Ross CameronLet’s face it. Trading can be brutal if you don’t have the knowledge or the experience to make good trading decisions. This is where Warrior Trading comes to the rescue of thousands of traders and investors who are looking for effective and efficient ways to up their game and to improve their trading success. The fact is that the majority of traders are unsuccessful in their trading. But with the proper training, education and trading strategies, it is possible to become one of the few traders or investors who make profits on a consistent basis. Warrior Trading provides the kind of support that both beginner and advanced traders can benefit from. As nominees of the Best Trading Educator for 2016 and 2017, Warrior Trading is a force to be reckoned with in the trading education sphere. There are plenty of reviews of Warrior Trading, both positive and negative, so we wanted to do some more research.

Warrior Trading is essentially an education service for traders that offers a chat room which is moderated by the owner of the service, Ross Cameron. He is assisted by a small team of skilled traders who also moderate, each specializing in a different trading style or strategy. Each week day, Ross trades before an audience of over 500,000 traders from all over the world, providing live coverage of his set up, strategies and trades. Ross specializes in day trading and swing trading small-cap stocks that are priced under $20.

Warrior Trading has been around since 2012 when Ross Cameron decided to rethink his trading strategies following significant failure in the early 2000s, during the great internet bubble. Nevertheless, he has certainly learned from those mistakes and has decided to share what he has learnt with other traders in hopes that they won’t make the same mistakes that he did in is early trading career. His decision to make himself vulnerable by sharing his strategies with thousands of other traders all around the world, has helped his to gain both the respect and loyalty of those who follow him on a daily basis. In addition, his willingness to be transparent and open, creates a level of trust that is necessary in this type of business.

In simple terms, Ross’ trading strategy is a 3-step process which involves first choosing the right stocks, making winning entries and effectively managing risks. During each trade, he shares his charts, stock scanner and his computer screen with viewers while explaining the logic and the strategies behind what he does in each trade.

Ross’ small team of moderators each specialize in different trading styles and strategies – one may focus on technical analysis while another one leans more heavily on fundamentals and so on. Overall, the team offers solid trading education for inexperienced as well as experienced traders. At a cost, subscribers are able to participate in specialized training courses that are comprehensive and that allow for hands-on trading education.

Warrior Trading Chat Room

The Warrior Trading Chat room allows for over 4000 participants to access exclusive trading ideas in an interactive setting. The cost for participating in the chat room ranges from $49 per month, up to $199 per month, depending on your budget and the level of trading support that is needed. For as little as $49 per month, participants have daily access to the chat room, receive a daily hot stock watch list, get live streaming of stock scanners, gain access to Warrior Trading’s proprietary newsfeed, and receive actionable trading ideas. At an addition cost, participants are also eligible to receive SMS-text, email and chat room alerts. This is especially attractive for traders who work during the day and may not have lots of time to dedicate to trading. Each chat room sessions lasts for 3 hours between 9am and 12 noon EST during which time, Ross and other moderators provide commentary as well as allow participants to see exactly what they are doing with their daily trades. For those participants who can’t sit throughout the 3-hour long sessions, Warrior Trading provides a lunch hour recap with the ability for participants to get any questions that they may have answered.

Warrior Trading Education

Apart from the Chat Room, Warrior Trading also offers comprehensive education and training to interested participants. Courses last between 1 month and 12 months and range in cost between $997 for the Warrior Starter course and over $4,299. The Warrior Pro class is the most popular class and costs $4,299. The price may seem high but considering what is offered in the package, it offers great value for money. It is a 3-month course that offers weekly mentoring as well as a personalized trading review with Ross Cameron himself. This course has helped thousands of traders to trade more successfully.

The most expensive and comprehensive course, called the Warrior Inner Circle, is offered exclusively by application only. This course lasts for 12 months and includes perks such as the privilege of meeting Ross and the team in-person as well as a private inner circle chat room. The cost for this course is not expressly stated on their website and interested persons need to submit an application to gain further details.

Paper Trading Account

One of the more attractive features offered by Warrior Trading is the ability for participants to open a $100,000 paper trading account. This allows traders to learn how to trade without risking their investment funds to do so. This is ideal for those just getting started in trading and who want a hands-on experience that is safe and secure. One drawback to these paper trading accounts however, is that heavy reliance on them may cause traders to be somewhat careless when they make the transition to actual trading.

