeCFDs’ case, there has been some negative feedback in this regard, in addition to aggressive marketing tactics.

The Gold account increases the cap on payouts to 84%. In addition to all the perks featured by the previous (Silver) tier, it also offers SMS and email-based trade alerts. It retains the monthly withdrawal fee though. This account type is touted as the most popular of the operator.

The Platinum account does away with this withdrawal fee, and it raises the payout cap to 86%. In addition to everything the Silver account offers, it grants traders access to Forex-based CFDs and to a live training session.

The top of the account-pops is represented by the Diamond account, which – in addition to everything the Platinum account offers – raises the limits on trading and exposure. Also, it raises the payout cap to 88%, which is the highest available at the site.

Interestingly, minimum deposit requirements are not mentioned in any shape or form at the site. According to trader feedback, the minimum deposit requirement is $250.

Deposits and Withdrawals

PrimeCFDs accept a fairly standard selection of deposit- and withdrawal methods. VISA, VISA Electron, Maestro and MasterCard are all accepted, together with Wire Transfer and e-wallets like Neteller.

PrimeCFDs observe a KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, which pretty much means that they will make it as difficult for their traders to withdraw money as they can. According to some trader feedback, withdrawing money from the brokerage is a rather impossible feat to begin with.

PrimeCFDs Platform

PrimeCFDs use the TraderSoft platform, which offers access to binary options, CFDs and Forex trading. The built-in charting features of the trading platform are OK, and everything is quite self-explanatory. Other than that, calling the platform “bare-bones” is probably an accurate depiction of what one can expect from it.

Available assets

Through the above-said three main categories, PrimeCFDs offers traders access to an impressive range of currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks. Hundreds of underlying assets are available.


As said above, PrimeCFDs’ return percentages are situated in the 82-88% range, depending on the account-type one uses.

PrimeCFDs Review Conclusion

A lot of things don’t add up with this brokerage. Although there have been rumors regarding a possible Vanuatu license, the bottom line is that this is an unlicensed operation. As such, we will never recommend it as a decent destination for your trading needs. Also, the community feedback it has thus far drawn is downright toxic.

Some say the broker is focused on stealing from its clients, others decry the aggressive marketing tactics used by PrimeCFDs personnel. Their “account managers” are particularly disliked. The worst thing is that no one (from among those who have shared their experience online) has seemingly managed to withdraw any money from PrimeCFDs.

Feel free to comment below if you can contribute to our PrimeCFDs review.