Surplus Binary Consultant is a mediocre binary options scam at best. Throughout this unbiased review we will unravel the misleading tactics used to make this service provider appear genuine while eradicating all legitimate appealing components found at For starters, we should point out that although this service provider was founded back in March of 2017, virtually no presence of this site can be found online except in regards to the website itself.  Due to inquiries received from several of our subscribers we are here to set the record straight from the get-go before day-traders fall victim to this binary options software scam.

About Surplus Binary Consultant

Surplus Binary Consultant is a binary options oriented service provider that offers a trading solution known as the Hi-Peak Trade Decoder. The Hi-Peak Trade Decoder is an investment software that can be web-based or a physical software product that can solely be used with compatible brokers. A general statement can be found at the bottom of site further elaborating how some of their products may not work with some brokers.

Operating under the capacity as a manual or automated investment software, the Hi-Peak Trade Decoder is advertised as a software that operates with “24/7 uptime service with profitability guaranteed.” In addition, this software is showcased to have a success rate of 98.7%, therefore confirming that miracles do in fact exist within the realm of binary options. Or at least that is what the creators behind this misleading scam would like for you to believe.

However, we feel obliged to point out that nothing is ever guaranteed when it comes to online investing. Empty promises are the backbone to the vast majority of scams we have exposed throughout our time in the online day-trading industry.  Furthermore, claiming to have an alleged success rate of 98.7% is absolutely absurd! No binary options investment service has sustained a success rate above 80% for a consistent period of time so why should this service be any different? This is clearly an example of another binary options service that is too good to be true.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the company information found in the “About Us” tab of the website offers virtually nothing of value. All one can grasp from the exceptionally vague explanations found on that page would be how each team member was carefully selected due to their personality and contributions. No mention of their company, founder or physical office location are shared with us which leads us to believe that this service provider is a total fraud.


How Does Surplus Binary Consultant Software Work?

…By fulfilling miracles thanks to the magical properties found in pixie dust? Well, perhaps not, but that is the best guess we can mustard to explain the divine miracle workings behind the Hi-Peak Trade Decoder software. There is no mention of whether the software is based upon customized technical indicators, trading algorithms or some other functionality. If we had to make a logical assumption on how this software functions, it probably operates as most other software scams operate which would be an algorithm-based software that is designed to slowly (or drastically) lose your money over time.

Generating a success rate within 2% of 100% success is perhaps the biggest lie flaunted on the site. In addition, the software claims that withdrawals are funded to your bank account instantaneously as you execute them and that zero errors will ever occur while using the software. The Hi-Peak Trade Decoder is able to accurately invest over 200 assets ranging from stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. Users also have the option of deciding whether they want the OS based software or the physical product itself, however given the opportunity we advice investors to just avoid this site due to the evidence provided below.

Surplus Binary Consultant – Fabricated Testimonials

Throughout this section is where things really start to go downhill for Surplus Binary Consultant. As you can gather from the heading above, none of the testimonials used to build trust and make this service provider appear more legitimate are real. In fact, most of the testimonials used are purchased or stolen stock images taken from some online image bank.

As you can see above we have “Mr. Michael Brunnel” and “Dorothy Higgins” who both were kind enough to provide us with their experience with this fraudulent service provider. Both claimed that the software is quite easy to use and we are led to believe that the users generated a substantial sum of profits due to the Hi-Peak Trade Decoder. However, as you can see for yourselves, both of these fictitious entities are actually images (most likely stolen) that were used to provide phony and misleading testimonials.

Domain Information

Referring back to the About Us page found at, viewers are led to believe that Surplus Binary Consultant was first established in 2008.  However, a WHO.IS search will reveal to us that the site was created on March 17th, 2017.

Furthermore, the entity used to register this domain goes by the name of James and his registrant address is as followed:  1748 Tinsmith Circle, Florida, US 33559. Whether or not James is the actual founder behind this software scam is beyond our power to narrow down for certain. One thing is sure though, this is either a fake address, or this guy is working out of his garage:

Additional information found would be the registrant phone number which is 1-760-305-9744 while the admin email address is

The same details, by the way, can be found in the following sites:

  • – Sovereign Trust Bank Foundation providing banking services, including loans for private people as well as businesses.
  • – American Finance Credit Union – no longer in operation.
  • – probably the predecessor of Surplus Binary Consultant. Currently, it’s suspended for spam related offences. – Sovereign Trust Bank

Due to the correlation of contact information between Surplus Binary Consultant and Sovereign Trust Bank we resolved to look further into the legitimacy of Immediately what we found in common would be how authentic and well-designed the site’s structure was overall.  For those who are relatively new to the banking world, Sovereign Trust Bank may appear as a legitimate trust bank that could prove rather useful for online banking.

