In this review, we will be taking a look at Timothy Sykes, an online trading platform that offers its users various educational and practical features, led by the eponymous trader Timothy Sykes. This platform specializes in penny stocks, and it employs several highly experienced traders or ‘gurus’ as they are known on the website, who share their penny stock experience with their users.

We will explore all the ins and outs of this platform individually, focusing on the key aspects such as Sykes’ backstory, the trading philosophy employed, as well as the various features and resources hosted on the platform. With that in mind, let us take a look at the leading personality, Timothy Sykes himself.Timothy Sykes

Who is Timothy Sykes?

The trader whose name the platform takes is a well known personality in the online trading community. He became a millionaire at the tender age of 21, by using the money (some $12,000) he got for his bar mitzvah, and using it to generate in excess of $4 million in less than 10 years. This is the reason why he is considered something of a legend in the community, a fact which could be said to have gone to his head.

He became known as something of a caustic personality online, and he has tried to make up for this ever since. That is why he places emphasis on transparency in his dealings above all else. Among other reasons, he decided to set up his own day trading platform after coming into contact with various traders who wouldn’t provide proof of their trades. That is why Timothy makes a point of verifying all of his trades, which is a commendable development, especially considering his past.

What services does Timothy Sykes offer?

The services offered by the Timothy Sykes platform can sometimes be a bit difficult to delineate, due to the counterintuitive way in which the site is organized. Namely, the platform is actually two platforms, the main Timothy Sykes website, as well as the website, which is where most of the activity is located. is a relatively new day trading platform, and it strives to rectify some of the more common problems Sykes had with other platforms of a similar nature. The most important change is that every major trade has to be verified by providing transcripts form a brokerage institution, which helps bolster trust.

As for the chat rooms, there is a wide variety to choose from, seeing as though every guru, of whom there are four, operates two chat rooms. The first chat room for each guru is dedicated to trading, and this is where they will notify their users which trades they are making, which stocks to watch, and so on.Timothy Sykes Offer

The second chat room is the so-called Off-Topic room, in which more informal conversations take place. This is another important aspect to the community fostered on the Timothy Sykes platform. The sense of community is overwhelming, and frank and open discussions are the norm, as per the overarching theme of transparency and openness, even at the cost of being impolite.

There are even internal stories circulation about certain members considered legendary. For instance, it is common knowledge on the platform tha one long time user became a millionaire under the direct instruction of one of the moderators. This helps bolster the credibility of the platform, in addition to providing a healthy dose of motivation to the users.

There are educational videos available in addition to the guidance received inside the chat rooms. These offer in-depth theoretical knowledge, as well as some of the hands-on experience Sykes has gathered from his years of successful trading. These are a great resource for beginners, since they cover the most effective trading techniques with regard to penny stocks.

Sykes also offers what he calls a Millionaire Challenge, a special tier of membership wherein the user is instructed and mentored as to how to become a millionaire by Sykes himself. However, the details of this program are rather vague, since he lists neither the price nor the contents of the program in advance, so prospective users have no way of knowing what they are in for before they commit to buying it.

Prices and Fees

It is very important to know in advance what you will be expected to pay for membership to a platform such as this. Timothy Sykes is actually on the low end of the online investment platform specter, seeing as though the basic plan will set you back around $75 per month. This covers access to the chat rooms, real-time mobile trade alerts, as well as a daily trading watchlist. With that in mind, it is highly likely that by following the advice given in the chatrooms, you will be able to recoup the investment in terms of the monthly subscription, and then some.

Timothy Sykes in brief

This is an excellent platform for the beginner day trader who wants to learn about the markets in a safe way that won’t bust the bank. Membership is quite affordable, when compared to some of the other platforms. The only criticism that can be levelled at this platform is the often confusing and byzantine design and layout of the website, but that is a small price to pay to get access to such a wealth of knowledge.

In this review, we will be taking a look at PennyPro, an online chat room and educational service that focuses on the various trading techniques and tips related specifically to trading in penny stocks, as the name may suggest. It offers a wide variety of different services, such as chat rooms, webinars, educational materials, a mentor program, and a special feature called the SuperNova University.

We will take a look at all of these features individually, in addition to providing some insight into the overall atmosphere on the platform, as well as taking a look at the team behind it. With that in mind, let us take a look at the team first, before going over the various features.PennyPro

Who runs PennyPro?

As with any online investment platform, the people who are behind it, and who provide their expertise to their users are the most important aspect of any particular platform, in the view of most prospective users. However, in this case, answering the question of who runs the platform is a bit trickier than usual.

That is because PennyPro is run by a man named Jeff Williams, and that is pretty much everything we know about him. He was recently promoted to head PennyPro, replacing Steve LeBlanc, which maybe the reason why there is little biographical information available on the site. 

Still, all of the trading advice offered by Jeff is legitimate, so this lack of biographical details may not be as significant as it may seem. We will go over some of the educational material included on the platform in the following section.

