What is CoinSpot? CoinSpot a splendid Australian based cryptocurrency exchange where users can buy and sell 130+ digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USD. This exchange is gaining importance in digital market because of its reliability and features. CoinSpot is multi coin wallet, user-friendly platform, easily understandable and provides you with remarkable customer service. The basic layout of the exchange is enjoyable and simple in comparison to other exchanges. One can easily and quickly get registered on this platform and verify his account if he/she is Australian resident. This platform is Australian based thus allow users to deposit AUD in CoinSpot account and withdraw funds to an Australian bank account. Canadian users can deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin to start trade but you can’t get verified user status unless you are based in Australia. Top Features of CoinSpot: Key features of CoinSpot that makes this platform exceptional: Swap Cryptocurrency Projects: This is the best feature you will see on this exchange. Users are able to swap 130+ cryptocurrencies available on the coinspot with only 1% of fee. Basic Layout: Enjoyable, simple and clean cryptocurrency exchange market platform as compared to other exchanges which have confusing and complex layout. No Withdraw Fee: If you are an Australian user and want to withdraw AUD to bank account then there will be no withdraw fee and if you withdraw any cryptocurrency to external wallet then there will have you pay network fee only. User-Friendly: CoinSpot is very easy to use and user-friendly platform. Easy and quick signup service to start trading more 130 cryptocurrency projects. Excellent Customer Service: This exchange provides very excellent customer service to their users and that’s all users want when they face any problem related to trading. Cryptocurrency How to Deposit Funds on CoinSpot? How can anyone deposit funds on CoinSpot to start trading. Here are few options: POLI Payments: POLI is Australia’s online payment network which has been around since may years. POLI is secure and safe alternative of PayPal and BPAY and users can use internet banking to pay goods and other things. One can deposit AUD on CoinSpot exchange using POLI Payments and you will charge no deposit fee using this method. Minimum deposit is $1 and maximum deposit is $20k through this method in 24-hour duration. BPAY: Australia’s leading e-wallet platform supported by150 banks throughout the country. You can deposit money on CoinSpot using this method. If you deposit AUD through BPAY you will be charged 0.095 fee. Maximum deposit limit is $10k in 24-hour period. PayID: PayID is an Australian based online payment platform. If you have PayID you can deposit funds on CoinSpot and you will not be charged any deposit fee. Platform accepts $2k in 24-hour duration through PayID. BlueShyft: Australia’s famous payment platform that allows user to deposit funds at more than 1200 locations through the country. You will be charged 2.5% fee if you deposit AUD on CoinSpot using BlueShyft. Minimum deposit using this method is $50 and maximum deposit allowed in 24-hour period is $8,000. Cryptocurrency Projects Available on the CoinSpot Coinspot cryptocurrency exchange is very easy to use. You can buy/sell more than 130 digital currencies on this platform. List of some Top Cryptocurrency projects available on that exchange: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Tether USD, NEO, Tron, EOS, Stellar, GAS, ChainLink, DASH, Cosmos, IOTA, NEM, Ontology, Zcash, VeChainThor, QTUM, Bitcoin Gold, ICON, Ravencoin, Theta, Enjin Coin, Digibyte, Komodo, Verge, Zillaq and many more. Full List of Cryptocurrencies available on theCoinSpot. Countries Supported by CoinSpot CoinSpot exchange is working with local regulations of Australia country. So, Only Australian residents are able to use CoinSpot exchange. Canadian users can deposit Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and start trading on this exchange but they will not get the status of verified users. Customer Support of CoinSpot Exchange CoinSpot customer support service is running through ZenDesk. ZenDesk is the leader in customer support industry and more than 200k companies use this platform for their customer support services. If you face any issue or problem while using CoinSpot exchange you can contact their customer support by submitting ticket anytime you want. Also, a direct option is also available via email investigation for users help. Is CoinSpot Safe to Use? Australian Business Number (ABN): CoinSpot is registered with (ABN) Australian Digital Commerce Association: CoinSpot is the member of (ADCA) This exchange is following the laws of AUSTRAC (Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center) When anyone want to invest in digital currencies then he/she wants the security and safety of funds. As stated above CoinSpot exchange is following the rules imposed by AUSTRAC which makes this exchange trustworthy. Also, users face strict verification process if they want to start trading on this platform. One need to provide his/her Email, Phone Number, Photo of ID and Proof of your address etc. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is available on this platform to ensure the safety of user’s funds. At the end, If you are Australian resident you can use this exchange without any hesitation. How to Start Trading on CoinSpot? Want to register an account on CoinSpot, follow the steps Click on this link CoinSpot Register Provide your Email and Password and Press Create Account Button You will receive a link on your provided email Click this link and you will be redirected to CoinSpot exchange Click on “Account” on top right corner then choose “Verification” and provide your documents required by CoinSpot team to complete KYC Process Must Enable 2FA for your fund’s safety. Pros Low Withdraw Fees (AUD) to Bank Awesome Layout and User-Friendly Secure and Safe Exchange Cons Available in Australia Only High Trading fee (1%)

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