Could This Be You? What Exactly is Penny Stock Prophet? Penny Stock Prophet is a penny stock alert service and a “sort-of newsletter” that is the brain-child of James Connelly.   I joined the Penny Stock Prophet service as a Life-Time Member so I could review it from the inside. At the time I’m writing this, that was about two months ago. It is specifically oriented toward providing the alert service’s members with information that they can use to determine if they want to buy a given penny stock recommendation made by Penny Stock Prophet. Mr. Connelly always provides full justification for his picks and his detailed analysis always seems to be thorough and complete.  Also, I have observed that he does divulge any interest that he might have in a stock/company that he is recommending. While still in college, James identified four-key stock characteristics that he uses to flag a stock that is about to break out of its trading range. Memberships Penny Stock Prophet provides two types of memberships to the service… Paid and Non-Paid Memberships. All paid members are alerted to new Penny Stock Prophet picks before the non-paid members. Paid members receive 5 – 6 picks each month. Non-paid members receive only 1-2 picks per month.  It is basically a “try before you buy” type of offer. Providing so few recommendations may seem like a negative, but its not.  A truck load of picks with small gains is not what Mr. Connelly is after.  He states that he’s looking for 50 – 100% or more potential gains on his penny stock picks. If you want more information just click here. Of course, not all of his picks are going to be huge winners, but, he thinks, and I agree, that this is a much better strategy than investing in MANY penny stock picks that only see a 10 or 15% gain. According to James Connelly, the best alerts, those that are expected to achieve 100% + gains are given only to paid members! goodpennystocks Members are notified about Penny Stock Prophet’s exclusive new stock picks by email… usually shortly after the US stock markets close each day so you have, I think, plenty of time to research James Connelly’s recommendations before trading resumes the next morning. Penny Stock Prophet provides most member support and communications via e-mail.   Not only do all of the Alerts come by e-mail.  But, the service also sends information, training and personal emails too. James Connelly claims that he is not using a ’stock trading robot!’  From my experience with the service I believe that to be true since he provides so much justification for his recommendations. And, to that point, common sense says that if stock trading robots were a reality, we’d all be using them. Support After I paid for my membership in Penny Stock Prophet, I started to worry about support.  I discovered that there is no membership area, no forum or other “keep-in-touch” vehicle online that I could find.  I started to wonder if I had wasted my 97 bucks. But, before I asked for my money back, I wanted to give James Connelly the opportunity to prove that he is actually accessible to personal questions as he claims.  So, I decided to test him. I decided that if he responded to me, I’d keep my membership.  If he didn’t answer, I’d fire Penny Stock Prophet and ask for my money back. I then sent him two questions on Sunday, in the early evening.  I was quite pleasantly surprised the next morning  at around 10:45 a.m. when I received a personal answer to my email. In the 2 months since then I have observed that he maintains a more than satisfactory level of communication with the members of the Penny Stock Prophet. Guarantee At the time that I’m writing this, Penny Stock Prophet Memberships come with a full 8-week, money-back guarantee. Since I want to remain a member of Penny Stock Prophet, I have not tested the guarantee. The Bad Points Obviously, the Penny Stock Prophet, James Connelly, is not perfect.  Here are the things that I don’t like about his service: My main gripe is that he doesn’t actually have a members area.  He makes up for it by sending a lot of e-mails, though, and by personally answering emails that you send to him at Unless you are a member, you can’t review the performance of his service.  His testimonials make up for a lot of this but personally, I’d like to see more.  He does, however, give you two trial recommendations… Click here to take him up on his offer… the “proof is in the pudding” as they say. My last dislike, while it may appear to some as being major is actually trivial. At times Mr. Connelly will be compensated by a company that he recommends to participate in a marketing effort with that company. I don’t see this as significant. To me it is no different than a financial advisor or broker on TV divulging that he holds a position in a stock that he recommends or is actively marketing that stock. All I care is that the stock goes up and I make a profit. The Good Points And, here are the things that I like or I think are important positives about Penny Stock Prophet: The accuracy of his picks as reported by his testimonials is consistent with my personal experience with the service as a paid member. Based upon my own experience as well as the testimonials on his site, a very high percentage of his picks turn out well… He gives you so much information about why he’s recommending the stock that it’s almost too much.  This means that you can make an informed decision about your investment and at the same time reduce the risk associated with a given trade. From what I’ve seen, Mr. Connelly gives you plenty of time to research his recommendations for yourself… This means that you can make an informed decision if you decide to take his recommendation. He seems to communicate quite well via e-mail… which means that you can ask questions and expect timely answers. In addition to recommendations and informational e-mails, Mr. Connelly also sends out Updates on his recommendations… This means that you don’t need to sit at you computer watching your purchase constantly. The Penny Stock Prophet chooses to recommend mostly stocks that are undervalued or oversold… It helps limit the downside risk of any particular stock that he recommends. Mr. Connelly doesn’t use stock picking “robots” at all… this means that you get the benefit of his judgment and experience on every one of his recommendations. My Final Thoughts about Penny Stock Prophet Overall, I think that this is a pretty decent service.  With what I know now, I’d still buy it if I had it to do over again… … Why? It’s accurate and the service’s testimonials agree with my own experience; James Connelly provides good reasons and facts for his picks… Far more than I do for my own investments; Support is there… not the way I want it but it’s there and it has worked well for me; I think communication is very good, if not excellent; and, It carries an 8-week, 100% money-back guarantee at the time I’m writing this.

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