What services does PennyPro offer? 

It is important to give a rough sketch of the trading philosophy of PennyPro before we discuss the various features it offers, which are centered around this philosophy. As previously mentioned, PennyPro deals in penny stocks, more precisely, stocks whose price ranges from $0.001 to $5, which are prices anyone can afford to pay for stocks in order to learn to trade.

This wide availability is the cornerstone of all the services provided by PennyPro. It aims to teach its users how to trade based on rigorous data and following best practices, and it does so using a variety of different tools, the most notable of which is arguably the chat room functionality embedded within the site.  

The Live Day Trading chat room is open to all subscribers, and it is moderated by one of the staff at all times. Ths chat room hosts technical discussions about particular stocks, as well as enter and exit alerts. It also features a live audio feed for those who cannot read the chat as it is happening. This is where people trade along to what the moderator is suggesting, or follow the rise or fall of a particular stock together, deciding what sort of play to make.

The educational content on PennyPro is also notable. The viseo lessons contained therein are subdivided into three sections, based on the relative skill level of the user watching them. The first section is for beginners, and it covers the basic trading strategies for penny stocks. The second section is for more advanced users who want to learn intermediate techniques. Finally, the third section is for users who already have a lot of trading experience, so the content is more technical, and the techniques a bit more risky than the previous two sections.Penny Pro Review

The Webinars hosted on the platform are also organized along the same three tier system. Each of these videos runs about an hour in length, and they provide a more in-depth view of all the different aspects of the topic they are covering, In this sense, they are more theoretically complete than the educational videos discussed previously.

The feature that sets PennyPro apart from all other similar platforms is its innovative concept called the SuperNova University. Not only will PennyPro teach you what you need to know in order to trade well, it will also test you on what you have learned. The SuperNova university consists of six semesters with five videos each, and you will be faced with a 10-question test every few lessons, in order to see how much you’ve progressed.

Prices and Fees

Penny Pro offers three tiers of fees and membership statuses. Firstly, there is the Beginner Pack, which runs at $149 for one month. If you want a three-month membership, you will need to pay $249, which is the most popular option. Finally, a whole years’ worth of membership will cost you $799.

These numbers may seem steep at first, but it is important to point out that these are at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to these investment chat rooms, since the prices can be quite exorbitant on some platforms.

PennyPro in brief 

To sum up the PennyPro platform in a few words, we would say that it offers great educational content, and that is especially highlighted by the SuperNova University feature, which actually tests your knowledge. The chat rooms are a great place for discussion, and if you follow some of the advice given within, you may be able to make some money, perhaps even enough to cover membership costs.

Introduction to Investors Underground

A key factor when creating an online day trading platform is to have the right team leading it. Luckily, Investors Underground has a group of talented traders and moderators led by its founder, Nathan Michaud.

This platform provides multiple trading resources every day so that every user can make a successful trade. Once you subscribe, you will gain access to watch lists, video lessons, and three fully-moderated chat rooms.

Most of these services are yours to use if you pay $197 per month. In addition, this platform is a fantastic place to gain more knowledge about trading business. A variety of traders and experts participate every day, including the founder himself.

If you are interested in day trading, then Investors Underground is the right place for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an already established trader in your own right. The platform is there to help users pick the right stocks and see real-time alerts.

However, before you pick your subscription, you have to research the platform properly. We have written a comprehensive Investors Underground review that will guide you in the right direction.

Investors Underground Dashboard

Once you become a subscriber, you will need to access your user dashboard. There, you can pick what you want to do. You could watch the video lessons, access watch lists, or participate in the chat rooms.

Investors Underground Dashboard


Investors Underground aims to provide you with a variety of services. In addition, you will also get advice from many day traders that are also members of this platform. To make this Investors Underground review worth your time, here are some of the most important services they offer:

Investors Underground Chat Rooms

This is where the action happens. The day trading chat rooms are your best scanning tool because they have more than 1,000 members. Furthermore, by participating, you will be getting advice and instructions from trading experts.

You can choose between three chat rooms: Momentum, Swing, and OTC. The Momentum Chat Room is a favorite for most users, while the OTC is the least active one.

Investors Underground Chat Rooms

Watch Lists

Every morning, you will get access to the daily stock watch list. That list can help you make a better choice when it comes to certain stocks, although you are free to make your own judgments. In addition, the list also offers details about stocks that you should be paying attention to.

Investors Underground Watch Lists

Video Lessons

Even if you think that you know everything about day trading, it never hurts to learn some more. Therefore, you can always use the video lessons in the library to research trade even further. These are original videos made by the founder and other members. They will help you learn more about current trading issues and the future of stock exchange. Every week, they release two or three new videos.

Video Lessons


You don’t have to procrastinate after the markets close. Investors Underground also offers different courses that can help you enhance your trading skills. For example, there are courses about money management, brokers, and different chart patterns. Usually, they are e-courses, and some of them are blogs or in other A/V media format.

