Just2Trade is one of the few brokers that are trying to achieve the impossible. The perfect discount broker. What I mean by this is that they are a discounted broker that charges the cheapest rates in the industry and this is something that is very hard to do. If you aren’t charging very highly for your trading platform, you will struggle to make money to fund the research tools and additional features. The extra features are always more important and they are the reason people will go for the premium platforms. As a result, Just2Trade is not a good platform and doesn’t provide traders with an adequate array of useful tools.

Just2Trade Broker

However, they are excellent for budget traders who just want to get their feet wet. They have one of the cheapest commission fees on the market. Despite this, it may be worth putting your money in a different broker, especially one that will give you a decent customer experience.

Commissions and Fees

Right off the bat we will be looking into the fees and commissions of the discount broker. This is especially important as this is the main feature of their platform that brings in the investors. They are incredibly cheap when it comes to stock commissions, only charging you a flat-rate of £2.50 – one of the cheapest in the industry. There are few gimmicks and tricks with this and you get what they promise. If you want to trade options, you will have to pay a cheap $0.50 contract fee.

Just2Trade Commissions

Although I mentioned that you will receive these prices without any hidden costs, there is one you should definitely know about. That is that real time streaming quotes are only given in the first 15 minutes of every day. If you want to keep viewing the real time quotes, you will have to pay a monthly fee of $7.99.

Research and Tools

This is where Just2Trade really falls flat on its face. Just2Trade relies on the most basic package of MorningStar which isn’t very useful whatsoever. You have to navigate around the interface to find the research module, which is annoying named “trade assistance” in the Cabinet section. When you first enter the research screen, you will be greeted with a lot of information, including breakdowns, news coverage and a lot of data. However, don’t let this fool you as there is a massive lack of information when you dig a little deeper.

Just2Trade PLatforms

One of the biggest issues is that only stocks that are present on major exchanges are pulled up for analysis. This means that if you want to research EFTs and pink sheets, you will have to go elsewhere. In addition, there is no way to perform basic stock screening which is just awful.

Additional Features

When you are using Just2Trade, you will probably use their free platform called Just2Trade+. This is very basic and what you’d expect if you were to use a platform with $2.50 trading fees. You get all the basics that you need, including watch lists, charts, and 92 different indicators. The platform also runs very smoothly on the Chrome Browser which was a surprise but doesn’t even come close to what is offered by better online brokers.


Just2Trade is a bit of a gimmick in its own right. They are trying to be the best discount broker on the web with their crazy cheap fees. However, although they have achieved a cheap fee, they have sacrificed the user experience. They lack basic research features and only use the basic package offered by MorningStar. Their tools don’t come close to the competition and if you want continuous real-time streaming quote, you will have to upgrade to a monthly package. Personally, I would suggest you put your money into another platform.

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