However, as we have made quite clear in this review, appearances are what they always appear to be. When you break down this site you will notice some questionable characteristics that you won’t find in common with other legitimate banking institutions. First and foremost, what we found suspicious would be how no real address is provided in regards to the location of this branch.

Furthermore, on the Contact page, it says that Sovereign Bank is affiliated to FDIC. This statement does not mean that is insured by the FDIC like it is misleading individuals to believe. Wording is everything when it comes to legality of sites. For those of you who reside within the United States, we cannot stress enough the importance of investing with an FDIC insured institution.

If you took the time to browse the site you will notice a number of grammatical errors and on the site there are at least half a dozen errors. This is an indication of laziness on the behalf of the creators behind this site, which we duly thank them for because it makes exposing the truth about this fraudulent trust bank imposter much easier.

Attention to detail is the way to identify scams among a variety of different financial opportunities. Take for instance, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the copyright to the site is alleged to an organization known as “Sovereign Trust Finacials [sic], USA.” Another error there, “Financials” is what you are looking for and don’t even bother clicking on that fake company entity, a Better Business Bureau search reveals that the company doesn’t exist, not even when spelled correctly.

Thankfully, we were able to find the connection between the contact information provided from Surplus Binary Consultant to confirm that Sovereign Trust Bank is a scam. One factor to remember when it comes to dealing with an investment or banking opportunity would be whether or not the site in question is open about their identity.

In the case of SoveTrust, it is quite clear that this fraudulent financial banking imposter is trying to remain as anonymous as possible. No physical address location is shared and the only real means of contacting this illicit operation would be via email. Do yourself a considerable courtesy by not investing with Sovereign Trust or any other connected entities.


Popularity data for and was not available when this review was posted.

Spam/Email Campaign

As we mentioned, 365BinaryConsultant, the predecessor of SurplusBinaryConsultant, was shut down due to spam violations. The people behind this scam, didn’t seem to have learned their lesson. Indeed, Surplus Binary Consultant is still being promoted via an email campaign. One of our subscribers reported to us receiving the following email back in September 1, 2017 (less than 1 month ago). This is the email she received:

Dear Esteemed Customer, Welcome to the world of intense growth with Technology. The sizeof the decoder hasn’t changed. Its still as small as it is. However, it was magnified for the complete viewing audience to get a clearer picture. The price is $800USD now. Also,for increased online protection, Surplus Binary Consultant and its partnering regulatory bodies function, includes supervising and controlling investment services and carrying out inspections of broking. Surplus Binary consultant has shown a resolute commitment to comply with all the regulatory requirements of the main international financial authorities like ESMA, CFTC and JFSA. Trades need a reputable partner with global credentials to run a legal trade which meet the strict requirements of financial regulatory authorities. Surplus operate under the licensed name under the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission as Prime Investment Ltd with license number 160/11. Name amended to Surplus Binary Consultant with all registration of the former still intact. Regards, Surplus Binary Team

It should be obvious to you by now that none of the above is truthful. To take just one example, they claim their CySEC license number is 160/11, however as can be seen in the below screenshot from the CySEC website, this license number belongs to a different company altogether.


Here’s an email we received back in April 2017 from a Canadian who was scammed by this site:

Hello, I just want to share a not very pleasant experience from this company called “surplus binary consultant” everyone please beware that he is a total scammer! Like big deal, he will ask for your broker account and account number, he will tell you not to sign in while he is doing the “trade for me” options to make you feel wow this is amazing moment while in reality he actually is not trading for your account then will ask you need to insure the money to get etransfer to your broker account but in reality it never exist! This person is a real scammer like big time. At first he will promise a HighPeakDecoder which never exist then will manipulate you to get trapped will all the stuff that you could imagine. Can someone please close this website to stop him keep on scamming people!

Surplus Binary Consultant Review – The Verdict

Through the evidence provided throughout our honest review we believe that the verdict pertaining to the fate of Surplus Binary Consultant is quite clear. This binary options service provider is nothing more than a deceptive and fraudulent investment scam. Nothing about this site is authentic and the ruthless marketing tactics used to lure you in and gain your trust are nothing we haven’t seen before. Do yourself a considerable favor by avoiding this binary options program!

Review Verdict: Surplus Binary Consultant is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Website:

If you have been scammed by Surplus Binary Consultant we urge you to leave your experience as a comment below! We would also to invite you to subscribe to our site to receive important news and scam alerts from us via email.

To learn how to better equip yourself by making more educated investment decisions make sure to check out our recommended online trading services.

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