Day Trading Courses

The Momentum Chat Room

Out of the three chat rooms, the Momentum one is the one where most users spend their time. It consistently has many traders online, unlike OTC, which is generally empty. You might think that this is some glitch on the platform, but OTC chat room is usually empty because the OTC market is not currently active.

The Momentum chat room looks similar to other online trading platforms. In the top row ribbon, you will find your inbox, chat log review, settings, and sound options.

On your left side, there is a user list that shows the moderators who are currently online. In addition, the list also shows other online users. On average, about 600 members are using this chat room at any given moment.

The main idea behind the real-time trade timeline is the analysis. Both types of users can work together, spot trends, and discuss different strategies. Moderators and members have different views about certain stocks, so this is a good way of finding out what they think.

However, the chat stream is fast-paced, and if you are not careful, you can easily miss something.

The Investors Underground Team

Before subscribing to a trading platform, it is crucial to research the people that stand behind it. After all, they have to be well-known experts with high levels of experience. Otherwise, what are you paying the fee for?

For our Investors Underground review, we have carefully researched the members. Here are the two most important members that keep the IU running:

Nathan Michaud

Nathan founded IU in 2008. He has over ten years of experience under his belt, and he has traded both on Nasdaq and OTC. While creating Investors Underground, he wanted to establish a platform which he could use as well.

He is Stock Trading Chat Room’s main moderator. In addition, he also created the two DVD courses users can obtain: Textbook Trading and Tandem Trader.

Cam B

Cam IUHowever unlikely it may seem, Cam B was a subscriber first, and member of the staff later. He started using this platform back in 2010, and after some time, Nathan Michaud hired him. Now, he takes care of overall operations. Furthermore, he is also creating educational content, and live-trading in the chat rooms.

This team also has ten additional members who all have an investing background. Their experiences speak for themselves, so you can rest assured knowing you are in good hands.

Day Trading Education

We wanted you to see how many resources this platform includes. Therefore, we decided to add them to our Investors Underground review.

There are many of them you can use to gain more knowledge about day trading and strategies. In addition, all of them hold valuable information which you will be able to use in the future as well.

Daily Scans

Nathan Michaud posts daily scans and his commentary about trading actions. However, even if you miss some of them, you can easily find them in the archives. Every member has access to them, and you will be surprised how much you can learn from older scans.

Daily Stock Scans

These scans are worth researching because of Nathan’s personal thoughts. Usually, he gives additional information about day trading, but sometimes he also discusses broader trends as well.

He doesn’t beat around the bush while discussing different trades, which is something most users can appreciate. The scans are not boring and long – he gets his point across in the simplest way possible. The main purpose of these scans is to wrap up the trading day so that all members can see what they have accomplished.

Video Lessons

There are two DVD courses which members gain access to when they subscribe. The Textbook Trader has eleven chapters, and it’s mainly for beginners. Tandem Trader provides you with ten chapters, and it is for advanced traders who want to learn more about strategies and practical techniques.

Furthermore, members can access the video library and watch traditional lessons.


Regularly hosted by Nathan Michaud and other moderators, there is a new webinar every week.

If you need to find a specific webinar, then you can look for the topic in the search bar. Moreover, if you want a webinar by a specific host, you can sort them by their names: Emil, Nate or Cody.

However, if you don’t have the time to watch every webinar, you don’t have to worry about it. Every webinar is archived after its initial live viewing, and you can access it anytime you want. And, if you happen to drop in, there are Q&A sessions where users can ask specific questions about different topics they are interested in.

Chat Room Archives

Sometimes life gets in the way, and you cannot follow the chat timeline properly. If that happens, then you can easily access the archives and catch up on anything that you might have missed. In the top bar, you will find a counterclockwise circle. When you click it, it will show you the whole transcript.

Subscriptions and Prices

There are two subscription packages available: Elite and Standard.

While investigating for our Investors Underground review, we delved further into Elite payment plans. There is a one month, three months and a yearly plan.

If you are new to IU and trading, we wouldn’t suggest picking out the yearly plan. You can choose the one-month subscription plan first, and upgrade when you learn more about the platform.

The Standard subscription doesn’t have the same options as the Elite one, but it is an excellent choice for new members. You will get access to chat rooms, watch lists and some interactive webinars. Even though there are certain limitations, it is still worth the money and the subscription will certainly pay off in the future.

Investors Underground Pricing

Advantages of Using Investors Underground Services

  • There are three fully-monitored chat rooms.
  • Experienced staff, with a background in investing.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Daily watch lists composed by the founder himself.


Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate between moderators and members in the chat room. However, you can easily check their names in the user list. After some time, you will know all the names by heart.

Investors Underground Review – Final Words

The Elite Subscription is expensive, and we would recommend it to novices that have the time to commit to day trading. Furthermore, there is also the Standard Subscription that most users can afford, allowing them to participate in the majority of IU activities.

