In this review, we will be taking a look at PennyPro, an online chat room and educational service that focuses on the various trading techniques and tips related specifically to trading in penny stocks, as the name may suggest. It offers a wide variety of different services, such as chat rooms, webinars, educational materials, a mentor program, and a special feature called the SuperNova University.

We will take a look at all of these features individually, in addition to providing some insight into the overall atmosphere on the platform, as well as taking a look at the team behind it. With that in mind, let us take a look at the team first, before going over the various features.PennyPro

Who runs PennyPro?

As with any online investment platform, the people who are behind it, and who provide their expertise to their users are the most important aspect of any particular platform, in the view of most prospective users. However, in this case, answering the question of who runs the platform is a bit trickier than usual.

That is because PennyPro is run by a man named Jeff Williams, and that is pretty much everything we know about him. He was recently promoted to head PennyPro, replacing Steve LeBlanc, which maybe the reason why there is little biographical information available on the site. 

Still, all of the trading advice offered by Jeff is legitimate, so this lack of biographical details may not be as significant as it may seem. We will go over some of the educational material included on the platform in the following section.

What services does PennyPro offer? 

It is important to give a rough sketch of the trading philosophy of PennyPro before we discuss the various features it offers, which are centered around this philosophy. As previously mentioned, PennyPro deals in penny stocks, more precisely, stocks whose price ranges from $0.001 to $5, which are prices anyone can afford to pay for stocks in order to learn to trade.

This wide availability is the cornerstone of all the services provided by PennyPro. It aims to teach its users how to trade based on rigorous data and following best practices, and it does so using a variety of different tools, the most notable of which is arguably the chat room functionality embedded within the site.  

The Live Day Trading chat room is open to all subscribers, and it is moderated by one of the staff at all times. Ths chat room hosts technical discussions about particular stocks, as well as enter and exit alerts. It also features a live audio feed for those who cannot read the chat as it is happening. This is where people trade along to what the moderator is suggesting, or follow the rise or fall of a particular stock together, deciding what sort of play to make.

The educational content on PennyPro is also notable. The viseo lessons contained therein are subdivided into three sections, based on the relative skill level of the user watching them. The first section is for beginners, and it covers the basic trading strategies for penny stocks. The second section is for more advanced users who want to learn intermediate techniques. Finally, the third section is for users who already have a lot of trading experience, so the content is more technical, and the techniques a bit more risky than the previous two sections.Penny Pro Review

The Webinars hosted on the platform are also organized along the same three tier system. Each of these videos runs about an hour in length, and they provide a more in-depth view of all the different aspects of the topic they are covering, In this sense, they are more theoretically complete than the educational videos discussed previously.

The feature that sets PennyPro apart from all other similar platforms is its innovative concept called the SuperNova University. Not only will PennyPro teach you what you need to know in order to trade well, it will also test you on what you have learned. The SuperNova university consists of six semesters with five videos each, and you will be faced with a 10-question test every few lessons, in order to see how much you’ve progressed.

Prices and Fees

Penny Pro offers three tiers of fees and membership statuses. Firstly, there is the Beginner Pack, which runs at $149 for one month. If you want a three-month membership, you will need to pay $249, which is the most popular option. Finally, a whole years’ worth of membership will cost you $799.

These numbers may seem steep at first, but it is important to point out that these are at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to these investment chat rooms, since the prices can be quite exorbitant on some platforms.

PennyPro in brief 

To sum up the PennyPro platform in a few words, we would say that it offers great educational content, and that is especially highlighted by the SuperNova University feature, which actually tests your knowledge. The chat rooms are a great place for discussion, and if you follow some of the advice given within, you may be able to make some money, perhaps even enough to cover membership costs.

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