WebTrade.Online is a fully regulated CFD brokerage that offers a user-friendly and highly customizable investment experience. What WebTrade.Online excels at compared to most other investment brokers would be their broader acceptance of investor demographics, a much more safe and secure trading platform along with forex trading aspects incorporated into the contracts-for-difference platform. Growing in popularity due to being the sister company of Invest.com, WebTrade.Online has become one of the best investment destinations for UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore and Thailand. 

The corporate entity behind WebTrade.Online is IDC Global Services LTD.  Regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), WebTrade.Online is headquartered out of Belize and can be visited at this physical location:  35 Barack Road, Belize City, Belize. Due to operating in full compliance with regulatory and federal entities, this CFD brokerage is authorized to provide contracts-for-difference and other digital options services.  Offering top of the line security, WebTrade.Online offers a much safer trading platform compared to most online brokerages.

WebTrade.Online Trading Platform

Powered by a proprietary trading platform, WebTrade.Online offers an innovative and user-friendly experience. Learning how to maneuver the site and place trades with this fully regulated broker becomes almost like second nature due to the unique features provided to investors. Offering a seemingly endless amount of investable assets and returns rates as high as 100% has allowed WebTrade.Online to grow more reputable and become one of the top leading CFD brokerages.

WebTrade Online

Asset Selection

Over 200 assets are available to trade at WebTrade.Online. Assets ranging from currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices are all available for investors. These include popular day-trading assets like:  Eur/Usd, Usd/Cad, Apple, Google and much more.

Trading Fees & Return Rates

Trading fees are factored in a few different ways. First, depending on how much you are willing to deposit will dictate which type of trading account you receive with WebTrade.Online. So for instance if you deposit the minimum required amount of $250, you will have to pay a small fee up to 1 to 3.75%, depending on the size of your investment. Investors who fund an account with $500 or more will have less trading fees to pay. Overall though, the fees are minimal and for return rates as high as 100% for winning trades with Web Trade Online, it is well worth the small fees.

Forex Stop-Loss Feature

One of the best advantages of this CFD brokerage would be stop-loss feature incorporated into the trading platform. Empowering investors with the ability to set a stop-loss significantly reduces the investors risk. Instead of losing possibly all of your original investment amount, with WebTrade.Online you are able to reduce loss potential by as much as 95%. So if the trade isn’t going the way you predicted and your stop-loss is reached the investment will automatically end and you’ll receive the remainder of your original investment back.

Investing On-The-Go

One of the best overall features in regards to WebTrade.Online would be their mobile investing app. Offering a simplistic and versatile trading platform for just about any internet-enabled device, investing with this broker can be done through online browsing or through the mobile phone app. Available in both the Apple Store and Google Play store, installing the app is easy and free of charge. You can sign into the app at anytime and decide whether you want to tighten security parameters by enabling thumbprint recognition to your app.

WebTrade.Online Account Types

There are currently 4 different types of trading accounts an investor can get started with when depositing with this CFD brokerage. The most common trading account started with Web Trade Online would be the Mini Account which requires the industry average minimum deposit of $250. Other trading accounts offered which come with deposits exceeding $2,500 would be Standard, VIP and Diamond account.

WebTrade.Online Bonuses, Cashback & Loyalty Rewards

Depending on which trading account you get started with, WebTrade.Online offers a variety of intriguing incentives for first-time depositing traders. Bonuses as high as 100% of your original deposited amount are offered but should only be accepted by veteran day-traders due to the fact that they come with conditions that must be met prior to executing a withdrawal. Variance in performance, trading and annual fees are also dictated by which account you get started with, although we encourage traders to get started with the Mini Account or the Free Demo Account when first starting out. 

WebTrade.Online Banking

Various credit and debit cards such as Discover, Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are all accepted. Bank transfers of at least $500 or more along with Skrill payments of at least $250 along with checkout.com are also accepted.  Withdrawals are typically processed and received within a 3 to 5 business day period.

WebTrade.Online Education

With a variety of different lessons in the form of videos, pdf files and ebooks, Web Trade Online offers an accurate and newbie-friendly way to learn the fundamentals of day-trading. Covering crucial basics like support and resistance levels to covering complexities such as advanced trading strategies, WebTrade.Online owns one of the best educational centers offered by any other competitive investment brokerage. Access to an Economic Calendar, Market Quotes, Breaking News and Analysis Commentary are also made readily available to traders at WebTrade.Online.


WebTrade.Online is one of the best CFD brokerages for online day-traders residing within UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore and Thailand. The proprietary platform offered allows traders to reduce risk and invest in an atmosphere that is easy-to-understand and highly rewarding. Regulated by the IFSC you can rest assured knowing that your money along with personal and financial information are safe. The free demo account offered along with the expansive educational center are great incentives and are highly praised according to community feedback.

The one star they lost would be for the lack of MetaTrader support.

For those of you looking to avoid binary options or forex but still want a way to earn money online, we sincerely encourage you to at least try out the free demo account offered by this fully regulated CFD brokerage.

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