Even when there are certain limitations, you can always upgrade your account and get access to even more resources. Not only will you not waste your money, but you will certainly learn how to gain it back as well.

What Other People Are Saying


If you want full control over your finances and future, look no further than Merrill Edge. Their platform gives you a wide range of options. You can trade stocks, bonds, ETFs, create investment plans and strategies, and also enjoy a full range of mutual funds.


Merrill Edge puts a focus on dedication to its customers. Strong relationships between customers and employees are the foundation of their business. This is achieved by gathering experience from over two million satisfied customers.Customers use helpful tools and research results to improve their investment knowledge and decision making.

What differentiates Merrill Edge from its competitors is the need to provide each of their users with exactly the type of investment strategy they need. They do this by creating informed portfolios, limiting risks and specifying investment time frames.

Here I will try to show all the necessary information about Merrill Edge and its products.

Merrill Edge platform –  tools and accounts

Merrill Edge provides their users with simple investing and banking tools. They combine their research and insights with those from Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, with whom they cooperate closely. You can follow all of your investments and your Bank of America account on the same page using this platform. This feature is also available on mobile devices. You can transfer money between your different accounts in one simple step.

When it comes to helping less experienced users, The Financial Solutions Advisor is a type of service that you can’t find in other places. He is there to sort out your priorities and to create a sound investment plan that suits your personal needs. You can find your Advisor in over 2,000 Bank of America centers.

Merrill Edge also provides educational courses. With this, users can develop a better understanding of trading stocks, bonds and ETFs.

There is a number of useful tools provided by the Merrill Edge platform. These tools are there to help you define and reach your investment goals. Tools that are included in the package are:

  • security profiles
  • MarketPro – advanced training options tool
  • real-time stock market analysis
  • detailed profiles of companies
  • customisable stock screeners
  • third-party analytics and insight
  • mobile investing

When it comes to accounts, Merrill Edge offers a few different types:

  • Personal banking accounts – organized to your needs
  • Online brokerage accounts – for personal investments or as a custodial account
  • Small business accounts – great for managing finances for your business
  • Retirement accounts – with different tax reduction options and deferred growth
  • College accounts – highly flexible investment planning

All of these groups have more detailed options. You can always choose the one that will best suit your needs.

Pricing and mobile trade opportunities

Opening up an investment account with Merrill Edge may cost you up to 600$, depending on the type and account features. You can see the full pricing details on their website.

Merrill Edge puts a focus on simple pricing conditions. They offer a flat rate of $6.95 for equity, and ETF trades with no trade or balance minimum. Some other examples of fees include:

  • Guided investing with a professional portfolio balances and managed by Merrill Lynch personnel for a 0.45% fee annually, with an investing minimum of $5,000
  • Financial Advisor services, personalized to your goals and investment needs, for a 0.85% fee annually, with an investing minimum of $20,000

These are just a few examples. You can find the entire pricing system, which is transparent and easy to read, on their online platform.

Merrill Edge offers access to a number of features and mobile trading opportunities that allow you to stay on top of your investment goals. A number of mobile tools will help you have a clear picture of your account and investment plan. They want to make sure that the entire process is suited to your personal needs, and that you can always get the best possible solution.

For more active and experienced traders, Merrill Edge offers the MarketPro package that gives you total control over the investment decisions. Great customer service is available to all users, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact them by phone or email.


The biggest advantage of Merrill Edge platform is the personalized service they offer to all their customers. They focus on building trust with their users by giving good advice, creating sound investment plans and helping with every aspect of the process. Customer support and lots of informative tools are also a plus. Although, one thing that is often overlooked is the always available access to mobile trading.


It is important to note that the website itself is not very user-friendly and a bit difficult to navigate. There are no virtual practice options for trading, which is not helpful for beginners.

In conclusion, Merrill Edge provides a well-rounded service, adjusted to your individual needs and preferences.

So you are new to online stock trading. You see a website and are unsure if it is the perfect fit for you. You fear that it might be hard, or doubt that actual experts are owning and running the site. Expect answers to all of these questions and more in the review that follows. Hopefully it will help you decide whether Jason Bond Picks is the web trading service you need or not.

Introduction to the Website and Jason Bond

The first thing you see when you enter the website is, obviously, the photo of Jason Bond. An outline of Bond’s 90 days system follows shortly. This gives you an almost personal connection with the man behind the page, a sign of trust. Based on testimonials, Bond will personally reply to your e-mails no matter the question you have. This interpersonal aspect is further highlighted when you learn a bit about Bond’s personal life. A former teacher, he started trading as a means of earning more revenue, and the bulk of what he speaks of is based on his own experience. His skills as a teacher make him a perfect instructor, as his steps are explained away to be easy to understand and replicate.Jason Bond Pick

Jason Bond Picks was covered by major sites and publications such as NYSE, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Street, MSN, Seeking Alpha,, GuruFocus, TradersEXPO, and Bond himself boasts a 330% return on his investments in 2016 and the revenue of $49.000 in January 2017. This, however, is not backed by a bank statement or any other transparent means on the website itself.

