As an investor, we don’t want to just waste our money investing to something that’s fake or bullshit. Today on the internet (and offline world) there are tons of crimes and online scams, and I’ve personally experienced this when I first traded forex in my offline broker. I don’t know how they could present not accurate market price and movements, I lost $10k there. =( What about Zulutrade? I saw a lot of complaints from investors there claiming that Zulutrade is a scam, and we need to investigate more on this. After reading some articles, Q n A, and forum threads, I can conclude they faced the following problems that leads to an assumption to call them scammer: can’t withdraw the money high slippage, not real time execution with the signal provider that leads to some loss lose all the money, very poor trading quality, only hype. The account got wiped out! These 3, after doing some investigation of reading, thinking, and putting things together, I have an opinion that might help you guys out to be better understanding which is right and wrong about this topic and you can decide whether or not Zulutrade is a scam. CAN’T WITHDRAW THE MONEY When people say this, it’s more likely they are actually dealing with the broker and not with Zulutrade itself. Zulutrade doesn’t have your money with them but the broker you use. If you choose the wrong broker. In this case, we just need to pick the right and popular broker, the one that you’ve used before and the most popular broker that’s used by a lot of people and they have good reviews/ testimonials. Most broker will easily do the withdrawal when you fulfill all of the requirements they need, mostly related to paper stuff that you need to submit upfront when opening live account with them, and then you fill and submit the withdrawal form. After you pick the withdrawal method that they have, you’ll get the money in few days as they stat in their website. ZuluTrade_description What about people who face this problem? I can say, don’t blame Zulutrade because we don’t invest nor put our money with Zulutrade. Zulutrade is just a mediator that bridges us (investor) with traders to get trading information. How to avoid this to happen to you? Pick the broker that you already worked with before or you can pick the one that’s popularly used by people and it should have a good review/ testimonials. I personally recommend AAAFx in Zulutrade because they have good customer team support and they’re not a scam. And then make sure you fulfill all the papers data needed from the broker itself, fill the withdrawal form, cooperate with them the reason why they can’t process the withdrawal request from you. There must be a reason. In the most cases, it’s just all about data issue that makes the withdrawal request stopped or hard to get processed. Just calm down, cooperate with them. Because I’ve seen a lot of legit brokers in Zulutrade that I’ve personally used before this, and they did the withdrawal for me without any difficulties because I fulfilled all the details they want from me when I first opened my live account with them. No problem at all. High Slippage, Not Real Time Execution, Leads to Some Loss This is a higher level problem that investors are facing in Zulutrade. The core problem in here is: they pick the wrong broker to trade with. You can see which broker has the lowest slippage when you go and see any signal providers’ profiles, browse around the tabs there and you’ll find slippage. Brokers will be listed there from the lowest to the highest slippage. You can consider the lowest slippage broker to work with them. High slippage may lead to a big gap between traders and investors, and this situation is very not investor-friendly because the price can run and the position might be closed in different level of price because it’s probably lagging. In other words, it’s not real time. How to tackle this problem? I just told you to browse in the signal providers tab, find “slippage” and you’ll find a broker comparison chart who’s the lowest to the highest slippage, and just pick the low slippage brokers to work with. Again, I have found that AAAFx is one of the lowest slippage broker that you can find in Zulutrade. THE ACCOUNT GOT WIPED OUT! This is the worst situation an investor might have with Zulutrade and forex trading business. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about this problem, and I can easily imagine how many people will get wiped out in Zulutrade after I checked the investor profiles one by one. It looks like lots of investor there are just blindly looking for just profit without a good money & risk management and strategy, also they pick the wrong signal provider to work with. Those 2 things are the main problems here. How to tackle it? Just find good signal providers. You can analyze how to pick a signal provider to work with and you can check our guide of how to filter them. Or the fastest way is you take a look of our top 5 monthly signal providers in our right side of sidebar, in there you’ll find out quickly which of those top 5 will fit you. You can probably follow all those 5 at the same time, but I recommend to fit the strategy to your account size and risk profile. You can be a risk taker but you don’t need to be risky. Secondly, you need a good money & risk management. You can see the “margin call o meter” in investors profile there, and you’ll find how crazy and wise they are. A moderate level of trader may have a max of 20% in margin call o meter. Aggressive type of investor will set it up to 100%. But the craziest investors (which have the highest potential to blow their own account and money) will have the margin call o meter up to 300% and more! Just in case something happens in the market, when open too many positions and if you don’t have enough margin to cover the movement, you’ll blow your own money! About the money management, I think reinvesting the profit will be the best strategy when you’re in profit condition. Take all profits immediately after you only trade the profit instead of your own capital. Trade the same size lot when you’re in profit condition, after you purely trade only the profit. That’s the wise way to do it, manage your money as a professional investor. I hope you find this posting helpful to decide whether or not it’s a scam, and I personally don’t think that they are. Succeeding with Zulutrade = the right broker + the right signal provider + good money & risk management. Don’t just blame Zulutrade when we blow our money they, because we have control of our money by doing the right thing. Cheers.