Some Drawbacks

Although Warrior Trading has many great offerings, there are a few drawbacks:

  1. The cost – For those with a limited budget, it may not be feasible to access the Warrior Trading offerings.
  2. The pace may be too fast for brand new traders who are just getting started in day trading

Overall, Warrior Trading offers comprehensive trading education that can help both new and experienced traders become more successful. We give them 4.5 stars!


Robinhood is a very unique online broker as they are achieving something that at first seems impossible. They are currently one of the few discount brokers that offers customers the ability to trade without any commission. Robinhood is a fantastic way to get stuck into trading without the fears of not only losing your money to the market but also to the broker your using. However, with zero commission, it seems pretty obvious that the broker is going to make some cuts when it comes to tools and research.

Robinhood Platform

In fact, that is exactly what Robinhood has done. They have stripped away any form of desktop application and have gone 100% mobile. Robinhood, as a company, started in 2013 and began as a venture project. As a result, they relied heavily on their investors to keep them afloat. However, they have now began to explore other monetization methods.

This review will be going through Robinhood and will briefly explain its features. If you’re not a fan of the standard commission fees and don’t like to trade at home, this might be the perfect solution for you.

Commissions and Fees

Well, I am not sure if I should include this title because there are no fees when you’re using Robinhood. To this day, they have kept up their promise of creating and providing a zero commission fee structured broker. They also do not require any initial account deposit to get started with. However, this begs the question of how they actually make money from this business model.

More recently, Robinhood as began to explore other ways to make money on their platform and have come up with a paid membership that clients can get to give them more buying power. The new model also gives traders the ability to trade after-hours. The price of the gold membership depends on how money you have deposited into your Robinhood account at the time. I won’t break down the numbers for you but you can check them out on their website.

Features and Things You Should Know

Although the concept of zero commission seems like a fantastic idea, there are a few catches. The first one is that the Robinhood system is built for mobile and mobile only. Sure, this has its benefits but for most traders they will want to sit down at their computer and work through the stats and charts. That’s the other thing you need to know about Robinhood, they don’t have any advanced features – its very bare bones.

Robinhood Features

In addition, when it comes to the simple things like actually ordering the stocks, you should be aware that limit orders and stop loss orders have only recently been introduced and you can only pull up publically listed stocks. There is no support for pink sheets or OTC. In addition, mutual funds and EFTs are not supported. This platform is only decent for equity trades.


On the face of things, Robinhood trading is a dream come true. Finally, a platform that doesn’t charge any commission. However, as you dig deeper into the system, things become a little clearer. With the zero commissions comes less research and features and a limited design. You can only trade equity on the application and there is no support for mutual funds, options or ETFs.

In addition, when you do the math and compare the gold membership to other brokers, it actually isn’t economically possible to save money with Robinhood despite the zero commission. With this platform, the concept is good but the execution is a little disappointing.

Charles Schwab has been in the trading and investor industry for years and has built up a staggering reputation among the investing community. If you have been in trading for a considerable amount of time, you will have heard of Schwab and the high-quality services they have to offer. Although they require a higher account deposit trade they are seen as a more premium broker compared to a discount one. They have been in existence since 1973 and have managed over $2.5 trillion in customer assets. With these statistics, you will definitely be in safe hands when investing.

Charles Schwab Review

Because Schwab is a high-quality platform, they provide a ton of features and research options for investors and traders. They are also very cheap when it comes to the cost per trade, despite being a larger platform used throughout the world. They provide a range of advisory offers, are easy to use and they provide decent customer service.

In this review, we will be going over the features in Charles Schwab and why they are a good broker to use. If you’re interested in seeing what Schwab has to offer, continue to read this article.

Commission Fees

As I have mentioned above, the commission fees are actually very low when you consider the high-quality vibes this platform produces. Despite all the research tools and features, Schwab will only charge you $4.95 per trade with an extra $0.65 when you trade options. These prices are fantastic and set the bar when it comes to discount brokers. They are way cheaper than some of the tough competition, including Etrade and TD Ameritrade.

Schwab Pricing

What I disliked about the prices of Schwab were their account deposit. If you want to get started with this platform you’re going to need $1000 to invest right off the bat. Not everyone has this money lying around. However, an added bonus with Charles Schwab is that they offer over 200 commission-free EFTs, which will please a lot of investors.

