Don’t sign up with Secured Trade Investment until after you read our unbiased review! Operated from SecuredTradeInvestment this binary insurance company is the latest scam to plague the binary options industry with fictitious escrow accounts that creates the illusion that they have your best interests at heart. Fabricated entities and deceptive promises are the pivotal foundation to the Secured Trade Investment operation. Learn why you should avoid this thieving binary options site and what measures you can take if you have endured losses through scheming online investment scams.

Fictitious team members and phony testimonials are the most deceptive elements found on the site. Owen Beamont and Mathew Macleod are the alleged CEO and Assistant Manager of Secured Trade Investment but research will reveal that both of these entities don’t actually exist.  In reality, these two created identities are nothing more than stock images undoubtedly gathered from an online image bank. The employment of these fabricated entities serve the purpose of building a false sense of credibility while earning your trust.

Other deceptive elements found on site would be the contact information. We are given two separate addresses, the first being 7 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3HG UK. Almost amusingly, when this address is entered into a Google search query the company that matches this address turns out to be London and Capital Asset Management. Furthermore, the second address provided is 1270 E Broadway Rd, Tempe, AZ 85282 (International Trade Center).

As some of you may have guessed, when the second address is searched no credible or actual businesses appear in search results. This leads us to believe that like the fictitious team members and testimonials that the addresses provided are phony and have no affiliation with the Secured Trade Investment network. Other contact information provided would be their email address which is [email protected] along with two separate telephone numbers. A reverse phone search will reveal that both 1-480-535-5697 and 1-203-517-4739 have no affiliation with any entity connected with this site and are based out of Connecticut and Arizona.

It is becoming evident that most of the investors who are falling victim to Secured Trade Investment would be those who have already been scammed.  Pretending to serve as an insurance claim company, this site relies heavily on claims filed through their site along with obtaining trading account information from particularly malicious and blacklisted binary option brokers.  How this site is obtaining past traders personal and financial information we are unsure but it is disturbing nonetheless.


Provided below is some feedback we have received in regards to Secured Trade Investment:

Recently I was contacted by a company called Secured Trade Investment who had got hold of my trading account info from Vault Option and they claimed that they can recover my funds from the company who owns Vault Options and refund the money to me for a fee of about 10% of the recovered amount…. They are in the process of establishing an ESCROW account to protect both side of the transaction from a scam and I am trying to confirm from somewhere their status as regards scamming.

…I was contact by Secured Trade Investment who stated they could close my LM Swiss account and get my refund for me.  The cost of the operation excluding their fee was $6771 USD.  They send me contracts to sign…contracts were signed by Mathew Macleod from Secured Trade Investments and by a Michelle Young…I would need to pay an additional $6290.00 USD to release the funds.  Between 1 May 2017 and 19 May 2017 , I sent Secured Trade Investment the sum of $13 500 USD for the release of $150 000 USD….said that I needed to pay an additional $3883 USD which was still outstanding…I have left countless messages and sent numerous emails to Secured Trade Investment without any success.  I am extremely disappointing and frustrated by the methods these company’s scam innocent people like me.  I am facing financial ruin and I do not know what to do.

Quite barbaric and extremely disheartening if you ask us. The feedback provided above by those who have already suffered losses are facing even more financial turmoil due to the ruthlessness of this binary options scam. The contracts signed by “Mathew Macleod” were not official because as we shared above Mathew Macleod doesn’t actually exist!  The same goes with the testimonial provided by “Lilly Dobles,” which as you can see is nothing more than another fabrication.

It goes without question that Secured Trade Investment is a nasty and deceptive binary options scam! Misleading investors who have already fallen victim to scams is demented and just goes to show how vile scammers can be when trying to earn to a quick buck. This indisputable scam review should provide you with the insightful caution needed to always conduct thorough research before committing with any online investment related endeavor. We are predicting more fraudulent insurance claim companies to spring into existence so with that being said make sure to stay vigilant and only invest with tested investment services!

Review Verdict:  Secured Trade Investment is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

Among our top priorities would be protecting investors from a multitude of ruthless day-trading scams while exposing fraudulent investment operations.

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