Throughout this irrefutable review, we will expose the truth behind the Binary Robo-X auto-trading software. Binary Robo-X, which is operated at binaryrobox, is a vile and misleading binary options robot that claims to generate highly profitable trading signals. While some sites have taken the battle against this fraudulent auto trading operation, oblivious investors are still funneling into the site and falling victim to this scam.

Since this auto traders inception in March of 2016, the site has shed multiple website interfaces while hiring several elementary paid actors to pursue the role as scapegoat. It appears that each time this site endures some measure of animosity that it will revamp their webpage to make their site appear authentic and not associated with the its predecessor when in reality it is the same scam operation.

What is Binary Robo-X?

Binary Robo-X is an automated binary options robot that generates investment signals based upon investors’ chosen parameters. Allegedly created by the best app developers and leading financial experts, Binary Robo-X is an artificial intelligence (AI) designed software whose main function would be to amass maximum returns on their investments. Originally, this software was nothing more than a funnel to BinBotPro. Now-a-days though it was pursued the active role as an investment robot that is tailored toward binary option and forex investors.


Who is Behind Binary Robo-X?

According to the promotional video found at binaryrobox, the entity behind this operation goes by the alias of Paul Richards. Claiming to be a professional financial investor for the past 17 years, there is no record of Paul Richards as a certified or licensed investor anywhere on the web. Which leads us to deduce that Paul Richards is most likely a paid actor from some cheap online marketplace like since this operation has previously relied upon paid actors like “Paul Richards.”

How does Binary Robo-X work?

We are informed early on that the Binary Robo-X was developed with artificial intelligence where the software will then autonomously make “smart” decisions regarding the future direction of the financial markets. These “smart” decisions combined with the application of chosen technical indicators, trading methods and select currency pairs allows this software to generate their chosen investment signals. According to the site, this software will generate profitable trading signals up to 85% success, although no documentation of such feats are provided on the site.

The layout of the Binary Robo-X is very similar to that of OptionRobot; all the trading parameters that can be manipulated by investors are the same featured at OptionRobot. These trading parameters vary between alleged trading methods, technical indicators, simultaneous trade volume and select currency pairs. Among the three methods of investing traders can dictate the software to utilize would be Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci.

Each of the technical indicators that can be incorporated into the signal process derives off a momentum or trend following functionality. The applicable indicators that an investor can choose to have partake in the signal creation process would be Trend, RSI (Relative Strength Index), CCI (Commodity Channel Index), Stochastic, Williams %R and the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence). A fluctuation between 1 to 8 trades can be placed during any one time with the Binary Robo-X software.

Supported Forex Pairs

Aud/Usd, Eur/Gbp, Eur/Jpy, Eur/Usd, Gbp/Usd, Usd/Cad, Usd/Chf and Usd/Jpy.

Binary Robo-X Feedback

The bottom line is that Binary Robot X software is a totally bogus ripoff meant to take your money.

Avoid any dealings with the Binary Robo X Scam.

…Binary Robo X is a Scam, and does not deserve your time and it is clearly with intention to loot your hard earn money!


During the time of posting this review, had a SimiliarWeb global rank of 3,351,161. According to the domain report, almost 70% of the traffic originates from fake YouTube reviews for the meager amount of visitors who still visit the site.

Manipulation of Demo Account

Reports of a fixed Binary Robo-X demo account has come to our attention. To verify this misleading practice all you have to do is access their demo account while having a separate charting solution operating on a different tab. As you will undoubtedly witness, Binary Robo-X is manipulating their demo account to make it appear much more accurate than it truly is!

Binary Robo-X Review Conclusion

Targeted toward both binary option and forex investors, it is evident that Binary Robo-X is a manipulative software scam! Relying upon artificial intelligence to autonomously generate investment signals is the biggest crock of shit and only reinforces the fact that this copycat software does not operate upon legitimate trading components. If you remain unconvinced that Binary Robo-X is not a scam then we encourage you to search “Binary Robo-X scam” in any search engine and see for yourself. Our advice: Do NOT trust or commit with Binary Robo-X!

Searching for legitimate investment alternatives? Browse our Approved Forex Services Guide to learn about reputable and trustworthy services.

Have you been deceived by Binary Robo-X? Please share any experience or knowledge – positive or negative – that you may possess about this software by commenting below!

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