The website banner is simple enough to navigate, with sections for the list of programs, testimonials, blog posts and the login window. The most popular section of the site are the chatrooms. You can use these for day trading as well as swing trading. The chatroom design and layout are easy to work with. There is audio commentary done live, a custom scanner, the most up-to-date stocks and alerts from Bond himself and other major traders. You can also observe retail and trade investors who provide ideas 24/7.

Subscription Choices

There are three different types of subscriptions on Jason Bond Picks. The first, and also the one most members use, is the Day & Swing Trade Package. Members get ten alerts, swing and trade ones, on a weekly basis. You can choose your means of alerts – e-mail or SMS, or even in the above-mentioned chatrooms. A combination of any and all three is also possible. This is by far the perfect package for first-timers or members with little-to-no time for stock market watching. It’s $399 for one quarter, or %38 off if you settle on an entire year.

The Swing Trade Plan

Should you opt for the swing trade, as a Jason Bond Picks member, you will get access to the daily stock watch list. All of these lists contain a resume of the daily trading processes. They list the stocks worth your attention, links to important information about them, charts, chart notes, and prices.

The Long-Term Trading PlanJason-Bond-Picks-Review

The second, so-called Long-Term Trade plan, is perfect for you if you’re the sort of person who enjoys results steadily grown over the course of a long time, made by doing lesser trades. So think “retirement” or “early retirement”. With Jason Bond Picks Long-Term plan, you can do one or two swing trades every week, as well as no more than three long-term ones. You also get alerts via SMS or email when Bond trades with stocks. On top of all that, you will also receive a watch list with a detailed overview that contains long-term stock info. Should you choose this plan, an added bonus is advice on an individual level from the founder and current manager of Top Stock Picks Jeff Bishop. And no, that’s not all – you will also be able to access a currency portfolio made entirely from exchange-traded funds.

The advantage of the long-term trading plan is that, unlike the day-to-day trade, it’s more realistic insofar as you achieving your goal. Naturally, you will have to see if this method works for you before you put any money into it. Make absolutely sure that you want to be trading long-term under Jason Bond Picks. This plan is $1.999 annually.

The Millionaire Roadmap

The final subscription option is called the Millionaire Roadmap. This option gets you complete access to absolutely everything, and you get Jason Bond’s personal mentorship. You will get a program tailor-made for your needs. This option is the priciest, at $7.999 a year.

Bear in mind that Jason Bond Picks has a no refund policy. We advise you to choose your subscription carefully. In addition, if you want to leave, you have to wait at least a month. Also, you have full responsibility to sign off precisely two days before the following renewal is due in case you decide to leave. On top of all of this, there is no free trial option available for either of the three subscriptions.

Penny Stocks and Jason Bond

Penny Stocks represent the smallest, yet the riskiest of stocks. They have little trading volume, so you must be careful in trading these. You should use Limit Orders rather than market orders, and more importantly, paper trading doesn’t work with them. Jason Bond Picks has a number of easily comprehensible video tutorials for trading with Penny Stocks. You have access to comment on these videos, so expect great interactivity. You can also use Trade Ideas Pro to get Penny Stock alerts and scan for them without difficulty.

The Final Summary

The positive sides of Jason Bond Picks is accessibility. And we’re not just talking about the website itself. The chat rooms and videos are easy to understand, and most of the staff, including Bond himself, are there for you whenever you need them. The website looks and feels professional, and numerous reputable outlets featured it. You also have numerous user testimonials, and if they are anything to go by, Jason Bond Picks should definitely be YOUR pick for stock trading. Another positive is that you have the ability to upgrade your subscription whenever you want, from Day-to-Day to Long-Term, etc.

However, there are some negatives to Jason Bond Picks. The subscription fees, even the lowest one, are big and there aren’t any refunds nor free trials. This means you’d need to take a good, long think before you choose any package. And while the website was featured in major outlets, there is no verifiable proof of its successes. If you’re not afraid to take Jason Bond at his word, you will have no problem in this particular area.

Among the world of stocks and trade, EquityFeed has generated a lot of positive coverage. It is a research and trading platform based on subscriptions. The platform comes equipped with many useful tools for investing and trading. While EquityFeed is not a brokerage, you can connect it to an already existing compatible brokerage account, like TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers and a couple of additional ones. Paying for a standalone platform like EquityFeed might appear odd, however, there are advantages to this. Namely, if you get amazing tools that are able to note great trade opportunities, the money spent will even out and pay off.

