Smart Day Invest is a brand new HYIP or high yield investment program to become available to the public. In case you were wondering, high yield investment programs are generally considered to be Ponzi schemes. In other words, they promise ridiculous profits with minimal investment and with very low risk to the investor. The thing with Ponzi schemes is that they keep using the money from new investors to “pay profits” to older investors, all the while stealing tons of cash in between. Ponzi schemes always blow up.

Now, we don’t want to call this a Ponzi scheme right off the bat, but it sure looks as though Smart Day Invest is a scam. There is just way too much shady stuff going on here. Even worse is that there is a big lack of information provided about Smart Day Invest software in many crucial aspects. The things we do know about it are not good, and the things we don’t know about it just serve to solidify our suspicion that this is a scam.


What Is Smart Day Invest?

Smart Day Invest is technically a high yield investment program, which means that it is supposed to generate a whole lot of cash for you without much risk to you, plus without having to make much of a deposit either. The interesting thing about this program is that there are several mentions of Forex here and there. If you did not already know, Forex HYIP programs are usually always scams.

They promise things that just cannot happen, like ridiculous profits and risk free investment. We are told that we can earn ludicrous amounts of money simply by doing nothing at all. We are pretty sure that this program has nothing to do with Forex or any kind of investment at all. To repeat, this is a Ponzi scheme meant to defraud you and your bank account with the false promise of big bucks.

How Does Smart Day Invest Work?

We are told that this is HYIP that can generate tons of income. However, we are never actually told how it works. Heck, we are never even told what it invests in. Investment programs like hedge funds usually go for real estate bundles and other highly investible assets, business, and commodities. HYIP programs can’t really be related to Forex. High yield programs have to invest in something tangible, not engage in foreign exchange currency trading, because there is no way to guarantee high profits in Forex.

Even if Smart Day Exchange had not mentioned Forex, it still begs the question of what exactly it invests our money in. For all we know this software could invest our money in a real-estate bubble, like the one that caused the recent economic collapse, or it could be investing it in dirty oil money, chocolate bars, or even Lego.

Not knowing what is being done with our money is a huge problem. We are also never provided any relevant or usable info in terms of what investment strategies this system uses to make money. Even if we knew what Smart Day Invest used our money for, how does it do it? The lack of info here just kills any hope that this investment program could be legit in any way. Also, HYIPs tend to have hundreds of people bundled together. So, how many people are we bundled with?

Who Runs The Smart Day Invest Show?

Another very suspicious aspect of this obviously malicious program is that we are never told who is in charge. Nowhere on the website or anywhere else is there a single mention of the person in charge or even a company that owns this HYIP. Even worse is that we are not told where the company is based, nor are we given any contact info. The Smart Day Invest program is totally anonymous, which is a big problem no doubt.

Anonymous investment and trading systems are the most dangerous ones imaginable. When you inevitably have your money stolen from you, there is no one to go complain to and no one to point the finger at. These crooks choose to remain hidden in the shadows in order to rob your money while totally avoiding legal prosecution.

According to, the domain was registered on August 5, 2017 by Zhuhai Yingxun Keji Limited from Zhuhai, China. Their phone number is +86.7563810566. Their fax is +86.7562623872. Email:


The Promised Profits Of Smart Day Invest

Yet another telltale sign that this is a rip off has to do with the ridiculous returns which we are promised. We are informed that Smart Day Invest has the ability to generate daily returns of between 110% and 150%. Do you know how ridiculous that is? The best HYIPs in the world, of which there are not many, can usually only provide a small daily return, usually only a fraction of a percent.

If you invest $1,000 in a HYIP, you could expect to get a few dollars per day in profits, no more, yet Smart Day Invest promises that it will provide you with $1,400 every single day on a $1,000 investment. That is totally unfounded, unachievable, and unrealistic no matter what reality you live in. There is no way that any investment program could ever do that. The claim of being able to provide a 6% hourly ROI makes us want to cry. Sure, if it were true it would be spectacular, but there is no way that it can be true.

Smart Day Invest – Other Disturbing Things Found

Here are some other surefire ways to tell that this is a bogus investment opportunity.

  • None of the brokers involved are reliable. They are unregulated and unlicensed. We are never even told who they are.
  • The creation and registration date of the website has been messed around with to make it seem like the service has been up for several years. In reality, it has only been up for a few days.
  • There have been many complaints from people who have not gotten any returns, who have not been able to withdraw money, and who have not been able to get into contact with anyone related to Smart Day Invest.
  • People have been receiving spam emails from these crooks asking for personal info, banking info, and credit card details. If you ever get one of these emails, delete it immediately. There is no reason to ever enter credit card info into an email.


At the time of posting this review (September 2017), the Alexa global rank of was 1,346,595. This indicates they are not very popular at the moment. Yet they still get some traffic, mainly from Malaysia, Russia, Vietnam, Egypt and the Philippines.

Accordng to SimilarWeb, almost 30% of their traffic is obtained through referrals. More than 12% reaches the site via a social media campaign, especially on Facebook, but also on VKontakte, YouTube and Instagram.

Smart Day Invest Scam Review Conclusion

As you can see, there is not a single doubt that Smart Day invest is a scam. Everything about it is totally senseless and anything that is not senseless is just a downright lie. This is a Ponzi scheme with the express intent of stealing your money. Just do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this pile of junk as you can!

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