Ross CameronLet’s face it. Trading can be brutal if you don’t have the knowledge or the experience to make good trading decisions. This is where Warrior Trading comes to the rescue of thousands of traders and investors who are looking for effective and efficient ways to up their game and to improve their trading success. The fact is that the majority of traders are unsuccessful in their trading. But with the proper training, education and trading strategies, it is possible to become one of the few traders or investors who make profits on a consistent basis. Warrior Trading provides the kind of support that both beginner and advanced traders can benefit from. As nominees of the Best Trading Educator for 2016 and 2017, Warrior Trading is a force to be reckoned with in the trading education sphere. There are plenty of reviews of Warrior Trading, both positive and negative, so we wanted to do some more research.

Warrior Trading is essentially an education service for traders that offers a chat room which is moderated by the owner of the service, Ross Cameron. He is assisted by a small team of skilled traders who also moderate, each specializing in a different trading style or strategy. Each week day, Ross trades before an audience of over 500,000 traders from all over the world, providing live coverage of his set up, strategies and trades. Ross specializes in day trading and swing trading small-cap stocks that are priced under $20.

Warrior Trading has been around since 2012 when Ross Cameron decided to rethink his trading strategies following significant failure in the early 2000s, during the great internet bubble. Nevertheless, he has certainly learned from those mistakes and has decided to share what he has learnt with other traders in hopes that they won’t make the same mistakes that he did in is early trading career. His decision to make himself vulnerable by sharing his strategies with thousands of other traders all around the world, has helped his to gain both the respect and loyalty of those who follow him on a daily basis. In addition, his willingness to be transparent and open, creates a level of trust that is necessary in this type of business.

In simple terms, Ross’ trading strategy is a 3-step process which involves first choosing the right stocks, making winning entries and effectively managing risks. During each trade, he shares his charts, stock scanner and his computer screen with viewers while explaining the logic and the strategies behind what he does in each trade.

Ross’ small team of moderators each specialize in different trading styles and strategies – one may focus on technical analysis while another one leans more heavily on fundamentals and so on. Overall, the team offers solid trading education for inexperienced as well as experienced traders. At a cost, subscribers are able to participate in specialized training courses that are comprehensive and that allow for hands-on trading education.

Warrior Trading Chat Room

The Warrior Trading Chat room allows for over 4000 participants to access exclusive trading ideas in an interactive setting. The cost for participating in the chat room ranges from $49 per month, up to $199 per month, depending on your budget and the level of trading support that is needed. For as little as $49 per month, participants have daily access to the chat room, receive a daily hot stock watch list, get live streaming of stock scanners, gain access to Warrior Trading’s proprietary newsfeed, and receive actionable trading ideas. At an addition cost, participants are also eligible to receive SMS-text, email and chat room alerts. This is especially attractive for traders who work during the day and may not have lots of time to dedicate to trading. Each chat room sessions lasts for 3 hours between 9am and 12 noon EST during which time, Ross and other moderators provide commentary as well as allow participants to see exactly what they are doing with their daily trades. For those participants who can’t sit throughout the 3-hour long sessions, Warrior Trading provides a lunch hour recap with the ability for participants to get any questions that they may have answered.

Warrior Trading Education

Apart from the Chat Room, Warrior Trading also offers comprehensive education and training to interested participants. Courses last between 1 month and 12 months and range in cost between $997 for the Warrior Starter course and over $4,299. The Warrior Pro class is the most popular class and costs $4,299. The price may seem high but considering what is offered in the package, it offers great value for money. It is a 3-month course that offers weekly mentoring as well as a personalized trading review with Ross Cameron himself. This course has helped thousands of traders to trade more successfully.

The most expensive and comprehensive course, called the Warrior Inner Circle, is offered exclusively by application only. This course lasts for 12 months and includes perks such as the privilege of meeting Ross and the team in-person as well as a private inner circle chat room. The cost for this course is not expressly stated on their website and interested persons need to submit an application to gain further details.

Paper Trading Account

One of the more attractive features offered by Warrior Trading is the ability for participants to open a $100,000 paper trading account. This allows traders to learn how to trade without risking their investment funds to do so. This is ideal for those just getting started in trading and who want a hands-on experience that is safe and secure. One drawback to these paper trading accounts however, is that heavy reliance on them may cause traders to be somewhat careless when they make the transition to actual trading.

Some Drawbacks

Although Warrior Trading has many great offerings, there are a few drawbacks:

  1. The cost – For those with a limited budget, it may not be feasible to access the Warrior Trading offerings.
  2. The pace may be too fast for brand new traders who are just getting started in day trading

Overall, Warrior Trading offers comprehensive trading education that can help both new and experienced traders become more successful. We give them 4.5 stars!



  • newt

    how does he compare to tim sykes?

    • Jeanne Steward
      Jeanne Steward

      similar in ways, but shorter time frames, more technicals, and a bigger focus on momentum trading

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