Research and Tools

Among all the platforms I have used over the years, Charles Schwab is one of the best when it comes to research and tools. They provide everything that any trader/investor would need and more. If you’re looking for third-party research, look no further as Schwab has news sourced from Reuters, Standard and Poor’s, MorningStar and many others. They also have a unique tools that presents a viewpoint of stock from Charles Schwab’s own in-house team, which is very different. They have a group of experts that will give advice and commentary on particular stocks. They allow you to customize your charting experience and all provide an extra 34 indicators to add to your interface. Very impressive indeed.

Street Smart Edge

Customer Service

Charles Schwab is one of the best when it comes to live support either over the phone or via live chat. When I first opened my account with the broker I was immediately called by a rep welcoming me and asking if I had any questions about their service and platform. Their service is 24/7 and they answer the phone very quickly. However, where they fell short is with their email support, which we suggest you avoid at all costs. Our emails were ignored and no response was ever given for some queries.


Charles Schwab is one of the higher quality platforms available to traders. They provide an array of tools and features that make researching and analyzing a breeze. Even though they have some impressive features they still remain to be one of the cheapest platform on the market, making them great for beginners. The only problems with the platform are the $1000 account deposit and the major issues with their email system. Other than that, we highly recommend Schwab when it comes to brokers.

Questrade is an online broker that is not for everyone and what I mean by this is that it won’t be very useful for individuals outside of Canada. For Canadian residents, however, it makes an excellent platform to make trades and investments in the US market. The platform is offered exclusively to residents in Canada and has a ton of options and features that make it stand out from the competition. They have various plans and commission structures to suit all traders and styles.


Even though the broker is based in Canada, you still get access to all the major US exchanges, Forex and precious metals. You can also set up retirement plans and savings account and a whole range of other specialist savings account suited to all occasions. As a company, they currently manage over 5 billion in customer assets and has been in operation since 1999.

This is an excellent platform if you are Canadian and are looking for a way to access the US stock market. If you want to learn more about this platform, continue to read the article.

Commissions and Fees

The commission structure for Questrade is a little complicated as they have a few different options depending on the type of trader you are. Each plan covers all the different areas, including stocks, options and ETFs. In total, there are two different models to choose from: the democratic pricing model or the Questrade Advantage pricing model.

The democratic pricing is their standard pricing model that sets stock trades at $.01 per share with a minimum charge of $4.95 and a max charge of $9.95. Options are $9.95 including a $1 contract fee.

The Questrade Advantage model includes a further two different plans to choose from. To access the Questrade Advantage model, you first need to subscribe to one of their advances market data plans. You then have to choose between the variable plan and the fixed plan. The main difference is that you are charged per share with the variable plan.

No matter which choice you make, EFTs will be commission-free.

Research and Tools

I was very impressed by the research that was presented on the Questrade platform. They allow you to perform some in-depth analysis into stocks and is located in their Market Research center on their website. The platform uses MorningStar which is the go-to provider when it comes to stock research and because of this, the analysis was easy and quick. You can easily compare equities and EFTs in the Canadian and US markets and the screener make the job so much easier. If you’re looking into mutual funds, they have a high-quality system that is also powered by MorningStar.

Market Intelligence

Other Features

Questrade offers clients the ability to use two different trading platforms: IQ Web and IQ Edge. Over the two, Edge was the better pick and provided more detail and analysis when it comes to looking at stocks and options. The platform worked perfectly and didn’t bug-out when I had it running on my Chrome Browser. It will display everything you need, including live streaming quotes, charts and watch lists.


Questrade is an excellent platform to use if you are a Canadian resident. It will allow you to trade in both the Canadian stock market as well as the US one and it provides you with a number of high-quality features. The platform is suited to a range of trades thanks to their varying price plans and they use MorningStar as their main research platform, making everything so much easier. If you’re looking to get started in the stock market, this will be a great broker to go with.

Ally Invest is one of the newer broker platform on the market and kind of appeared overnight. However, this should not put you off the platform as it has some incredible features, including its trading price. This platform is going to be excellent for beginners who want to get their feet wet without spending too much money before they’ve even started. This is because Ally Invest is well-known for being one of the most competitively priced brokers on the market.