And speaking of paying, EquityFeed can cost you between $135 and $255 on a monthly basis. This, of course, depends on what particular U.S. Exchange you happen to subscribe to in order to get quote data. For example, $220 a month will get you a Level 2 U.S. market bundle – NASDAQ, OTC, NYSE, and AMEX.EquityFeed

Features of EquityFeed

You can easily download and set EquityFeed up at any place with a stable internet connection. It is Java-based, so installation and running are not a problem. Every layout is automatically stored on Cloud, making it all the easier to access. The best way to utilize its many tools is if you have access to more than a single screen.

EquityFeed stock charts come equipped with pre-built indicators. They include stochastic, moving averages, pivot points, RSI and Fibonacci tools, and a price-interpreting toolset. These charts are very versatile and simple to use. When you pick the Chart Montage option, you get the toolset window containing charts, prices of both levels 1 and 2, time, sales, news, and analytics.

When dealing with indicator tools, you also have the ability to draw trend lines yourself. However, you really must save your layout first.

If you want to have a basic idea of what the liquidity is at every individual price level, you’ll find level 2 screens useful. Don’t forget, though – sizes on this level might not be indicative of the real supply or demand. This is due to cloaking transparency in order to achieve market impact minimization.

EquityFeed also links news to each appropriate symbol on the stock market, as well as SEC filings. These filings are useful for generating material impact on 10-Qs, 8-Ks, Form 4s, and 13Ds. You can filter the news on EquityFeed per your own leisure.

Stock Scanners and Trade Alerts

By far the most interesting bit of EquityFeed have to be stock scanners and trade alerts. Both are easy to use, accessible to new traders and you can master them in no time. The scanners are filter-based. You can use them either pre or post-market for gapper locating. Additionally, you can use them within the day for monitoring the highs and lows of stocks and the top high stocks’ different time settings.

EquityFeed Scanner

Among the trade alerts, you have alarms and filters. You can set them according to moving averages, prices, trades, volumes, etc. The color-coded alert types will prove very useful to you. These give you an overview of money flow rising and dropping in real time. Set these filters at the absolute least for effectiveness.

Are your trading methods decent? If the answer is “yes”, the scanners will provide you with real-time traders. You will achieve this if you do not just rush in without a solid and sound trading plan. Use the convenient method of entering “IF THEN” filters with individual stocks per single window in your Personal Alerts section. The relative ease of scanning for stocks and minute prior setup makes EquityFeed look and feel more approachable than other similar tools, such as Trade Ideas.

With EquityFeed’s toolset and overall stability, you will be able to pull up numerous watch lists, based entirely on your filters of preference. All you need is a good number of computer screens for every tool or window that you’ll require to work. And speaking of requirements, don’t forget to save any layouts and filters you need. This makes it easier for you as you don’t have to re-enter your preferred settings when using EquityFeed. The windows are fully customizable and flexible to use.

The Pros and Cons of EquityFeed

As mentioned above, EquityFeed is very stable and accessible. As a trader, you can filter through markets and observe them with absolute ease. The platform, however, is definitely far more useful for veteran stock traders that know their way around the markets and their respectable sectors. It takes into account personal strategy and provides all the necessary tools for larger trading during the course of the day. Another major bonus of using EquityFeed is the free two-week trial run, and you don’t need a credit card for this.

Naturally, EquityFeed comes with some issues as well. The price range can be a bit overwhelming for new traders, especially traders without a solid trade plan. Another, more technical issue is the software taking up a lot of your PC’s CPU performance. A good way to battle this is to have a lot of RAM available.


In short, whether you are new to the stock trade business or are an experienced pro looking to expand your reach, you will thrive with EquityFeed. The stock scanning and trade alert tools will improve your trading game, and the layout will be easy to learn and use. It is an investment that pays for itself with any trader, so by all means – get EquityFeed now and start trading the right way!

TD Ameritrade is one of the best online broker platforms available. They are a huge broker who deals with over 11 million customer accounts and processes hundreds of thousands of trades in a single day. They have been rated one of the best available because their amazing features and great experience.

One of the things that I personally loved about TD Ameritrade is that they do not have an initial required deposit if you want to use their services. This means that this platform is incredibly user friendly and if you want to try it out if you’re just a beginner you won’t have to spend a single penny before you start to trade. While TD Ameritrade may not be the best broker for day trading, they offer a lot of great tools for beginner traders and investors.

TD AMeritrade Review

As well as tis simple feature, there are also a whole other range of features that make TD Ameritrade a decent platform to use, including their research abilities and customer service. Of course, there are some bad things when it comes to TD Ameritrade and those will also be explored as we go through the review.

Commission Structure

We will open up this review by immediately stating that, although TD Ameritrade is a fantastic platform, the cost per trade is very high when compared to other services. If you plan on trading stocks, you will be charged a flat rate of $6.95 per trade. If you want to trade options, it will cost you $6.95 including a 75 cents contract fee.

