So you are new to online stock trading. You see a website and are unsure if it is the perfect fit for you. You fear that it might be hard, or doubt that actual experts are owning and running the site. Expect answers to all of these questions and more in the review that follows. Hopefully it will help you decide whether Jason Bond Picks is the web trading service you need or not.

Introduction to the Website and Jason Bond

The first thing you see when you enter the website is, obviously, the photo of Jason Bond. An outline of Bond’s 90 days system follows shortly. This gives you an almost personal connection with the man behind the page, a sign of trust. Based on testimonials, Bond will personally reply to your e-mails no matter the question you have. This interpersonal aspect is further highlighted when you learn a bit about Bond’s personal life. A former teacher, he started trading as a means of earning more revenue, and the bulk of what he speaks of is based on his own experience. His skills as a teacher make him a perfect instructor, as his steps are explained away to be easy to understand and replicate.Jason Bond Pick

Jason Bond Picks was covered by major sites and publications such as NYSE, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Street, MSN, Seeking Alpha,, GuruFocus, TradersEXPO, and Bond himself boasts a 330% return on his investments in 2016 and the revenue of $49.000 in January 2017. This, however, is not backed by a bank statement or any other transparent means on the website itself.

The website banner is simple enough to navigate, with sections for the list of programs, testimonials, blog posts and the login window. The most popular section of the site are the chatrooms. You can use these for day trading as well as swing trading. The chatroom design and layout are easy to work with. There is audio commentary done live, a custom scanner, the most up-to-date stocks and alerts from Bond himself and other major traders. You can also observe retail and trade investors who provide ideas 24/7.

Subscription Choices

There are three different types of subscriptions on Jason Bond Picks. The first, and also the one most members use, is the Day & Swing Trade Package. Members get ten alerts, swing and trade ones, on a weekly basis. You can choose your means of alerts – e-mail or SMS, or even in the above-mentioned chatrooms. A combination of any and all three is also possible. This is by far the perfect package for first-timers or members with little-to-no time for stock market watching. It’s $399 for one quarter, or %38 off if you settle on an entire year.

The Swing Trade Plan

Should you opt for the swing trade, as a Jason Bond Picks member, you will get access to the daily stock watch list. All of these lists contain a resume of the daily trading processes. They list the stocks worth your attention, links to important information about them, charts, chart notes, and prices.

The Long-Term Trading PlanJason-Bond-Picks-Review

The second, so-called Long-Term Trade plan, is perfect for you if you’re the sort of person who enjoys results steadily grown over the course of a long time, made by doing lesser trades. So think “retirement” or “early retirement”. With Jason Bond Picks Long-Term plan, you can do one or two swing trades every week, as well as no more than three long-term ones. You also get alerts via SMS or email when Bond trades with stocks. On top of all that, you will also receive a watch list with a detailed overview that contains long-term stock info. Should you choose this plan, an added bonus is advice on an individual level from the founder and current manager of Top Stock Picks Jeff Bishop. And no, that’s not all – you will also be able to access a currency portfolio made entirely from exchange-traded funds.

The advantage of the long-term trading plan is that, unlike the day-to-day trade, it’s more realistic insofar as you achieving your goal. Naturally, you will have to see if this method works for you before you put any money into it. Make absolutely sure that you want to be trading long-term under Jason Bond Picks. This plan is $1.999 annually.

The Millionaire Roadmap

The final subscription option is called the Millionaire Roadmap. This option gets you complete access to absolutely everything, and you get Jason Bond’s personal mentorship. You will get a program tailor-made for your needs. This option is the priciest, at $7.999 a year.

Bear in mind that Jason Bond Picks has a no refund policy. We advise you to choose your subscription carefully. In addition, if you want to leave, you have to wait at least a month. Also, you have full responsibility to sign off precisely two days before the following renewal is due in case you decide to leave. On top of all of this, there is no free trial option available for either of the three subscriptions.

Penny Stocks and Jason Bond

Penny Stocks represent the smallest, yet the riskiest of stocks. They have little trading volume, so you must be careful in trading these. You should use Limit Orders rather than market orders, and more importantly, paper trading doesn’t work with them. Jason Bond Picks has a number of easily comprehensible video tutorials for trading with Penny Stocks. You have access to comment on these videos, so expect great interactivity. You can also use Trade Ideas Pro to get Penny Stock alerts and scan for them without difficulty.

The Final Summary

The positive sides of Jason Bond Picks is accessibility. And we’re not just talking about the website itself. The chat rooms and videos are easy to understand, and most of the staff, including Bond himself, are there for you whenever you need them. The website looks and feels professional, and numerous reputable outlets featured it. You also have numerous user testimonials, and if they are anything to go by, Jason Bond Picks should definitely be YOUR pick for stock trading. Another positive is that you have the ability to upgrade your subscription whenever you want, from Day-to-Day to Long-Term, etc.

However, there are some negatives to Jason Bond Picks. The subscription fees, even the lowest one, are big and there aren’t any refunds nor free trials. This means you’d need to take a good, long think before you choose any package. And while the website was featured in major outlets, there is no verifiable proof of its successes. If you’re not afraid to take Jason Bond at his word, you will have no problem in this particular area.

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