Trade-24 is a fraudulent forex brokerage that has been misleading day-traders out of their deposits for the past few years. Neglecting withdrawal requests, forging alleged regulation licenses along with accepting zero responsibility for losing their traders funds are among a few of the experiences you can expect to endure at Trade-24. While some reputable review sites have started combating against this fraudulent investment operation the efforts exerted have not been enough to completely deter traders away from Trade-24.

Throughout our unbiased and indisputable review, we will reveal all the need-to-knows regarding this brokerage and why you should avoid this forex brokerage by any means necessary. It should be noted that in early January 2017, this brokerage released a statement claiming they were about to achieve CySec regulation to make amends for their past track record, but research will inform us that this brokerage has yet to be regulated still.

What is Trade-24?

According to the About Us page at, Trade-24 is an award winning online forex broker offering the finest user experience. Claiming that their main priority besides aiding investors to get started on a profitable investment path would be to provide the best customer service possible. For any of you who took the time to conduct a simple search regarding Trade-24 you will come across an abundant amount of feedback that directly contradicts the mission statement of Trade-24.


Who is Behind Trade-24? is allegedly operated by a company known as Moslok Limited, which apparently was registered at Spyrou Kypianou 57, M. Frangos Court, 3rd Floor, 6051, Lamaca, Cyprus. Several searches of “Moslok Ltd or Moslok Limited” across several Cyprus registers will reveal that no corporate entity known as Moslok Limited exists.

Which leaves the only identifiable information provided on the site to be demographic specific phone numbers along with a select couple email addresses. Naturally, no mention of the CEO, owners or operators behind this site are made available to the public. Not only does this lack of accountable information reflect poorly among this operation, but just goes to show that this brokerage is trying to remain an anonymous entity so they can continue fleecing innocent day-traders out of their deposits.

In addition to the live chat the two main email addresses used for communication with this brokerage would be [email protected] and [email protected]

Trade-24 Investment Platform

The platform featured at Trade-24 is powered by MetaTrader4, which is a reputable charting solution. The incorporation of the MT4 platform does not go on to confirm that Trade-24 is a secure and reliable investment operation but instead just indicates to investors that the investment of forex options are available. According to the site, the incorporation of CFD options have been integrated into the platform, although we have yet to come across any distinguishable CFD related options.

Trade-24 Account Types

A total of 5 forex account packages are available at Trade-24. Each of these account types are formatted in a tier system where the more you deposit the more incentives you are eligible to receive. Oddly enough though no mention of minimum deposits are elaborated on the site and if you engage with a live chat agent (which is a robot) you will not receive any viable answers either.

Silver Account

30% Bonus, 1 week free signals, 1 on 1 training, $15 fees per lot, along with a minimum trade size of 0.01. Traders have access to currency pairs, metals, energies, and world indices.

Gold Account

40% Bonus, 1 month free signals, partial access to educational center, all supported assets of Silver account with addition of Agriculture. Minimum trade size of 0.1 and $13 fees per lot.

Platinum Account

50% Bonus, unlimited free signals, full access to education center, all the perks of the Gold account type, minimum trade size of 0.2 along with $9 fees per lot.

Mega Account

All of the incentives of the Platinum account, free VPS service, signals are upgraded to VIP signals while trade size is 0.5 with $6 fees per lot.

ECN Account

Essentially the same perks as the Mega Account except for trade sizes vary between 0.01 – 0.2.


A SimilarWeb report will inform us that has a global rank of 293,771 as of December, 2017. Over 50% of the site’s traffic comes from visitors who reside within Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Germany.

Trade-24 Community Feedback

The investor feedback regarding this forex brokerage has not been encouraging in the least bit. Just about every recent user feedback we came across when researching was claiming that Trade-24 were thieves who scammed them. Feel free to browse just a handful of the endless number of investor complaints that we found when researching into this brokerage.

They are the best company in the world convincing people to get in and deposit money , afther that they are a big FRAUD !!!!!!!!

Trade24 is a CRIMINAL gang of THIEVES posing as a Forex trader and has STOLEN MILLIONS from unsuspecting clients, victims.AVOID these THIEVES like the plague.

stay away from this broker. They will not process your money for withdrawal. f*cking @$$holes. don’t trade with them. did not reply back on my emails and just wanted me to add more funds.

I have been totally scammed by trade 23 they have actually stolen $20,000 from me…WHEN I CALLED HIM HE JUST LAUGHED AND SAID CUSTOMERS ALWAYS COMPLAIN WHEN THEY LOSE…i have much more evidence regarding this company and will be talking to the fraud department.

“Stay as far away as you can get!…Just don’t go with these scammers !!”

Trade-24 Review Conclusion

Through the evidence provided in our review, we have no doubt in our mind that Trade-24 is a malicious scam operation that should be exterminated at once! Under no circumstances do we advice any investor to get started with this fraudulent forex brokerage. It is obvious that Trade-24 cannot be trusted and has resorted to solely stealing their investors deposits while exhibiting no signs of remorse. Do NOT invest with Trade-24!

Please avoid investing with any online brokerage that is not regulated or legal within your residing jurisdiction.

If your interested in legitimate alternatives we encourage you to visit our Forex Trading Guide to learn about viable and reliable investment opportunities.

Lastly, if you have been scammed by Trade-24, please inform us by leaving a comment below!

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