Forex Regulator claims to be the best financial fraud investigations and asset recovery firm that can recover your loss funds, effortlessly. Providing a 95% guarantee this offer with minimum upfront surcharges seems to be a legitimate opportunity at first site. Claiming to have successfully won a total of 1,121 cases to date, one would imagine that there would be at least a shred of positive endorsement somewhere on the net. Instead we are left with the contrary and a lingering suspicion that this recovery firm is possibly nothing more than another 419 Advance Fee scam.

Who is Behind Forex Regulator?

No pertinent information regarding the owners, creators or executives behind this operation can be found on the site. The About Us section on the site is essentially useless and only provides information regarding Forex Regulator’s mission and vision. In fact, the only area we were able to find any identifying features would be the Terms and Conditions where it appears that London Wolt is the corporate entity behind this operation.

A search with Endole Suite will reveal that London Wolt LP is an active company that was incorporated on December 6th, 2016. Under the company number SL029454 this corporate entity’s address is the same location provided for Forex Regulator’s address which would be Suite 1 44 Main Street, Douglas, Lanarkshire, ML11 0QW. On the Contacts page, the forms of contacting this recovery firm can be accomplished through live chat, their email address which is [email protected] along with the phone number +44 203 695 5004.


How does Forex Regulator Work?

Forex Regulator operates in a similar manner to that of an advance fee scam. The first process that one must undergo would be to pay an upfront and non-refundable legal office charge with your application. Hint, the advanced fee scam element that we were illuminating to you earlier on. Now, depending on the size of your set claim, you can choose between 3 separate packages that all vary in price and received support.

The Legal Assistant package is recommended to investors who are looking to file a claim for an amount up to $1,000. There will be a $50 upfront service charge that in non-refundable with this claims package and essentially you will go through the ordinary measures pursued by an asset recovery firm. Which would be reviewing your case, submitting all relevant evidence of your plea, and figuring out a recovery strategy. When pursuing the Legal Assistant package, you will be provided with 1 legal assistant to pursue your claim process with.

The Legal Coverage claim package is recommended for individuals who are looking to recover an amount between $1,000 to $100,000. In addition to receiving all of the incentives offered in the Legal Assistant package, you will also receive legal opinion from “best suited attorneys” and instead of submitting your complaint to one legal assistant your complaint will be directed to 1 legal office supervisor. The upfront service charge for this package is $200 and if by some chance they do recover your loss funds you will need to pay an additional 20% success fee.

Full scale legal intervention is the last claims package available and is recommended to individuals who have complaints regarding lost funds over $100,000. In addition to receiving all the support provided in the Legal Coverage package, you will also consult with regulator and processor entities while receiving an additional legal office supervisor. An upfront and non-refundable application fee of $500 will be required along with a 20% success fee if your lost funds become recovered.

Warning Signs

Before you commit with Forex Regulator, we believe it is imperative that you consider a few questionable factors. The first factor being how on the About Us section on the site they claim to have been working since 2016 yet when we conducted a WHOIS domain search it reveals that the site was created on February 1st, 2017. Another red flag that should be considered would be how they claim to have won a total of 1,121 cases to date that involved 86 separate brokers.

As we harped upon earlier, we feel that if such an asset recovery firm was this successful then there should at least be some positive feedback regarding users experiences with this firm. Instead we are left with virtually no reviews or feedback about this recovery operation, making it difficult to genuinely trust this site. In addition, reports of investors who have lost money through malicious brokerage operations such as 72Options, Aryex, PaxForex and Trade24 all seem to have been contacted by Forex Regulator in an attempt to solicit business with those who have already fallen victim to those scams.

No filed claims were made by these users which brings up the question of how exactly does Forex Regulator have access to these traders personal and financial information? Are they in operation with blacklisted brokerages such as the ones we just listed? It is difficult to know for certain which is why we believe it is valuable if you understand how 419 advance fee scams are operated. For instance, the most common characteristic exhibited by advanced fee scams would be how relentlessly they attempt to solicit money away from their clients.

Meaning that if you do decide to give Forex Regulator a shot then be extra cautious about any additional fees they ask you to pay. Oftentimes sites that operate with the illicit advance fee business model will ask for additional fees for “services rendered, tax fees, and escrow account fees.”

Even more common would be how if you are unwilling to pay these extra fees that they claim you will not be able to retrieve your funds that are allegedly set up via escrow account. Which brings up another question of why couldn’t they just take out the desired fees from the secured escrow account funds? If you notice Forex Regulator conducting any of these unethical business practices we implore you to stop all communication with this site and ask you share your experience below.


As of December 2017, is a relatively unpopular site that has a global rank of 9,865,228, according to Possessing a rank of 2,589,264 in the United States, one could deduce that most of the traffic originates from viewers residing in the US. Further demographic breakdown is unachievable due to the relative poor global ranking of this site.

Forex Regulator Review Conclusion

Unfortunately, there is just not enough verifiable information about Forex Regulator to rule this asset recovery firm as a legitimate or trustworthy operation. The lack of feedback regarding this recovery firm is questionable while the procurement of victimized traders personal and financial information is even more troublesome. Due to these reasons alone we are asking investors to avoid Forex Regulator for the time being until more evidence can be presented to verify that this operation is indeed not a scam.

Review Conclusion – ForexRegulator cannot be trusted!

If you have any experience or knowledge to share about Forex Regulatory, please leave your feedback below!

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