Ameritrade Commissions

Although the prices are very high when it comes to this platform, TD Ameritrade does offer over 100 commission-free EFTs. However, if you sell a commission-free EFT within 30 days you will receive a charge of $13.90 (short-term charge).

Research and Features

When it comes to trading, research and news are your biggest assets. It is very important that the platform you’re using is supplying you with a lot of information about the stock you’re thinking about trading. TD Ameritrade has a number of very interesting tabs that make research about a stock very easy.

TD AMeritrade Research Tools

They have a social signal tab that allows you to see which stock is getting the most actions when it comes to social media. It also lets you see what the community are saying about a particular stocks. This allows you to keep up to date in real time with the stock you’re looking at. Their user interface also combined 5 news services into one effective design, making everything so much easier.

Charting Capabilities

TD Ameritrade is one of the more advanced systems I have seen in use and that is because it utilizes the Thinkorswim platform. This platform was acquired in 2009 by TD and has a number of advantages over the competition, including Etrade and Fidelity.

Thinkorswim allows investors to perform in-depth analysis with a lot of flexibility. What makes the Thinkorswim platform so useful is that it can be used with no minimums or trading criteria. This platform allows for over 300 different technical studies which is the most in the industry. It should therefore satisfy the majority of picky traders.


TD Ameritrade is one of the best platforms around, especially if you are a beginner without a lot of start-up cash. Their zero deposit requirement makes joining their platform a treat and you immediately get access to their advanced trading features, including their charting platform (which usually requires a minimum). The only issue with the platform is that their commission-fees are very high and this will put off a lot of frequent traders.

Fidelity is a well-known broker platform if you’re looking to start an IRA or a mutual fund. As a result, not much is known about the trading aspects of their platform throughout the industry. However, as they do provide the service, they should be noted in our reviews. To be honest, Fidelity is actually a pretty good platform to use if you plan on investing and trading in different companies. They offer low fees, good research and a large selection to choose from.

The platform is actually older than Charles Schwab as it was opened in 1946. The company hold over 17 million account and manages $1.7 billion in customer assets. They have good customer service, excellent options when it comes to retirement investments and they are definitely a broker you should check out.

Commissions and Fees

Despite being focused towards the retirement and long-term investment side of things, Fidelity has some impressive fees when it comes to standard trading. They offer a flat-rate fee which is common among many of their competition and, as a result, you will only be charged $4.95 per trade. This is a lot cheaper than other platforms and makes this great if you don’t have a lot of startup cash. If you plan on trading options, you will be charged a $0.65 contract fee.

Fidelity Commissions

When it comes to mutual funds, Fidelity offers thousands. They offer over 13,000 mutual funds and 4,000 of these are NTF. If you want a fund that has a fee, you will be charged $49.95. However, unlike a lot of their competition, Fidelity doesn’t charge you when you want to sell. If you want to trade EFTs, Fidelity offers customers 91 commission-free EFTs. This is a nice number and is sure to attract a lot of investors. However, it is still behind some their competition (ETrade, etc.).

Research and Tools

Research is an area where Fidelity shines. When you bring up a stock, you will be given an array of options and stats that you can use before you make the trade. The number of options demonstrates the market that Fidelity is trying to capitalize on – which is the long-term investor. The interface is well laid out and gives you 12 third-party sources for research which, to this date, is the largest I have seen from any broker. Everything is where it needs to be and it is all mobile friendly so you can view it on the move. Fidelity is also one of the few provides that will give their own takes on stocks with detailed reports and educational pieces. The only other platform I know to do this is Charles Schwab.

Fidelity Trading Platform

Customer Service

Fidelity is one of the best when it comes to customer support. They are quick to answer the phone and give you any answer you need. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to stocks and picked up the phone in under 2 minutes. Where they really shined was with their email support. They were excellent and none of our emails were ignored or missed. This is definitely a platform to look at if you want a great customer experience.


Fidelity is well-known for their mutual funds and IRAs but they also offer an adequate platform for trading stocks. They are known for their intensive research that is methodologically laid out in a way that any investor will understand. They offer a range of third-party methods to do research and are also one of the cheaper options when it comes to investing. The only real problem I could see with the broker is their mobile platform, which could do with a bit of tweaking.

LightSpeed Trading is a platform that caters towards one specific kind of trader – the hyperactive one. It is for this reason why the majority of beginner investor will be put off by their sales pages as they are littered with jargon and lingo that only advanced members will recognize. This is all deliberate as the platform works perfectly when it comes to executing fast trades that require little research. If you are just getting started in trading, this is a platform that you should definitely avoid.

Lightspeed Broker Review

Because LightSpeed is designed for quick trades, there are not a lot of options when it comes to mutual funds and EFTs. If you’re looking for IRAs and other long-term investments, LightSpeed will not be able to offer a lot. LightSpeed has some impressive features and very low fees, which are greatly appreciated by the day trading community. This review will go over the features of LightSpeed to see if it is the right platform for you. So, if you’re still curious to see what makes this platform tick, continue to read the article.

