Options Trade Insurance is a leading exchange and insurance firm that offers binary options and spreads. Brought into existence in mid June 2017, this so-called leading insurance firm is allegedly regulated by the CFTC, FCA and CySec. Although no mention of regulation license numbers or a corporate entity is ever presented to us it seems fair to deduce that these alleged regulations may not be factual. In fact, the operational model of Options Trade Insurance fits the bill as another shady insurance operation that is nothing more than another Advance Fee Scam. The site, OptionTradeIns.com, was registered with a privacy package making finding information pertaining to the creators and operators behind this site out of our reach. This in turn enables this questionable insurance operation to remain an anonymous service and since we aren’t provided with any license numbers, corporate entities or ownership details it is evident that the creators behind this site don’t wish to be identified.

So What Exactly IS Options Trade Insurance?

Options Trade Insurance claims to be a regulated insurance and exchange platform that can insure your funds while you invest through their platform. They also serve under the capacity as an asset recovery operation where they claim to successfully retrieve funds for investors from brokerages such as IQOption, Cherry Option, CT Option and TMOption. Whether there is any truth to these alleged operations, one cannot be sure. What we do know would be how similar of an operation this site is to that of a 419 advance fee scam. Ever since the intense scrutiny the binary options industry has undergone, many sites have arose into existence that claim to be genuine insurance and asset recovery firms. Regrettably enough, most of these operations are scams that have been created to target those who have already suffered losses to brokerage scams. It is a rather sickening and vicious cycle, which is why we we will only advice investors to sign up with proven and fully identifiable operations, such as MyChargeBack. business-insurance As most of you can undoubtedly put together, advance fee scams like Options Trade Insurance requires investors to first pay a fee before being provided any services. Usually these fees come as flat rates or require broker deposits if they are exchange ready platforms, such as this investment firm. Typically illicit operations that fit this criteria will keep requesting that their clients send payments to cover fees that may arise. Fees for escrow services, funding a trading account, “tax” fees, service fees and recovery fees for allocated funds are among a few of the most common reported by those who have been scammed by advance fee scams.

Can I Trust Options Trade Insurance?

No trust has been earned through Options Trade Insurance which is why we are urging all investors to avoid this phony insurance operation. It appears that this company is obtaining previous clients personal, financial and investment history from notorious brokerages that have previously scammed those same clients. The sudden acquirement of these confidential files should inflame your suspicions and make you question how this site has obtained your information without you personally filing for assistance. We’ve seen this same tactic before among other fraudulent insurance operations that claim to be the best asset recovery and insurance agencies. After touching base with you they will convey with you a practical plan to retrieve your previously loss funds that take no more than a couple weeks duration of time. During this alleged retrieval interval they will initiate contact with you claiming that they have recovered your funds and have it held in one of their segregated or escrow accounts. Before you are able to “retrieve” those recovered funds you will be required to fulfill a series of fee payments. It isn’t until you finally catch on after several fee payments that you begin to question the operation and why this service couldn’t just deduct those pointless fees from your recovered funds. Well, the answer to that is simple, which is that they never recovered your loss funds to begin with. As with most 419 advance fee scams, as soon as you stop sending them money they will stop all forms of communication with you and leave you out to dry.

Promises and Features

Although we weren’t able to find any explicit guarantees on the site, we did notice the strong assertions they make in the ability to recover loss funds along with the assurance of how if you join their service that 90% of your losses are insured. Whether or not you will actually be compensated for those losing investments, we see no sensical business model where this insurance would be optimal and accepted by an investment brokerage.

Options Trade Insurance Complaints

Due to the relative young age of Options Trade Insurance there are virtually no complaints that can be found on the web. Within the upcoming months though we are expecting to see a drastic increase in the amount of negative feedback regarding the unethical business practices pursued by this fraudulent insurance firm.


As of December 2017 (the time we posted this review) the site, optiontradeins.com, did not reflect a global ranking or demographic audience breakdown due to the severe lack of traffic that the site receives.

Options Trade Insurance Review Conclusion

It is evident through the measures taken by Options Trade Insurance that this suspicious insurance and exchange firm cannot be trusted. Do yourself a favor by avoiding investment related sites that do all in their power to hide their true identity, it more likely than not is a scam! As for the case of optiontradeins.com, we believe this site to be a bona-fide advance fee scam posing as a deceptive insurance and asset recovery firm.

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