Ally Invest Review

The platform was actually born through TradeKing after it was acquired in 2016. Since then, Ally Invest has been a main competitor against its higher priced competition. Ally also has a lot of features that make it a go-to source for many investors. These features include their educational materials to help beginners and their live responsive interface. Despite the lower price, they also have a lot of research options, allowing traders to know the market before getting involved.

This Ally Invest review will go through the platform and will look at all of its features. If you’re interested in Ally Invest and want to know more, continue to read this article.

Commissions and Fees

As I have previously stated above, Ally Invest is one of the cheapest platforms on the market. It can safely hold the title of a “discount broker” as it allows beginner investors to come in and get started on a budget. One of the featured that I loved it that, despite having a low fee, an account doesn’t require any deposit and can be opened for free.

Ally Invest Commissions

Coming back to the fees, for a standard stock trade, you will be charged a mere $4.95. If you plan on trading options, you will be charged with an additional contract fee of $0.65, which is still very cheap when compared to the competition. Ally Invest used to be pitched against Options House but this has been acquired by ETrade (a more expensive broker). However, if you plan on trading stocks lower than $2, you will be charged an extra $0.01 per share. Unfortunately, Ally doesn’t offer any commission-free EFTs.

Research and Tools

Despite the lower price, Ally Invest offers an adequate array of research tools that make investing a breeze. They have a simple interface that allows you to see everything you need when evaluating a stock. You can check up the earning reports and there is even a column that will show you the trends associated with your stock of choice. They even offer a peers comparison chart for equities that is not seen often enough amongst other platforms. The one area that they do full short on is third-party data. Most platforms will offer at least 4-6 different third-party sources but Ally Invest only offers 1 – Standard and Poor’s. However, with the price of the platform, I can see why they only have one source.

Ally Invest Tools

Customer Service

Ally Invest is pretty good when it comes to customer support, especially over email and live chat. They were quick to response and seemed very knowledge with my questions and queries. In fact, out of all the platforms I have tried, they were one of the best. However, where they lack is in their phone support. Although I was connected very quickly, they didn’t seem very attentive to my needs and didn’t give an overall great impression. They were very knowledge but didn’t give me that “wow” factor I like to look for.


Ally Invest may have appeared overnight but has made a great impression in the discount broker scene. They can safely hold the discount title with their crazily low prices and beginner friendly software. I would say they are better for frequently traders because they’re cheap but don’t provide a lot of research. If you are thinking about buying and holding, we recommend you go with a platform with better research tools. However, overall, Ally Invest is a great platform that you should definitely consider.

Just2Trade is one of the few brokers that are trying to achieve the impossible. The perfect discount broker. What I mean by this is that they are a discounted broker that charges the cheapest rates in the industry and this is something that is very hard to do. If you aren’t charging very highly for your trading platform, you will struggle to make money to fund the research tools and additional features. The extra features are always more important and they are the reason people will go for the premium platforms. As a result, Just2Trade is not a good platform and doesn’t provide traders with an adequate array of useful tools.

Just2Trade Broker

However, they are excellent for budget traders who just want to get their feet wet. They have one of the cheapest commission fees on the market. Despite this, it may be worth putting your money in a different broker, especially one that will give you a decent customer experience.

Commissions and Fees

Right off the bat we will be looking into the fees and commissions of the discount broker. This is especially important as this is the main feature of their platform that brings in the investors. They are incredibly cheap when it comes to stock commissions, only charging you a flat-rate of £2.50 – one of the cheapest in the industry. There are few gimmicks and tricks with this and you get what they promise. If you want to trade options, you will have to pay a cheap $0.50 contract fee.

Just2Trade Commissions

Although I mentioned that you will receive these prices without any hidden costs, there is one you should definitely know about. That is that real time streaming quotes are only given in the first 15 minutes of every day. If you want to keep viewing the real time quotes, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $7.99.

Research and Tools

This is where Just2Trade really falls flat on its face. Just2Trade relies on the most basic package of MorningStar which isn’t very useful whatsoever. You have to navigate around the interface to find the research module, which is annoying named “trade assistance” in the Cabinet section. When you first enter the research screen, you will be greeted with a lot of information, including breakdowns, news coverage and a lot of data. However, don’t let this fool you as there is a massive lack of information when you dig a little deeper.