Commissions and Fees

If you’re trading very fast and frequently throughout the day, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not racking up a bill with your broker via commissions. LightSpeed solves this problem with a tiered commission system whereby the more trades you make the cheaper your fees. It’s as simple as that.

Lightspeed Commissions

In addition, LightSpeed has two different tiered commission types – per trade and per share. If you choose the per share trading option, you will receive a flat-rate of $.0045 including/excluding a routing fee. If you order a larger number of shares you will receive a trade fee of $4.50. Options are the same but with a $.60 contract fee.

As the platform is dedicated to the equity trading side of things, there are no EFTs and Mutual fund options for you to trade.

Tools and Features

Because LightSpeed is so focused on making sure that you have the fastest platform possible, they don’t have a lot of tools when it comes to researching and learning. They do, however, have a ton of customization options and a load of interfaces for you to experiment with. The majority of these are from third-party providers by LightSpeed also has three privately owned platforms, including LightSpeed Trader, LightSpeed Web Trader and LightSpeed Sterling.

Lightspeed Trader

Their main platform (LightSpeed Trader) is incredibly fast, fluid and provides a decent platform when it comes to hyperactive trading. The platform requires an advanced eye as it is not at all pretty. It is purely designed for the expert who knows exactly what they’re doing and what they need to do it. The charting side of the platform is very basic and is extremely out of date. However, for a platform where every second counts, the application does the job perfectly.

Customer Service

As they are called LightSpeed, you would have thought that their customer service is equally as fast. When we were testing their customer service we found that they tended to answer the phone incredibly quickly and we got all our questions answered. However, where they lacked was in email. Some of our emails never got answered but when they did the response was helpful and friendly.


LightSpeed does exactly what it says on the tin. They provide a platform for advanced traders to execute trades as fast as possible. They are not the prettiest platform nor are they the most practical but they get the job done. As I have said before, if you are a beginner or are looking for long-term investment opportunities, we suggest you stay clear of their expert broker.

Scottrade is a decent discount broker that has had stiff competition for many years. They are a fairly well-known broker thanks to their commercials and they are everything you’d expect them to be. They’re an honest broker who presents the ideal broker-trader relationship, helping you all the way from opening your account to professional advice. When I was signing up to the broker, the application was incredibly simple and a local representative contacted me to ask if I had any questions or needed any advice.

Scottrade Review

Not only does Scottrade feel very welcoming but they also have a range of features and tools that make them a popular broker to use for many traders. It is also worth noting that Scottrade has recently been picked up by TD Ameritrade is a 4 billion dollar deal. These two platforms will be integrated soon. As for their features, however, they have tons including adequate research and news coverage as well as a range of charting tools.

There are a few Scottrade reviews already available on the web. This short review will go over Scottrade and all of its features. If you’re interested to learn more about this platform, continue to read on.

Commission Fees

Scottrade is a very clean platform that doesn’t have any hidden details or gimmicks that will surprise you further down the line. They are an honest platform and only give you what they offer you. This includes a flat rate of $6.95 for stock trades with an added 5% if you are trading penny stocks. These prices are fairly cheap when you compare them to Fidelity and Charles Schwab. For options, you will be charged $6.95 plus a 70 cents contract charge. This makes Scottrade one of the more inexpensive choices when it comes to options.

As we have mentioned above, there are no gimmicks and no tiered systems you have to worry about. As more mutual funds, Scottrade offers thousands of them – 14,000+ to be exact. These will cost you $17, which is lower than most of their competitors. The platform, however, doesn’t have any commission-free EFTs.

Research and Tools

Scottrade provides investors and traders with all they need to execute with precision and surety. They provide a range of research tools and features that make moving around the screen very easy and simple. They have recently undergone a website remodel and have made everything easy to access, especially for beginners. One area that Scottrade does full short with their third-party research. Most platforms usually offer at least 4-6 but Scottrade only offers a three, which is pretty dreadful when you consider that Fidelity offers 6! The three third-party sources they offer include Standard & Poor’s, Reuters, and Market Edge.

Scottrade Platform

Customer Service

As we have already mentioned above, Scottrade is pretty good when it comes to customer service rising above a lot of other online brokers. They are one of the few platforms that rely on their local branches to answer questions and queries from their customers. When you have a problem it will quickly be solved by a local representative from a local branch. Their calling hours are the standard 8:30am to 5pm but this means they don’t offer 24/7 support, which is disappointed when you compare them to other brokers.


Scottrade may be disappearing in the next few months but, for now, it is still an excellent platform to use. They are incredibly beginner and user-friendly thanks to their helpful support and guidance even in the early stages of trading. They are one of the few providers that rely on their local branch networks as a means of support and this means you receive some of the best I have experienced. They do tend to full short on their third-party research but this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most traders. Overall, I was satisfied with the service I received from Scottrade.