is dedicated to providing reviews of financial services such as brokers, chat rooms, courses, and more. There are tons of financial products and services out there and it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth your money. Our goal is to help ease the decision making process so you can find the right tools to meet your needs.

Who We Are

The team at Trading Reviews has been involved in the stock market for over a decade. We’ve tested many brokers and chat rooms over the years. Some have proved to be invaluable trading tools while others were a complete waste of money.

Like most traders, our goal is to find the trading tools that help us make the most money. We test vigorously to ensure we are using top-notch platforms at all times.

How We Review

Our reviews are generally based on a few key points. First off, we account for the price of a tool. We believe trading tools should provide great value. Not every tool is going to be cheap, but every tool¬†should help you make more money than you spend. For example, you wouldn’t spend $100 on commissions if you expected to make $100 on the trade. That said, you may spend $100 on commissions if you expected to make $5000 on a trade. We believe value accounts for more than just price (and our reviews reflect this sentiment).

We are also focused on the quality of the tools we review. The best trading tool holds little value if it isn’t backed by top performance. We want to make sure every tool we use can keep up with the fast pace of the trading world.

On top of this, we also judge tools on innovation, reliability, efficiency, and more.