We have come across several mentions of Biznet.pw on the interwebs but found very little information on the site when we did basic Google searches. For that reason, we decided to look up the site and do a Biznet review for our and your sake. Come to think of it, this is not a review but an expose of this website.

Basically, Biznet.pw is a site that primarily develops trading applications for forex and cryptocurrency trading purposes. Clients can buy one or more of the applications and use it to spice up their forex trading experience while boosting their earnings. The site was established in February 2017 and operates under the Biznet Group LLP, an investment company which has its main offices in Cardiff, Wales. In 17th May 2017, a few months after it was established, Biznet.pw became an official partner of the renown forex broker, InstaForex. Consequently, the site was allowed to advertise, open customer accounts and deposit or withdraw funds on behalf of InstaForex. This increased the reach of Biznet.pw and established it as a force to reckon with in the online forex industry. It however, did not add anything to the non-existent credibility of the website as you will see in the below sections.

Biznet.pw Services

As already stated, Biznet.pw is mainly involved in the design and development of applications and platforms for forex and cryptocurrency trading. The site also runs a private hedge fund for both forex and crypto investors. For ordinary investments, the hedge fund gives 10-30% ROI per month for a standard 12 months with the option of reinvesting. The monthly returns are dependent on the method of trading. Manual trading carries returns of between 10 and 15% per month while Robot trading gives 20-30% per month. In all honesty, this is nothing but a ploy get people to subscribe to the fake Biznet Robots hoping to earn more profits while the only thing they will get is continuous losses and no replies from support.

biznet data

Biznet.pw is also advertised as a neural network that brings together a number online entrepreneurs who work both together and individually for the benefit of the entire network. Presumably, the neural network is involved in the development of the Biznet applications and coming up with investment ideas. Notably, the network and all related discussions on the site are in Russian language, which makes it somewhat difficult for non-Russians to understand the gist of the discussions, even if translated.

Still on the Russian connection, we found it ironic that the company is registered and allegedly located in the United Kingdom, yet its main business is carried out in Russian. As a matter of fact, the company’s top management is mostly Russian. Project co-founders, Alexander Chebotarev and Grigory Shemet are indisputably Russian and so is the customer service manager, Katya Strutskaya.

It is important to note that most of the products offered by Biznet.pw are restricted and only those using affiliate links from the site’s official partners can sign up for them. The screengrab below shows the response we got as we were trying to get access to the Biznet hedge fund.

As you can see, we couldn’t get access since we didn’t have an affiliate link and didn’t have time to waste looking for one. Most importantly, we understood the idea behind this. See, Biznet.pw is like a pyramid scheme (forget the “hedge fund” nonsense) where people already in the system aka affiliates, send links to their friends to join. Since the site doesn’t have any actual investments – if there was it would not be kept under wraps, trust us – existing investors are paid using the deposits from the new traders they invite and so on, until it reaches the top. This is exactly the reason the site requires new users to register through affiliate links.

The truth about Biznet.pw

While going through the glossy Biznet.pw website, we couldn’t help thinking that it looked and felt too good to be true. Thus, we were inclined to go on a hunt for the truth and everything else there is to this site to either prove or dispute our suppositions.

We were quite surprised to find out that Biznet.pw is quite a popular site globally with a very impressive Alexa ranking. This site apprently is highly popular especially in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Spain and India. Almost 50% of its traffic is referral traffic, meaning that it’s generated by ads. And about 99% of these ads can be found on adbtc.top, a Bitcoin advertising site.

Below is an image showing the ranking of Biznet.pw on Alexa.com at the time of writing this review.

Normally, sites like these have very poor rankings mainly due to bad user reviews and spam links but as they say, there are always exceptions to everything. Nonetheless, as the above graph shows, Biznet.pw has experienced consistent increase in traffic over the last several months.

Another thing, Biznet.pw do not have a functional bank account and only transact using Perfect Money and AdvCash e-wallets and Bitcoin wallets. As you would know, opening and running a bank account would have made it hard for the site to disappear with investors’ money without being traced unlike e-wallets, which don’t require much details and even then, don’t have a way to verify the details given.

InstaForex is an unregulated broker!

As mentioned earlier, Biznet.pw have an official working relationship with InstaForex. We found out that the broker is unregulated, which is a very big red flag. Worse still, the broker has been blacklisted in several jurisdictions on suspicion of being a scam. Notably, the Ontario Securities Commission issued a warning to InstaForex in 2014 after receiving complaints from investors about their shady dealings. The broker was also blacklisted by the French AMF in 2015 for operating without approval.

That Biznet.pw is working with an unregulated broker whose track record is very unimpressive is in itself enough reason to keep off.

Biznet Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Biznet.pw is a ponzi that fools people using sweetly worded promos and a professionally done website. However, it still remains a scam, not any different from the shady and corny ones you see every day. For that, stay safe and stay away from this ponzi.

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