Just2Trade PLatforms

One of the biggest issues is that only stocks that are present on major exchanges are pulled up for analysis. This means that if you want to research EFTs and pink sheets, you will have to go elsewhere. In addition, there is no way to perform basic stock screening which is just awful.

Additional Features

When you are using Just2Trade, you will probably use their free platform called Just2Trade+. This is very basic and what you’d expect if you were to use a platform with $2.50 trading fees. You get all the basics that you need, including watch lists, charts, and 92 different indicators. The platform also runs very smoothly on the Chrome Browser which was a surprise but doesn’t even come close to what is offered by better online brokers.


Just2Trade is a bit of a gimmick in its own right. They are trying to be the best discount broker on the web with their crazy cheap fees. However, although they have achieved a cheap fee, they have sacrificed the user experience. They lack basic research features and only use the basic package offered by MorningStar. Their tools don’t come close to the competition and if you want continuous real-time streaming quote, you will have to upgrade to a monthly package. Personally, I would suggest you put your money into another platform.

Everyone has heard of ETrade. Their commercials and adverts are seen everywhere, so it would be no surprise to hear that they are one of the better online brokers to go with when it comes to trading. ETrade handles millions of trades on a daily basis and has thousands of customer accounts. They are one of the oldest on the market and make an excellent choice when it comes to their features and educational resources. This ETrade review goes deep into the details of the broker (as provided by Day Trade Review).

This platform is probably suited towards day and swing traders as it has a tiered commission structure. This means that you receive discounts as you trade more and more. With this in mind, this platform should be avoided by buy and hold type investors, as you will be paying more than most traders.

This is a great platform for beginners and frequent traders. So, with that in mind, let’s learn about some of their features.

Commissions and Fees

When it comes to being a discount brokerage, ETrade doesn’t quite make the cut when it comes to other online broker platforms. ETrade is one of the more expensive platforms to use and you can easily rack up a hefty bill if you aren’t a frequent trader. The reason you’d save more money if you were to trade frequently is because of ETrade’s tiered commission structure. This was briefly mentioned in the intro and the more you trade, the better fees you receive.

Etrade Commissions

If you plan on trading standard stocks, you will be charged $6.95 a trade. However, if you are making more than 30 trades a quarter, you will receive a fee of $4.95, which is substantially cheaper than most other platforms. If you want to trade options, you will be charged $6.95 + $0.75 contract fee. If you make over 30 option trades in a quarter the contract fee will be reduced to $0.50. On the bright side, they do have over 100 commission-free EFTs but there is an account deposit of $500 before you can get started with ETrade.

Research and Tools

ETrade has a ton of tools and features that make it a good platform to do research with. Research and news coverage are incredibly important when it comes to stock trading as news tends to drastically affect the price and volume. When you use ETrade, you have a range of news platforms to choose from, including Reuters, Standard and Poor’s, MarketEdge and SmartConsensus. The 4 platforms provide an adequate platform to research but it does fall short when you consider the competition. For example, TD Ameritrade provides users with 6 sources.

Customer Support

ETrade is excellent when it comes to customer service and they have 30 branches around the country. They provide both phone support and email support but have been known to be a little slow on the phone compared to their competition. They do, however, provide a ton of information for beginners that should get them started when it comes to stock trading and investing.

Etrade Customer Support


ETrade is one of the more well-known broker platform that is very user-friendly and more suited towards the beginners in the trading environment. They have a range of helpful tools and have recently acquired Options House to help when it comes to analyzing Options. They have 4 different news sources and are great for frequent traders who make 30 or more trades within a quarter. It is an expensive platform if you buy-and-hold and for this reason, long-term investors should avoid it.



