Sigma Pro from is a binary options scam that should be avoided! As you will learn throughout the brief duration of our unbiased scam review, nothing about the Fast Million auto trader is authentic nor can be trusted! Following the classic acquisition model of a binary options broker deposit scheme, Fast Million is the fastest way to lose your required broker deposit. Learn the facts behind this resurfaced binary option software scam and what measures you can take if you have been scammed or cheated out of your hard-earn money!

Debunking Fast Million Trading Software

Fortunately for us, the creators behind this mediocre trading scam were quite lazy when developing this scam. False claims such as being endorsed by popular media channels along with incorrectly photoshopped images made exposing the illegitimate characteristics of this scam a walk in the park. As you can see in the image above, Fast Million incorporates a misleading marketing technique that is quite common among auto trading scams. Allowing viewers to believe that Fast Million has been featured on USA Today, CNN, BBC, Russian Today (RT) and Forbes is a misleading element exhibited by the Sigma Pro auto trader.

As most of you have been able to piece together, Fast Million is actually not featured on any of those popular media outlets. In fact, no search results on any of those websites yielded any credible findings, which means that the Fast Million software has never been reviewed on any of those sites before. This is an obvious ploy to earn potential traders trust by making their software appear more legitimate when in reality it is nothing but lies and deceit.

The Fast Million trading software relies on a revolutionary algorithm that “has no equal” to generate highly inaccurate trading signals. Claiming that the software analyzes more than two thousand political and financial factors before determining whether an investment signal is likely to win is just as ridiculous as it sounds. The creators behind this scam should have just said that the software creates miracle signals by using pixie dust because that would have been much more believable than their vague and unsatisfactory explanation. To be honest, the Sigma Pro software is nothing more than another auto trader that has been rigged to slowly lose your deposit over time.


Disturbing Sigma Pro Findings

One of the most discouraging components about the Fast Million software would be how it operates solely with unregulated brokers. As some of you know by personal experience, investing with a binary options broker that is not regulated is not only dangerous but extremely frowned upon. Especially after many governing authorities and federal entities have made the practice of investing binary options with unregulated brokers a punishable offense. A piece of advice that we can share with you would be NEVER to sign up with any auto trader that is requiring you to deposit with unregulated brokers! It is a clear sign that the software in question cannot be trusted and should be avoided!

Another discovery that we unraveled would be how the incorporation of photoshopped images are used to gain your trust. However, it is quite obvious that the scammers behind this system have little to no knowledge with how binary option contracts work. Using incorrectly edited photoshopped images just goes to show how moronic the creators behind this scam truly are and just gives you another reason to avoid this money losing auto trader.

Fast Million Review – Scam or Authentic?

The measures taken from the creators behind the Fast Million software weren’t enough to pass this auto trader off as an authentic trading solution. We sincerely believe it goes without question that the lazy efforts exerted by these scammers were half-assed but at least we didn’t have to suffer through any ridiculous pitch videos that relied on pathetic and awful paid actors. Claiming that if investors sign up and deposit with their systems that they will become millionaires is one of the oldest tricks in the books employed by scammers. One guideline to abide by when searching for a profitable and reliable trading software would be that if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

Fast Million Verdict – Binary Options Scam Exposed

Unregulated brokers, misleading claims and a lack of factual trading results have doomed any hopes that the Fast Million software had as appearing as a legitimate trading system. Never deposit with a binary options broker that is unregulated and make sure you conduct thorough research before committing with any online trading software.

For those of you who are looking for legitimate trading opportunities, feel free to check out our recommended trading apps and services.

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