As an investor, we don’t want to just waste our money investing to something that’s fake or bullshit. Today on the internet (and offline world) there are tons of crimes and online scams, and I’ve personally experienced this when I first traded forex in my offline broker. I don’t know how they could present not accurate market price and movements, I lost $10k there. =( What about Zulutrade? I saw a lot of complaints from investors there claiming that Zulutrade is a scam, and we need to investigate more on this. After reading some articles, Q n A, and forum threads, I can conclude they faced the following problems that leads to an assumption to call them scammer: can’t withdraw the money high slippage, not real time execution with the signal provider that leads to some loss lose all the money, very poor trading quality, only hype. The account got wiped out! These 3, after doing some investigation of reading, thinking, and putting things together, I have an opinion that might help you guys out to be better understanding which is right and wrong about this topic and you can decide whether or not Zulutrade is a scam. CAN’T WITHDRAW THE MONEY When people say this, it’s more likely they are actually dealing with the broker and not with Zulutrade itself. Zulutrade doesn’t have your money with them but the broker you use. If you choose the wrong broker. In this case, we just need to pick the right and popular broker, the one that you’ve used before and the most popular broker that’s used by a lot of people and they have good reviews/ testimonials. Most broker will easily do the withdrawal when you fulfill all of the requirements they need, mostly related to paper stuff that you need to submit upfront when opening live account with them, and then you fill and submit the withdrawal form. After you pick the withdrawal method that they have, you’ll get the money in few days as they stat in their website. ZuluTrade_description What about people who face this problem? I can say, don’t blame Zulutrade because we don’t invest nor put our money with Zulutrade. Zulutrade is just a mediator that bridges us (investor) with traders to get trading information. How to avoid this to happen to you? Pick the broker that you already worked with before or you can pick the one that’s popularly used by people and it should have a good review/ testimonials. I personally recommend AAAFx in Zulutrade because they have good customer team support and they’re not a scam. And then make sure you fulfill all the papers data needed from the broker itself, fill the withdrawal form, cooperate with them the reason why they can’t process the withdrawal request from you. There must be a reason. In the most cases, it’s just all about data issue that makes the withdrawal request stopped or hard to get processed. Just calm down, cooperate with them. Because I’ve seen a lot of legit brokers in Zulutrade that I’ve personally used before this, and they did the withdrawal for me without any difficulties because I fulfilled all the details they want from me when I first opened my live account with them. No problem at all. High Slippage, Not Real Time Execution, Leads to Some Loss This is a higher level problem that investors are facing in Zulutrade. The core problem in here is: they pick the wrong broker to trade with. You can see which broker has the lowest slippage when you go and see any signal providers’ profiles, browse around the tabs there and you’ll find slippage. Brokers will be listed there from the lowest to the highest slippage. You can consider the lowest slippage broker to work with them. High slippage may lead to a big gap between traders and investors, and this situation is very not investor-friendly because the price can run and the position might be closed in different level of price because it’s probably lagging. In other words, it’s not real time. How to tackle this problem? I just told you to browse in the signal providers tab, find “slippage” and you’ll find a broker comparison chart who’s the lowest to the highest slippage, and just pick the low slippage brokers to work with. Again, I have found that AAAFx is one of the lowest slippage broker that you can find in Zulutrade. THE ACCOUNT GOT WIPED OUT! This is the worst situation an investor might have with Zulutrade and forex trading business. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about this problem, and I can easily imagine how many people will get wiped out in Zulutrade after I checked the investor profiles one by one. It looks like lots of investor there are just blindly looking for just profit without a good money & risk management and strategy, also they pick the wrong signal provider to work with. Those 2 things are the main problems here. How to tackle it? Just find good signal providers. You can analyze how to pick a signal provider to work with and you can check our guide of how to filter them. Or the fastest way is you take a look of our top 5 monthly signal providers in our right side of sidebar, in there you’ll find out quickly which of those top 5 will fit you. You can probably follow all those 5 at the same time, but I recommend to fit the strategy to your account size and risk profile. You can be a risk taker but you don’t need to be risky. Secondly, you need a good money & risk management. You can see the “margin call o meter” in investors profile there, and you’ll find how crazy and wise they are. A moderate level of trader may have a max of 20% in margin call o meter. Aggressive type of investor will set it up to 100%. But the craziest investors (which have the highest potential to blow their own account and money) will have the margin call o meter up to 300% and more! Just in case something happens in the market, when open too many positions and if you don’t have enough margin to cover the movement, you’ll blow your own money! About the money management, I think reinvesting the profit will be the best strategy when you’re in profit condition. Take all profits immediately after you only trade the profit instead of your own capital. Trade the same size lot when you’re in profit condition, after you purely trade only the profit. That’s the wise way to do it, manage your money as a professional investor. I hope you find this posting helpful to decide whether or not it’s a scam, and I personally don’t think that they are. Succeeding with Zulutrade = the right broker + the right signal provider + good money & risk management. Don’t just blame Zulutrade when we blow our money they, because we have control of our money by doing the right thing. Cheers.